Sprint’s Samsung ATIV S Neo sails through FCC, gets imaged in new render

Sprint Samsung ATIV S Neo

Just a few days ago we saw Sprint finally jump on the Windows Phone 8 bandwagon with the mid-range HTC 8XT, featuring a 4.3” WVGA display and a 1.4GHz dual core CPU. But if you were waiting for the more high-end (and awkwardly named) ATIV S Neo, then you’re closer to your dream as that device passed through the FCC a few days ago under the SPH-i800 name.

The documents don’t reveal anything we don’t know about the device, including that it will sport Sprint’s newborn LTE network, but it’s still nice to know it has the nod from the FCC.

FCC: Sprint Samsung ATIV S Neo

In addition, as can be seen above, the leakster @evleaks has posted a marketing render for the device, showing what it will look like it all of its advertising glory. The phone, which is basically a CDMA version of the ATIV S, maintains all the high end features we want including a 4.8” 1280x720 Super AMOLED Plus display, either 8 or 16GB of internal storage and microSD expansion. On top of that, it has a removable 2000mAh battery, making this an ideal business phone for those who need a lot of power.

Just a few days ago, a full hands on video review of the ATIV S Neo hit the web revealing the ATIV S Neo as a somewhat conservative but nice looking Windows Phone 8 device. Unfortunately, Sprint opted against the faux-metal back and went instead with a blue-grey design reminiscent of the Galaxy S series.

While Sprint has announced the ATIV S Neo, they still have not released the full specs, pricing or availability. All we can say at this point is the phone is cleared for release but Sprint or Samsung are holding back for the ideal time.

Anyone planning on getting one? Sound off in comments.

Source: FCC, @evleaks; Thanks, stoickiwi, for the info and research!


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Sprint’s Samsung ATIV S Neo sails through FCC, gets imaged in new render


Samsung needs to find a new design language for their phones...they're just homely looking. They can make beautiful laptops, why not phones?

I agree. Compared to every manufacturer,Samsung devices do look quite plain to me. Ironically enough they are like the highest selling. Even Motorola these days look better than most Samsung. Android fans want Nokia on their side but I would love Sony over here on windows phone. Sony, Nokia and HTC all make lovely devices and then you have Samsung which looks boring like...yet they sell the most lll

I know when I get mine, I'll be modding it with wireless charging as well as getting a new back plate.

Don't personally like, but I'm glad Samsung fans will actually be able to get one in the US. Features-wise, the SD slot and replaceable battery are admirable in a high end phone. Wish Nokia was more dedicated to them... the 820 proves it's workable with a nice design... just didn't have curved glass, extra memory, and the other high end accoutrements.

I did not know this. Crap! I was all set to purchase the 8XT. Has Microsoft said that they'll change this in future updates?

Now, you know its not in Amber. And, MS isn't going to tell us sh%$ until they are ready.. So, I don't think anyone knows yet..

Nothing has been announced regarding installing apps on a SD. I'd go with a 32/64 gb (920,1020) WP if you are a hardcore gamer, or if you don't play any games, 8gb will be fine. I currently have two gameloft games installed on my 16gb 8X, 50+ apps, and a total of 15 games with 4.8gb free.

Good to know. I feel much better if the Neo comes with at least 16GB. Of course I wouldn't be mad at them for offering a 32/64GB option either.

As I have been hanging on (by mere threads) for a Windows Phone 8 device for Sprint, and currently still stuck with my HTC Arrive, I will be getting this device..... as soon as it hits its first discount!! I am totally getting a new WP device for Sprint, but I am willing to hang back for just a smidgens longer, that being the point when this device gets knocked down a few bucks. And in that time, I will seek to discover any new Nokia device for Sprint, or a newest generation of WP8 device coming to Sprint. I'll take a Nokia WP over any others, anytime. C'mon Nokia, put a device on Sprint pleeeease!!!!!

