Sonos has no Windows Phone app yet, but they want your feedback

Sonos (www.sonos.com) is a pretty wild service. Not to be confused with Songza, which also works on Sonos (and is just as awesome), Sonos is a ‘Multi-Room Music System’ and it relies on HIFI-WIFI speakers placed throughout your abode. You can then stream music to all or just some of your speakers, using various sources like Songza, Pandora, Amazon Cloud Player, Beats Music etc.

There’s also a familiar story here: on Android and iOS, users get free software to control their Sonos Zones at home. Windows 8 and Windows Phone? Not so much.

That’s changing slightly today though, as the company is taking a survey of Sonos customers who also own a Windows Phone. The goal is to discern “What Sonos components you have, and what features are important to you”.

Consider it the first steps in starting down the path of making an app. While this also means we’re looking at a late 2014 launch date for a Sonos Windows Phone app, at least the company is finally directing some resources towards the third largest platform.

So why not lend them a hand? If you have Sonos and you use Windows Phone, take their survey.

If you already have Sonos and you need an app, check out Phonos as it’s a fully featured third-party app for Windows Phone.

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Sonos has no Windows Phone app yet, but they want your feedback


You can buy already. It doesn't matter there is no official sonos app because phonos is as good as the official apps. I only have trouble sometimes with volume because they use a slider for that and that is not precise enough. But the official app has the same difficulty. I have sonos playbar in sittingroom and two sonos play1 in kitchen. Works perfectly apart and together. Beautiful sound. Offcourse for the platform it is good that a official app will come.

I just spoke to a sales rep and he said that they have get requests for Windows Phone and Windows RT all the time. 

I did order a Play 5 because I had been wanting something like that for a while and it ships with a free bridge.  There is a 45 day return policy if I don't like it.  I do have a PC that I can use to set it up and it does have audio in.

The more companies like this that make WP apps, the better.  These are the apps that people check off before switching to WP.  "No Sonos app?  Can't switch from my iPhone"...

You're right, that is certainly half the battle.  Unfortunately, many people won't leave unless the apps (some of them like this) are already there.  The good news is that it's getting better every day.

Phonos is a great option, but unless it has changed, you can only control playback once audio is already playing on the Sonos. You have to start playback with another device (I end up using my Kindle).

It has changed.  I have full control and ability to start play of anything using Phonos. My only complaint about the app is it is butt ugly (and a bit pricey).

I use phonos and you can start playback via the app. Sometimes I have issues with connection, but generally ok. Includes a access to a few services (Pandora, songza, amazon etc) but not all. Overall its a decent app but an official one including all supported services would be great! Oh and sonos please generally add support for Xbox music!

Thanks for the update. Guess I haven't checked Phonos out lately. I plan to correct that right now! And yes, if they could integrate Xbox Music into Sonos, I may have to go on a Sonos buying spree and outfit the whole house.

Just did the survey, we only use Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 products at work and home now, just need XBox Music and Video along with Xbox Gold subscription to be unified at better rate and we may swap from Nokia MixRadio also :-)

What a stupid comment. Here's the chance to change all that. I don't have anything Sonos or probably will but I'm still doing the survey to promote the platform.

Have done the survey and still not getting anything Sonos before the app for WP is good and ready, why should I ❓❓
Also told them that...
If they so choose to give the f... about millions of WP users, that's their bad, but don't expect me to support them for doing that.
Deliver, and I'll be onboard...

Phonos is fine for me, although i can't talk about the music service support because i only play from own library on home server and internet radio.

Sonos WP must be a good match. Missing the sonos app every day! Actually I had to buy a iPad (argh) because of the missing app..... I use phonos on WP but its not as great as the real deal... RUDY???? :)

I got a Sonos Play:1 or Christmas and I can't say enough good things about it.  So easy to setup and the sound from such a little speaker is quite good.  I ended up using my Kindle Fire to do the setup and play my music but a real Windows Phone app would be awesome.  I have tried the Phonos app and honestly it's not that good. It gets the job done in a pinch but the official Sonos apps are much better.

There is a Sonos desktop app that works just fine on my Surface.  I would rather they focus on making a WP app than a metro based Windows 8 one.

