Is Sprint killing unlimited data packages?

It's the last major feature that differentiates Sprint from its competitors, but according to DSLReports, Sprint may be slowly moving towards killing off their unlimited data service. As more and more of their users have picked up smart devices on the US network, Sprint has made big changes every few months to their policies regarding unlimited data, and it looks like only time stands in the way of the company making that final decision to axe this unique offering (something the other major carriers did long ago).

Sprint hasn't said anything officially about this yet, but their actions are clear. First they added a $10 monthly fee to all 4G data users, then they capped their mobile hotspot subscribers to 5GB a month. Two days ago Sprint made another announcement via their website, saying that this data cap is expanding to include everything from tablets to netbooks to USB cards and beyond starting in November. The only thing left untouched is your average smartphone.

While Sprint has been gaining new subscribers over the last year from its one-of-a-kind unlimited data plan, the company continues to struggle to gain much of a financial profit. It may not be happening just yet, but here in the next year we may well see Sprint make a final decision and join the other carriers in capping their service, since they obviously aren't beating them yet. It's all speculation at this point, but from looking at the series of events up until now, that assumption just can't be helped.

As of right now, there are only a few Sprint WP7 device owners out there, but if you're one of them, this likely isn't the best news to hear. What do you take from all of this? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Sprint; Via: DSLReports


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Is Sprint killing unlimited data packages?


forgot to mention how sprint is now the slowest out of all the carriers. even smaller carriers like cricket are faster.the average speed I get in my city is 150k

in my town in the north suburbs of Chicago that's my average speed but when I leave town the lowest speed I get is 550k and the max I've gotten on my arrive was 4440k, this was in the Avondale neighborhood in Chicago. I'm fed up and I've emailed dan@sprint.com to try to end my contract with no ETF and when that happens I'm getting me an HD7 and going to the tmobile $30 plan. sure data is capped at 5GB but at least I'll be able to use my Zune pass without it buffering every 5 seconds.

Honestly, I'm not the least bit surprised. Sprint has been changing a lot of things recently and their seemingly lack of support for Windows Phone doesn't help either. If Sprint doesn't get it's act together by the time my contract is up, I'm gone. I've been a happy customer with Sprint for almost 10 years but maybe it's time for change

Before you people get your freaking panties in a bunch, remember that every other carrier that has capped data has allowed existing customers to be "grandfathered" in. This means you'll be able to keep your plan as is and new customers would get shafted.I have no love for Sprint these days since they have abandoned us Windows Phone users but you people are out of control.

I was considering of leaving sprint before this news. I was just stating that if this news is true, it's just adding on to the reasons why I'm considering jumping ship. I don't care to be grandfathered in if they plan on not supporting Windows Phone. So everything you just said was irrelevant. I never said I was leaving sprint cause they're changing their unlimited data plans, but if they are changing it and not supporting Windows Phone then what reason is there to stay with them? I can get a capped data plan with more Windows Phones to choose from with another carrier (AT&T)

Hey I don't blame you...we are in the same boat..the only advantage to keeping Sprint would be retaining the unlimited data. Again, that's assuming unlimited goes away. As it stands Sprint keeps pushing us away and capping data would be the last straw.

This just means eventually it will make sense to change to another provider. I'm pretty sure the only reason most people stay is the ridiculous early termination fees associated with making the switch.

Sprint is kinda screwed anyways. They are staking everything on one device (IPhone). They also just doomed there mobile internet provider (Clearwire) whom they have a sizeable investment in.

I was just telling people this last week - that the iPhone would make the same thing happen on Sprint that it has everywhere else it reared it's ugly head.

been with sprint for 10+ years family and on my own and i have to say that if sprint does lose its data plan i will be jumping ship, everyone knows that sprint has always lacked on phones and the only good phones imo they offered lacked in back up my original Palm Pre and they took for ever to carry a the HTC Arrive(current device) and they havent announce any new wp7 devices. tbh i wouldnt be surprise if they cut the data plan all because sprint relise to much on Android, you know that OS that keeps getting attacked left and right, and now they put there heart and soul into the dumb iPhone.

Why are people keep getting this wrong. Sprint is just restating that you don't get unlimited data on thetered devices and aircards and such. It has nothing to do with phone data.

I love my Arrive but if this happens anytime soon I will jump off of Sprint and go to either T-Mobile or AT&T.

I specifically left Verizon to go to Sprint for 2 reasons:1. There were no phones I wanted on Verizon. The only Windows Phone they have is not something I wanted. T-Mobile's coverage in my area sucks and there's no way I was going to give money to AT&T.2. Even if I could have gotten a junk phone and waited for some good Windows Phones or just decided to put up with the Trophy and grandfathered myself in one of their unlimited plans, I didn't want to give money to a company who felt it was in the best interest to nix unlimited data. If Sprint really does nix their unlimited smartphone data...I don't know what I'll do.

I left AT&T for Sprint to pick up the Arrive (LOVE that keyboard, LOVE that phone) and for the unlimited data.If they remove unlimited data, then they are just the same as every other carrier - well the same except for being slower. So...Goodbye Sprint, hello whoever picks up a next-Gen hard keyboard WP. (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Nokia E7 form factor WP!!!!!)

I've been a Nextel/Sprint customer for over 15 years now. Started off with Nextel(Direct Connect) and slowly moved over when that was no longer necessary or useful. I've always stayed with them for the value they provided over the others. Their phones may have cost more but the packages were cheaper for what they offered and it actually was cheaper in the end. Their offerings were limited compared to other carriers but, just like the iPhone now, back then, they staked everything on Direct Connect and the business markets. Now that they have stopped the incentive program they once offered, I'll be getting a new phone before December. I'm hoping they will be getting another WP7 device before then or else I'll go iPhone just for the sake of having a newer technology device to hold me over for the next couple/few years. Then once my next 2 year deal is done, I'll simply look for who offers the most for the least.Talk of Grandfathering usually only goes until you've renewed your contract. I've been "Grandfathered" for years with them and always end up getting screwed somehow with the caveat that:"This is a new contract and the old one is null and void." they do, however, add options and benefits to the new contract that still make it amicable for me so I've stayed.

I finally ditched Sprint back in August after using their service for years. I got tired of them switching their policy and contract terms whenever they felt like it. And when I called to complain, I'd either get an employee that was oblivious to it or was straight-up coached to lie and say that their policies hadn't changed at all and I was mistaken, etc. (And they'd try to stick with that story even when I told them to look at my previous bills and usage.) The final straw was when they tried to extend my contract another two years because I "added" the service of blocking an annoying telemarketer.I'm on T-Mobile now and couldn't be happier.

The cheap prices are what has kept me with sprint even with louzy coverage in my area.. Not that I don't get any I'll just say if I want a song to play on Zune or a website to load in less that 3 minutes I better be on wifi.. As soon as my contract is up im gone.. Cheapest cell service yes but you get what you pay for. I'm all in for att because they are fully behind windows phone.

have the same speed issues u are and now they're draining my battery terribly. this is how I know that things have gotten worse instead of better. I emailed dan@sprint.com to try and see if I can get out of my contract early with no ETF, and if so it's off to t-mobile I go.

No, don't leave sprint, this is the company people backed up to kill the ATT/T-MO aquisition. I guess this wasn't the speeds people bargained for!!!