Splinter Cell Conviction sneaks onto the Xbox Live Marketplace

Splinter Cell Conviction

Splinter Cell: Conviction was announced back around the Windows Phone launch over a year ago. At last, Gameloft’s mobile port of the popular Ubisoft franchise has made it to Xbox Live.

This version of Splinter Cell tells the story of series lead Sam Fisher’s investigation into the death of his daughter. Gorgeous console-quality cutscenes narrated by Sam’s pal Victor Coste bookend each level. Conviction is actually a port of the popular Xbox 360 game (minus the multiplayer) and feels very much like a console title.

Being a phone game, it uses a virtual stick for the controls. They’re a tad clunky (much like Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles, also from Gameloft) but the difficulty is forgiving enough that it doesn’t harm the experience. If you’ve been wanting a meatier Live title (complete with shooting and sneaking), look no further. Still not convinced? Check out our video preview.

Splinter Cell: Conviction costs $4.99 and there is a free trial. Get it here on the Marketplace.

Thanks Saket for the tip!

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Reader comments

Splinter Cell Conviction sneaks onto the Xbox Live Marketplace


WEIRED!!! i look at marketplace NOT THERE , i hit refrech on WPcentral , and you guys say it is..

so im downloading it with your link , but its still not in the Cellphone marketplace... lol

Of all the must-have titles this will be the only one I skip. Didn't really like it on any of the mobile platforms even though I am a big fan of Spliter Cell on consoles/pc.

thats a good thing!!! specially for a Cellphone.....
unless you think its a bad thing and it should be as good as a PS2. lol

Yeah, it's fine given the power of current WP7 handsets. Definitely below what newer iPhones can do, but we'll get there eventually.

Strange it shows Downloading... 0%, them jumps to Downloading... 100% and then fails saying Attention Required. Press here.
Says Marketplace isn't avaidable via Wifi or PC. Check data connection and try again later... But I can download everything else... :S

Same here... now my phone is acting up terribly. I've rebooted my phone 3 times because it just freezes up. Is anyone else now having issues with their phones?

reset my phone , cancel and re-download game .. still not working ... and it STILL NOT in the marketplace... in canada anyw ays ... lol maybe thats why

ok the download is buged me for ( in canada)
it downloads to 100% in 5sec flat , then say attention require , i re-start ,, starts at 0% goes to 100% in 5sec fat .. and repeat... WTF!!!

Keep refreshing guys it'll work eventually! It did this for me at least a dozen times! Now its working and at 47%

I'm not sure about WPCentral's links, they behave weird, like with Bullet Asylum it seemed like there were 2 different games. I'm sure you guys do it with the best intentions but going to wait for it to spawn on the MarketPlace.

WPCentral, and many other people, including myself, copy the app link from the desktop web Marketplace. New and newly-updated apps are often found here before they show up in the mobile Marketplace.

I won't even bother with the trial, this game looks really bad by today's standards. That and Conviction was the worst game of the franchise.

How many 3D WP7 games look better? I'm sure you can count them on one hand, if any. Devs are limited by what current hardware can do. More importantly, graphics aren't everything.

Plus Conviction is the worst Splinter Cell game? That's news to me. It reviewed very well and has great co-op (on consoles).

Well I'm consistent in that I have yet to buy a 3D game on WP. They just don't look good enough for what can be done on a mobile in 2012. I instead spend my money on good 2D games which are better polished. Just because it's 3D doesn't make a game better.

in other words , your not a real gamer , you  just like to waist 5min on angry birds. you say you never try 3D game , so how do you know they suck!
with all due respect we have some AMAZING  3D games on WP.  its to bad your closed minded about it .. your lost.  
just to name a phew: Ilimilo , Lets Golf 2 , The Harvest  in term of graphics are pretty doog!!  some of does games even have better 3D qualaty then some games on Xbox Arcade.

im just saying  Most 2d games ( like angry birds) are quick in and out game , and most 3D games are games that are longer to complet and require more work.
and the fact that you do not play any of the 3D games , you seem to just be a *casual gamer* thats all im saying.

  1. So, a real gamer plays Splinter Cell on an underpowered Windows Phone? I guess I'm not a real gamer by enjoying Angry Birds-esque titles on my mobile and going home for Battlefield-esque titles.

As for Conviction, it might have reviewed well but it didn't review better than the games before it. All they did was turning Sam Fisher into Jason Bourne while giving the player a winning button for constant instant kills. In my book that makes it the worst Splinter Cell game.

