Sonic's Jewels 7 SEGA emulator disappears from the Marketplace [Updated]

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News just in - we've lost Sonic's Jewels (pun intended). Sonic's Jewels 7 (SJ7), a SEGA Master System & Game Gear emulator, has long be at the centre of attention and was released two weeks ago. But now it has come to our attention that the app has disappeared from the Marketplace. The emulator received high praise from us for being both well designed and featuring some numerous options, including:

  • Pinnable games to the Start screen with Live Tiles
  • Three save slots per game; instant resume
  • Skydrive support for importing games
  • Frame skips for 1st Gen devices
  • Portrait & Landscape support

As well as being able to load ROMs from URLs or SkyDrive, the developer was working on an update that was planned to introduce sound emulation to complete the gaming experience. We've reached out to the developer for clarification as to why the app has been withdrawn. For now we'll allow you to speculate in the comments.

UPDATE: According to the Sonic's Jewels 7 Facebook page SEGA weren't going to allow the use of trademarked graphics/brands and thus Microsoft pulled the app. We've reached out to the developer so stay tuned for more information, thanks Lumic for the heads up on the link.

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Sonic's Jewels 7 SEGA emulator disappears from the Marketplace [Updated]


I'm assuming SEGA filed a cease and desist regarding the use of their brand, game graphics, etc. in the application. Easy fix: Remove all that crap and rebrand.

If the app. developer is reading this, ping me/us.

Yeah hopefully a re-branding is all that's needed. If it's the emulation, SEGA might want to have a look at the Android marketplace first =P.

Why didn't you just check Facebook?
"SJ7 is unpublished from marketplace due to a plaint from Sega :/"
"the complaint seems to port on the used of Sonic character not the creation of an emulator, so..."
" Well, it's seems the emulation is concerned too..."
"the problem is not only with picture but on the copyrighted hardware"

Maybe SJ7 can be released as a Sideload app. I am glad I grabbed it from the marketplace(paid for it) when I did but, I hate when I have to rebuild my phone or something, I will lose it.

You guys drew a ton of attention to this due to that Nintendo emulator, and now you're surprised when a Sega (now Nintendo owned) emulator gets pulled? Nobody to blame but yourselves. I was surprised you promoted the Sega one in the first place given your vehement objection to the Nintendo one.

Go back and read the piracy article by Rafael, it's clearly stated why he was so opposed to that emulator and I completely agree. Nintendo does NOT own Sega, Sega has been a third party developer ever since the fall of the Dreamcast. Hence why their games are on PC/Wii/3DS/PS3/Xbox and more.

@zr2s10 You don't actually read our articles, do you? And the Nintendo emulator (vNESLight) is still on the Marketplace.

So what does this prove, exactly? That MS is against emulators? Nope. That we're against emulators? Nope.

We promoted SJ7 with the full consent of the dev, we're not suprrised nor have any regrets about our coverage on the matter. It's a great app.

Lol, I knew the "Nintendo owned" bit would grab some attention. Not true, but a fun rumor to spread. Though I should probably not do that, it's a bit mean. Yes, I realize they're third party, otherwise I wouldn't have the ps2, Xbox, and wp7 games I own.

As for not reading your articles, also not true. I read the one regarding the pulled emulator, and yes I know vNes light is still out there (I have it on my phone). One of your objections was due to the fact that they basically re-used someone else's code, correct? Doesn't matter. You still drew lots of attention to emulators being on the marketplace. Microsoft was probably slow to act on that one because Nintendo doesn't have any games on WP7, at least none that I've seen. But when there's a Sonic game on Xbox live, of course they're going to pull a Sega emulator.

I'm also not against emulators, but how can you take a stand against one, when they're all technically illegal, while supporting others? You can think I'm being a jerk all you want, or not understanding what your reasoning is for being so active about getting the other emulator pulled. Fact is, you brought attention to these things, and I imagine vNes light will be next. Just don't act so surprised.

I agree with zr2s10, how is promoting Nintendo or Sega game emulators right as they solely exists for facilitating the playing of illegally downloaded copyrighted content? Even if the emulator has no games or infringing content itself, it necessitates game piracy.

Will you "do gooders" get over it ? This is a site reviewing apps and phones. They see an app they review it. What is wrong with that ? So what they writer likes older games and likes emulators, So F'n what. Most older gamers will agree.
Emulators are one of those fine lines in the law, The emulators are not against the law, it's the roms that are questionable. If I own a game I should be able to play it where and how I want to, as long as I do not modify the orginal content in anyway, I should have the right to. The law supports that to a point but, it's not exacty black and white.
I fully support this emulator but, I understand why Sega went after them, using Sonic's name and image brings up a good question.

The roms aren't "questionable" they're illegal. And it doesn't matter if you own the original cart. That's one of the biggest misnomers on the internet actually. Its still illegal.

Now are they gonna come after you? Nope. Just don't act like you aren't doing something wrong.

I normally enjoy the site and it's articles(yours included). But you don't think this post sounds condescending and a bit unwelcoming?

It is a tough issue, while rhetorically one can claim it's not piracy, truth is, nobody's that naive... And while one can get away with the word of Law I doubt MS would want to piss Sega. Let's all forget this, if these dudes are clever coders I bet they can come up with something original.

At least I downloaded the Demo of 1.1 from WP7_3MktPlace, So I can side load it, wish I had 1.2 so I could get sound :(