Its definately great to see SPRINT finally support Windows Phone with the release of the 8XT and now this device gets closer and closer to being available. This is the device I wanted from SPRINT. This is what I had been waiting for and I too still hold on to my HTC Arrive. I Hope they bring the 16gb or more as it had been rumored about the 8gb... This seems to be a confirmation of 16gb+ though which is awesome. Even though I am leaving SPRINT, I love to see that they are supporting WP8 because it is the platform of MY choice and its good to see there are options.
After a discussion with some of the community a few days ago when this phone was leaked on video I have found T-Mobile to be the best match because the price is unbeatable. Not to mention I am enamoured with the Lumia 925 (and thus, cannot see myself with the NEO anymore), I am going to the T-Mobile shop today and picking one up. I have been with SPRINT for what seems like forever and haven't any complaints with them. The service has been better-than-ok to great in my area constantly and their prices were unbeatable due to the unlimited data. Now, T-Mobile came to bat and seems to have hit a home run in my book.

Get the impact logy case man that phone is like a bar of soup to hold in you hand get it in black tech21 impactology case that's like the best phone case for it! And it doesn't make the phone look too ugly I had the HTC 8x before that phone trust me I am a tech veteran you will drop the phone with out the case it cost $29 but its worth it and make the phone somewhat easier to hold promise you its worth but try holding it with your hand move you pinky it will fall out of your hand try this on a bed!

I was in the exact the boat. Same everything you said. I made the switch to the 925 last Thursday, so far so good. The device is gorgeous and I'm feeling a lot more confident in having a Nokia device knowing that I will get the support from the manufacture when it comes to windows phone.

I'm holding out for one..The Neo that is!!....Will be nice to finally put this 2.5 year old HTC Arrive to rest!! After the video post the other day, my biggest concern was the 8GB internal storage...but if this article offers any glimmer of hope...we will get at best 16GB...but having 32GB would be bonus + expandable Micro SD...I know it's wishful thinking, and banking on the fact they only released on price point, we could have a choice of either or?? LOL!! Ehhh...I'm just happy to be getting somethig new finally!! :) \m/\m/

Going on my ATIV S that only has 16GB of storage, there was supposed to be a 32GB version but I've never seen it, so I would assume this will have 16GB of storage.

I'm in the same boat as you! I'm stoked to be getting something new really soon!
As I posted in the comments on the article about the video review, I believe the 8GB mention was because the device was a pre-production non-retail unit. You'll notice the version they had didn't have the 'Windows Phone' branding on the back. I believe there are certain small differences from preview units to the final version. At least that's what I'm hoping.
I'd still get the Neo if it had 8GBs, but for our sake, I'm hoping it's at least 16! Sprint was smart enough to have both models they carry have microSD storage!

I'm loving my 8XT, but I may have to pass it on to the GF if the Neo lives up to it. Boomsound is amazing though...

So they take the s4 and put a windows logo on the home button lol....smasung seriously be more creative n please no cheap plastic for windows phone next time

There is a huge variety of cases and back plates and accessories for the s series though. If it is the same chassis that would be a great selling point. At least it could get more people into windows phone.

I'll be there day one... been itching for this one for a while now. A small part of me wants to jump on the 8XT, but I'll wait. The bigger 720p screen with more internal storage is definitely worth it. I'd be too neurotic of the 'other' storage issue ruining my fun on the 8XT quicker than it would on the Neo.
This will be my first non-HTC smartphone, going back all the way to the original HTC Touch, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro2, EVO 4G and my current Arrive. Not going to lie, HTC's build quality has spoiled me. They've held up really well, my Arrive has only a few very faint scratches on the display, and the metal filling on the 'HTC' on the back are gone from the 'H' and 'T'. Otherwise, the device is in really good shape for being a launch day device with no case!
I hope the ATIV S Neo will hold up just as strong!

No doubt about it.....I will be replacing my aging Arrive with this phone.  Finally, a higher-end Windows phone on Sprint!

Leave it to Sprint to come up with the longest name. 

Samsung ATIV S Neo 

Samsung Epic 4G Touch

Motorola Photon™ Q 4G LTE

Slight correction lol.. the Epic Touch was originally -
'Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch' until mid last year when they finally renamed it quietly to just 'Galaxy S II' (around the time they debuted the 'titanium' color variant).
It was ridiculous. I remember seeing a logo for it on a banner at a Sprint store and it had the original 'Samsung Galaxy S II' logo with 'Epic 4G Touch' under it in slightly smaller font.