They really think a survey is necessary?  Just got to your very own forums Sonos!! We have been begging for this for nearly 2 years.  That said, I'm playing along and completed the silly survey.  I have 4 components right now but until there is Windows phone support...no more for me...but I want a Playbar and Sub sooo badly :)

Couldn't agree more, I've been watching that thread for longer than I care to remember. Only have 2 components but the Playbar and Sub are the two I'm really holding out for. My hope is that the more people complete the survey the more it will pile the pressure on Sonos.

Just like that shower of sh*te that is sky. Look at their forums but still no support for WP or even windows 8, drives me nuts!

I personally think the survey is more to gauge which features they should include in the first release. My guess is an app is imminent and they just want an idea of the best starting point.

Sonos WP app w/ XBOX Music streaming support w/ album art and what is currently playing on the lockscreen would be EPIC!

Daniel Rubino, Sam Sabri. Who ever's reading this, tell me one thing. How did you get the wifi notification, battery and time like that? It looks like Android.

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I been looking forward to sonos-app for windows phone for two years now, and i hope there will be same userinterface as ios and android. I dont want a special interface for windows phone. I run 3 different sonos-products in my home and these sonos-players is the best products i bought in my hole life, i am tired of waiting for this app.

At last!  Please, Sonos, make this happen!  Phonos is pretty good, but it's so slow.  I guess it doesn't have the ability to access the Sonos Bridge in the same way as a first-party app, because the official Sonos app on iOS connects virtually instantly.

Phonos works great! The one issue I have is that I have a large Amazon MP3 Cloud collection and there is no easy way to scroll through the collection. Instead you have to search for what you want.

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A WP app would be nice and add more versatility. But, I've been running mine with a Venue 8 Pro using the standard windows client and Bluetooth line in to a Play 5 for Xbox Music.

I have a question, is it possible to use Sonos as a system output like how Airplay works?  Or is it all through an app and local media sharing through the app?

Are you asking if you can stream music to Sonos through your phone like a Bluetooth speaker? Not really. But you can buy a Bluetooth receiver for $30 and plug it into your line-in port on the back of one of the speakers and stream that way. You can also choose to have that music played on other speakers in you network.

Hey Daniel Rubino great article and focus on getting a sonos windows phone app, how about doing a similar article on the need for a Siriusxm app?

I almost got a sonos speaker for Christmas for my lady till I found out there was no app from them. I said why support them if they don't support me?

Survey done.....come on guys fill the survey out. We can ensure WP is comparable or better than other app stores......Go WP

Then their are those of us that already have WP and don't have sonos. No app for your product on my platform then I'll find someone who does provide an app and buy their products instead of yours.

Filled out survey. Looking to get the bar and some #1 spwakers.

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I have owned a Sonos system since 2009 and love the technology; there is nothing on the market that compares. However, don't hold your breath for a WP app anytime soon; I've been requesting one since my DVP. Unless it significantly impacts their bottom line, it won't happen. I love my WP, but understand that we're a fraction of the market. Remember, the iOS and Android apps effectively killed their $200+ proprietary controller too. The Phonos app works great and compliments the PC software. If anything, get MS and Sonos to integrate XBox Music and you will have greater drive towards a WP app(s). IMHO, of course.

Too late after 3+ years trying to get any sort of response on their help site without any answer they can go an get f###ed. Great speakers awful support.

I've looked into Sonos a couple of times now and just can't see how it can compare to my Squeezebox Touch.   I've got a Marantz receiver and Pinnacle speakers, why would I want to use their speakers or amp?    Given I can play my music from my Window Home Server 2011 with my Squeezebox Touch, the Sonos system just comes up short.

Now if only Logitech weren't such amateurs to have cancelled the Squeezebox line.

Phonos works great! The one issue I have is that I have a large Amazon MP3 Cloud collection and there is no easy way to scroll through the collection. Instead you have to search for what you want.

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Have submitted my feedback.

I've just started looking into Sonos (or similar) and the one downside (aside from the expense of building a 5.1 surround system using their components) is not having an official Windows Phone app to control it all with.

Hi I have a new Nokia Lumia phone which is supposed to be an android phone as well as a Windows phone. When I try to download the Android Sonos App from the Google playstore, it tells me that I have already got it installed on my old Android phone and won't let me change the device.


Is this their way of telling me that the Android app will not work with a Windows phone on an Android platform. It diesn't make sense