Germany’s SPORT1.fm brings sport radio to Windows Phone and Windows 8

Sport1 FM

Hallo Deutschland! Here’s an app you’re probably going to love if you’re a sports fan. Sport1.fm is now officially in the Windows Phone Store and in the Windows Store. That’s right, you can now officially listen to sports radio from Sport1.fm on your Windows-based smartphone, tablet, and PC. The app is a perfect way to stay up current with Premier League, DKB Handball Bundesliga, Beko Basketball Bundeslia and other sports.

Sports1.fm (www.sport1.fm) is a popular sports radio network in Germany. They also have a television channel called Sports1 that covers the entire world of sports. Both the Windows Phone and Windows 8 app for the radio network are brand new. Here’s what you’ll get with them:

  • Sports radio
  • All Bundesliga games live
  • Extensive background information, interviews and reports before, during and after the game
  • Live games of Beko Basketball Bundesliga and DKB Handball Bundesliga
  • News shows with information, opinions and more from the world of sports

Sport1 FM

While our German is out of practice, these look like solid apps for sport fans in Germany. We played around with it and liked the app quite a bit. Performance was solid and we like the clean design of the app.

Looking forward to using Sport1.fm? Sound off below!

You can get Sports1.fm for free in the Windows Phone Store or from the Windows Store.

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Germany’s SPORT1.fm brings sport radio to Windows Phone and Windows 8


Sorry WPcentral but for German windows phone news I prefer wparea.de especially because you cover e.g. a new app only once in a while.

Ja, die Seite find ich auch super. Da kann man die aufgewärmten News von vor zwei Tagen nochmal lesen. Immer wieder schön!

I like the headlines on wpcentral but often I see incomplete information or that one topic is spread over 10 news. In this case I like the later news on wparea.de because they seem to be more complete and logical, also without much "bla bla".