You are simply wrong.  I have played every single Splinter Cell game, and Double Agent was the worst SC game.  Sam Fisher needed to be advanced, and I personally like the direction they took the universe.  I for one love the Bourne stories, and even enjoyed the Bourne game that came out a few years ago (even with it's average game play.)  You also did not need to use the Instant Kill technique in any way.  I did when the game walked you through it the first time, but used it sparingly the remainder of the game.

YOU CLEARY HAVENT played this vershion yet..... their is no WIN button... its freaking hard lol , aim and shot and move .. triple touch motion.
and graphics are actually prety good ( better then ont he dam screenshots)

I disagree. Conviction was the first title in the series to really make the player FEEL like a government-trained killing machine. I thought it was, apart from the brevity of the single player campaign, the best entry in the series. And I've been through all of them multiple times, including double agent on 2 different platforms.

The man is certainly entitled to his opinion, different strokes for different folks...no matter how lame. =P In all seriousness, I've definitely heard worse. =)

Rate a game by "graphics" it's really adolescent, and it'll eventually disappear if one's really into video-gaming culture, if not, it's not your thing.
My "problem" with Splinter Cell is my dislike for Tom Clancy's universes.

My "problem" with Splinter Cell is my dislike for Tom Clancy's universes.
This, in general, though Splinter Cell is the only Tom Clancy universe game I actually enjoy (some flirtation with Ghost Recon maybe).  For the most part it's all cheeseball and hackneyed politics, but I really enjoy the stealth mechanic in the Splinter Cell series.

If you dont trust the link you can find it by clicking a gameloft game (assasins creed) and then click "more from gameloft" it took ages to download but got it now and its brilliant!

If there was only one game I wanted on wp7 it's this one. Splinter cell conviction was one of the best on 360 and looks too be one of the best if not the best on wp7. Such greatness. I hope they add DLC and updates for a long time.

I'm having issues downloading as well.

Double Agent while not brilliant was still a proper Splinter Cell game. In Conviction all you have to do is mark a few targets and press a button to automatically execute them. That's the perfect example of a game being dumbed down.

You didn't have that ability permanently, you had to earn it, which usually meant you had to survey the area, stalk a few soldiers and mark a few for the future, find one you could melee and then watch all your planning come to fruition. None of that archaic trial an error based stealth play from the older series. As someone else said, it's the only one in the series that makes you feel like an actual trained agent, rather than an awkward, fumbling old man in a sneaking suit.

And again you didn't have to use the mark ability, if your major problem with conviction is an optional thing you've really got to get your priorities in order my friend

*sigh* When are we gonna get a full-fledged RPG? Smartphones are perfect for old school RPGs from the older Final Fantasies, Breath of Fires, etc why can't people just develop a game with episodic DLC? Something like FFIV's sequel >.>

Try Dragon's Blade/Dragon's Blade DX It's still developing, but I've logged 16 hours so far and content is never lagging (updates usually once a week) plus the developer is just awesome.

Totally agree with you Blade, heck just a few months ago I had a blast with Phantasy Star on XBLA, and it'd be great on WP. Come on devs... Come on Sega and Square, core gamers are on WP, wake up and smell my money!

Despite being really down on the visuals, im gonna give it a shot. I love splinter cell so I am curious.


Im already at a point where im stuck in the game.. Can't figure out how to get from the market to the boat. Fml

The texturing (esp the water textures!) aren't all that impressive, but the game is very fluid, and the controls work great.
After playing the iOS version on a friends iPhone 4, I have to say that a 16:10 screen resolution is SOOOO much better than the crappy 4:3ish aspect ratio on the iPhone, since you're not blocking the whole screen with your thumbs, and this is on the LG Optimus 7.
Can't WAIT for the Lumia 900 (unless MWC drops some semi-specific news about Apollo handsets).

I think this game is awesome on my TITAN! Don't really understand the naysayers. I can see it not being someone's cup of tea but it gives you great gameplay if you like this type if game.. The graphics, while not groundbreaking for a phone, are very decent. There's no lag on my phone and the controls work great once you figure them out. Its a whole nother level when you compare it to an early W7 game like Assassins Creed as there is no comparison on gameplay, controls, or graphics... IMHO

Terrible controls. The viewfinder should always be controlled by the same hand, but placing the fire button and joystick on separate sides of the screen removes that possibility.

Just played the demo. The controls ate a big hurdle. Probably too big. They work but are pretty clumsy. Luckily the a.i. Is about as sharp as a group of pre schoolers so I was never in any real danger. Ill say too that the graphics aren't as bad as I thought they were. Wpcentral really needs to take their videos in high red because I thought the game looked terrible before I tried it. Bottom line though is a pass unless you're simply starving for a console like experience on your phone.