Spectra's killer 8bit racing game comes to Windows Phone as a universal game

Spectra for Windows Phone

The most excellent Spectra 8bit racing game which we spotted landing on Windows not too long ago just launched on Windows Phone. You'll probably dig this for its simple controls, high speeds, retro neon wireframe graphics, and an absolutely stellar soundtrack from the same gal that did the music for Super Hexagon. You'll be glad to hear 512 MB devices are supported and Spectra is universal, so you can pay once to play on any platform (though the Xbox One version isn't out yet).

Racetracks dip and weave in time with the chiptunes, with no barriers to keep you in line; sure, you can try to dive onto another track by dropping off or vaulting from one of the jumps, but you could just plummet into an endless abyss. Grab the little cubes while avoiding treacherous medians, and maybe, just maybe, you'll make it to the end in one piece. You'll also get to enjoy some cross-platform play as "Xbox and Windows Phone is supported via cloud services allowing you to take the game on the go or experience it in Full HD on Xbox One". Just log in through Facebook and your cloud saves will transfer between devices. Sounds promising, no?

Spectra is a high-quality racer that came to Windows and Windows Phone before other platforms. Show it some love and pick it up for $3.99.

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Reader comments

Spectra's killer 8bit racing game comes to Windows Phone as a universal game


Neat. I bought on Windows Phone for $3.99 and when I went to the Windows Store, I had to re-buy it but I was never charged. So don't let that deter you. It really does look like $3.99 for both versions.

Cool little game. I like the graphics, vibe and music, though I wonder about the re-playability.

Can we please get an article on why the Moga Pro controller stopped working after the update to 8.1 on wp

I long for a decent wipeout game on pc, I had it years ago but was a terrible port... This made me look until I saw it wasn't going to be this

The spaceship almost doesn't move at all it just jumps forward a little bit every 2 seconds or so :s is that a bug or something or im just that noob? tnks :p

Looks cool but at the moment, no sound, ship don't move forward and on my Lumia 1520 the touch screen don't work correctly in the game. On the L630 the screen works but otherwise the same errors. Both devices on 8.1.

Facebook account? A game that will feature cross platform saves for 3 Microsoft platforms and you need a Facebook account? They just lost my money there.