Or if you like acronyms: High Tech Corporation Evolution Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution (HTC EVO 4G LTE) is about as crazy as it gets...

meh..Its just a galaxy phone with windows 8. Really? This is the wait? I loved the "brushed steel" look of the Activ S. Leave it up to Sprint to shatter your expectations. Ive had my Arrive for over 2 1/2 years. Sprint offered no support...no software updates..no anything. When my wife and I were having issues with our phone (which by the way was fixed in the 7.8 update) Sprint's tech support answer was to replace the phone - with a reconditioned phone that would have the same issues (no OS software update)...plus the included 100 dollar deductable!!! After a total of 8 devices later, I have given up on Sprint. Yes, they have new windows phones,but good luck in getting any future OS updates that would be release by other carriers. Sprint will offer no real selection, support, OS updates (You'll probably have to buy a new phone for that) or cool accessories for their windows phones. Look how long it took to get these babies to get to market.
To prove it to you...The HTC 8XT is not even mentioned on Sprint's homepage. What about the new exciting upcoming  Samsung "Neo"? Nope. They push hard for Android and Iphones. they are splattered all over their website. Windows is treated as the bald headed stepchild. No love. I walked into a Sprint store today to show my wife the new windows HTC phone. Not even on display. the salesman had to go to the back and get one out of the box, and the battery wasnt even charged. and with these phones coming in all sorts of colors whats up with the dreaded purplish "California Blue" and bluish grey Neo?  BOOOOOORRRINGG!. Thats it I had enough. The so called "savings" is not worth the agony of non support.

Just like a few others, I can't wait to upgrade my HTC Arrive. I currently carry a Lumia 920 for work but the data plan kinda sucks. Was wishing for a Nokia alternative on Sprint, however I may have to settle for the 8XT or the ATIV S NEO. If they are both running 8gb it'll be a hard choice. Anyone with an ideal of sim card support?

Well, this is the phone I've been waiting for. Too late for me, since I jumped and got the 920. This will be the phone I buy for the wife that is still on Sprint. Then she can finally dump the S3 that's been giving her storage issues. Also, I love to rub in the fact that I just don't have those types of issues on WP. :)

I will be getting this phone just as soon as it comes out, but it better come with 16GB.  I wonder if you could just slap an ATIV S back on it and make it look a little nicer than the back shown above.

Might end up covering up that new speaker position though....unless you're into dremel tools and being backplate creative..

So Sprint says it will have "international voice and data capabilities," which would be fantastic, but it would then need a SIM slot and quad bands, right?  Wouldn't that be a first on Sprint?

What happened to them bringing something new and not something 6 months old. Well its too late for me. I already preordered my 1020. I'm tired of Sprints terrible service.

I've been specifically holding off until this releases. If it has 8GB internal storage, I'll be sorely disappointed but probably still get it for the better screen resolution alone. The back cover doesn't concern me much, since with most Samsungs you can buy colored replacement backing and cases that you can use to tweak appearances and make it look like a Windows Phone should - something colorful that stands out. 

I'm hoping the Ativ Neo has 16GB of internal storage cause my Arrive have 14gb of usable space so 8gb for a Phone that is almost 3 years newer would be a disappointment IMO.

I've been waiting patiently for this one as we're sticking with Sprint for their low priced, everything included, Family plan.  I can't see paying $100+ a month on AT&T or Verizon for 1 smart phone when I pay $240 for 4 smart phones + 1 feature phone on Sprint.  I guess I'm not much of a technology geek as I still love my Arrive after having it almost 2 years (in October).  Also, a nice case (I have my Arrive on a $5 red rubber case) will do wonders to erase any complaints on how awful the back, front, chrome lines, etc. may be to some of you (phone looks great to me, btw).  Also, I would have loved to stick to an HTC but this one is definitely an upgrade over the just-offered-by-Sprint HTC 8XT.