SplashID dives into the Windows Phone Marketplace

SplashID for Windows Phone

SplashID is a Windows Phone app that is a carry over from the Windows Mobile days and has had a fair amount of success on iOS, Android and Blackberry systems. What is SplashID you ask? It is a handy Windows Phone app to help you manage, backup and remember all your usernames and passwords.

SplashID can be used to store credit card numbers, registration codes, PINs, bank account information, birthdays, serial numbers, website usernames, passwords, and more. The app covers twenty two types of data that can be filed under business or personal categories. All of which can be edited.

SplashID Screen

Your SplashID information can be exported via email in .vid format and you can synchronize SplashID with your computer that is running the desktop version of SplashID. The SplashID Windows Phone app is password protected as well.

If you need help managing (and remembering) all your passwords, usernames, and other vital information SplashID might be worth a look. The only downside we can see initially is that there is no trial version available. The full version of SplashID is running $9.99. We'll get a full review up shortly to give you a better feel for things.

In the meantime, you can find SplashID here at the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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SplashID dives into the Windows Phone Marketplace


+1. I really dont see a reason why people shouldnt just use established standard formats like Keypass (7Pass e.g. for WP)

Lastpass seems better suited for this. Saying its cross-platform is an understatement. And if you want the mobile functionality, amongst several other things, it only costs you $12 a year.

I've been looking quite hard at lastpass. Really like the cross-platform, multi-browser support. The additional security features also seem really nice. If I'm going to trust all my financial passwords to someone, can't take that lightly. They also seem to have a large user base so you would think if there were some shenanegans going on, somene out there would have raised a stink by now. Are you happy with it?

I'm very happy with it and so are the security experts I've consulted - moreover, lastpass allows for multi-factor authication, so that as well as your password, they would need access to whatever second factor you are using - be it a yubikey, yubikey neo, google authenticator  (google don't provide the authication service just the app - there is a version for windows phone) or even more simple than that a grid of numbers that you generate yourself and print off. Moreover, it's available for windows, mac, ipad, android etc - so crossplatform.
Moreover, lastpass has it's own browser so you are not cutting and pasting into another browser. I used to use spash id back in my palm days but it's not even in the same league as lastpass. 
(Sadly WP7 will not work with yubikey neo because WP7 does not support NFC but WP8 will - what that means is that when you are on your PC, you need to plug your yubikey neo (yubikey is a seperate security company than lastpass) into the PC to access lastpass and when you are out and about, you need to tap the key against your phone/tablet). 

If it works and is secure, $9.99 isn't a bad price. The synch between desktop feature could be handy for many people. If it had a trial version I might give it a whirl. That devs, is called a hint. You want me to spend $9.99, I want to make sure it will work for me first.

Hmmm.... at 9.99$ that's a bit steep. Anyone have any experience using 7Pass? Says it works with Keepass.

Keypass is by far the Best choice. It has serious encryption and is a standard for those tasks since years/decades. It is a open source data format and can be verified by experts. 7pass is a great implementation with dropbox and SkyDrive sync to your PC. Absolute reccomendation over all those other wanna-be apps from me as a computer-scientist. Also you can be sure this data format will be supported by apps on all existing plattforms and those to come...

Recently had to hard reset my phone, lost everything couldn't remember a lot of passwords. Had sky wallet app, logged into app synced with SkyDrive. All passwords back so simple. Now I wish they did that for everything else.

Yeah I would give a trial a go but 10 is a lot to lay on the line for something that could be crap. And even with a trial, 10 is still a lot of money for a single app

This is about a year too late.  I used SplashID on my old Windows Mobile and Palm phones and loved it, but they really dragged their feet on getting this out there, and everyone I know who used to use it jumped ship to something else.

SplashData's SplashID Safe is excellent. It is easy to use. I love the new pattern lock master key because it gives a really cool user experience. This product is highly innovative with special editions for unique business needs. Highly recommended.