Sonic Jewels 7 getting sound emulation in next update [Video]

We've been talking about Sonic Jewels 7 for awhile now. The SEGA Master System and Game Gear emulator fetches for $1.29 in the Marketplace and features the ability to load ROMs via URL or Skydrive. The emulator itself is exceptionally well designed but it was lacking one major feature: sound.

Now with the latest upcoming update (version 1.2) the dev has completed the sound-emulation aspect (no easy task) and we've managed to get an early look.

So far it has performed very well for us and our HTC TITAN (1.5GHz CPU). We have been able to max out the frame rate with sound and have seen no degradation in performance. Older devices may have some issues though which is why they can "skip" frames via the settings to help smooth out the graphics during gameplay.

Overall, the sound emulation really completes this experience and we look forward to the updated version hitting the Marketplace soon. For now, you can use the no-sound version here with a trial.

[And to fend off criticism on our earlier editorial, we want make it clear we're not against emulators per se on WPCentral, just against people selling other people's software which is what Rivera was talking about here]


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Sonic Jewels 7 getting sound emulation in next update [Video]


If you just Bing search, you can find anything on the internet. We're not interested in linking to sites directly on this matter.

Yeah just search for gamegear roms or whatever. You'll find some sites for sure. Usually they're in zip files.

Its weird, a couple of items back you guys were so proud you stopped the NES emulator. And now you are promoting Sega ROMs.. Talking about double standards :)

Congrats troll :-) You should be very proud! Can we move on now?
Clearly if you use some critical thinking, you would reach a conclusion on WHY.

But since you didn't even bother to read the previous article, I assume you won't even read my comment as well. Bye bye!!!!

This troll read your post. It just doesn't make sense.. I like the comparison someone else made earlier. In Holland it's illegal to produce Marijuana.. But somehow it's legal to go to the Growshop and buy everything you need to grow your own. This doesn't make any sense.. I am just saying that although the emulator is legal, everything you do with it, is not.

And yes, I saw the 'ps.'.. But look at this "not interested in linking to sites on this matter". Why not?? Is that because it's illegal??

Yes. They were all over the NES guy *before* they realized he ripped off the emulator. Unless Sega or whoever release official ROMs, they will always be illegal. So I think double standards is the correct term.

well you know how that works... they will say "it doesn't include any rom" so its "legal". even though emulators hurt some devs and publishers. isnt it funny? lets condenm someone who ripps off the emulator and charges for that, and not a developer who charges for an emulator and developed a tool to steal property from companies, and hurts game devs and publishers every year... since an emulator like this is used to run pretty much illegal roms always, i mean, its the only purpose you can find in a game emulator no?. andd obviously developer wont make a mode to "ban" using illegal roms (almost all games), of course not... since you know, then the emulator would be pretty much useless and noone would pay for that.

Sorry. We're not here to be your mom and dad by giving your moral lessons nor preaching what is right or wrong. We put both stories up today for a reason.

You're adults, you can make your own decisions on these things. Your discussion hasn't changed my thought on this at all.

As stated earlier:

  • What Jesse did = illegal, which is why his games are gone
  • SJ7 = legal, which is why it is stil up and won't be taken down

I'm not sure how much cleare to make that.

and was my message directed to you? NO. so shut the fuck up. im not asking to idiots like you any moral lessons. or did i? oh yeah my message wasn't even to you. you think you are so smartass, you are nothing else but an idiot.

Dude take a chill pill! Your on the internet! Your comment was directed at everyone who looked at! And you no since you started spewing abusive language so quickly just because someone commented on your post, points towards the fact that your a low brow idiot, while Daniel kept his cool and explained clearly why its aloud wish points towards intelligence ;) have a great day kophs

I have to agree with th shodyness of this and the awkward promotion my favourite WP site is giving. Sorry, I cannot tell a lie...

You guys should actually take the time to read the last article instead of spouting ignorance. We can debate the legalities of ROMs for an eternity, there hasn't been a current case in ages and wither you are allowed to make a personal backup of said games, vary from country to country. (not everyone is from the allmighty US)
I for one is looking forward to getting sound added into Sonic's Jewels, I did notice a slight latency in it though. Samuel, u should lower the sound buffer size before submitting it ;)

Very true but he is talking about morals and what mom and dad teaches. When an emulator is a reverse engineer of hardware in software form is that not 'wrong'? You tell me.


No I don't think its wrong and neither does the law (reverse engineering laws). People go to great lengths to understand old or new hardware by reverse engineering and it is a gigantic achivement to emulate something like a complete system fully in software. I have bought a ton of games on Virtual Console, 3ds E-Shop because Nintendo does a great job with the emulation and ofc they should be paid for the games they have made. But I still want the option to be able to play the games on my computer or in this case on my phone if it is possible through emulation and I don't really see the harm in it.


Emulation = Always Legal.
Distributing ROM that we're paid for = Alway Illegal.
I had a GameGear and the emulation here is a tad slower, but still impressive work. Writing emulators isn't easy.

Guys the internet tells me that emulators are legal but roms are not so go ahead and download the emu but don't even think about using it. Hah! Its such a hilarious double standard loophole it cracks me up every time.