Sprint users petition for WP7 after exec's comments

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Sprint customers have taken to the streets, er, the internet, and created an online petition to show that they want some new Windows phones.  The move comes after Sprint Vice President of Product Realization David Owens expressed his lack of enthusiasm for WP7.  Owens said that the HTC Arrive, Sprint's only WP7 device, sold poorly because Microsoft has done a poor job of promoting their mobile OS.  While this may have been true early on, Sprint certainly made no effort on their part either.  In fact, they went so far as to make the Arrive the poster child for their trade-in program.

The online petition explains the frustration that Sprint users feel as they see other carriers, most-notably AT&T, getting some fantastic devices, like the HTC Titan II and Nokia's Lumia 900 (Ace).  This is counter to what David Owens described, citing customer complaints and returns based on unpleasant user experiences. Sprint's own website shows, however, shows very high marks in customer reviews and was also in the top ten most highly-rated phones on Amazon.

The petition is still young, and thusly, has few signatures.  We're not sure if it will light a fire under the third-largest carrier in the U.S., but but stranger things have happened.  Verizon recently canned a plan to hike up their fees because of a huge public outcry that began on the internet.  Of course, that would have affected most, if not all, Verizon users, whereas this is only a fraction of Sprint's customer base.  But that doesn't mean people shouldn't try.  If you feel strongly about Sprit's reluctance to adopt more Windows phones, hit up the source link below and let it be known.

Source: SignOn; Thanks, Cris, for the tip!


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Sprint users petition for WP7 after exec's comments


This is exactly the reason I begrudgingly switched to AT&T in November. I was ready for an upgrade from my aging 1st gen Palm Pre, and Sprint had nothing in the way of new Windows Phones on the horizon. Eventually I got tired of waiting, and when the Titan came out, I made the jump.
There are tons of threads in Sprint's forums full of people wondering if/when any new Windows Phones will be arriving, so I wouldn't say their customer base has a "lack of enthusiasm". Well, it's too late for me, but maybe this petition will get someone happy with Sprint's service a phone they actually want.

Yup I was a Nextel -> Sprint Customer for 13 years until I finally said you know what your phone selection sucks. And picked up a Samsung Focus on the street and got a line of service with at&t.

I have been with sprint for 12 years and had a pretty good plan too ($35 for unlimited data). Decided to quit because everything is about iphone and unlimited data plan. Picked up two titans from ATT.

Same here.....I was with Verizon for six years patiently waiting for them to get some nice phones.  When the Dell Venue Pro was announced I quickly switched to T-Mobile to get one and so-far have been very satisfied with T-Mobile's network.
Despite the overall better quality of Verizon's network, AT&T definitely beats Verizon and Sprint when it comes to getting the newest and best looking phones on their network. 

Would you guys that switched rate AT&T as better/worse/good enough?  I'm still considering switching when the Titan II or the 900 hit.  I went from Verizon to Sprint and everyone said BUT THE NETWORK, but the truth is Sprint has been "good enough", I haven't really had any loss of coverage though sometimes overall signal is weaker in some places.  That easily makes it worth having a device in my hand that I like.  I'm hoping AT&T is the same.

I live in Grand Rapids, MI and have had ATT 6+ years after being with Sprint for several years. I currently have the Samsung Focus S (Fantastic phone for so many reasons). I am a roofing contractor and work a large radius (plus I enjoy traveling when I can). I have had nothing short of great service and coverage. I do alot of work for builders who use Verizon and I most certainly have no less coverage than them (sometimes better). I find that the few problem areas that I have, the Verizon users also have with very little difference. Overall, I rely on my phone heavily and simply needs to work. In my area Verizons map shows solid red (not very accurate) whereas ATT map is more truthful to actual coverage.

2 thoughts. Of course check coverage map. Also try purchasing a prepaid phone (cheap) from carrier and carry around with your current phone to compare coverage for a period of time. This may cost a few bucks on the front side but it will alleviate any doubt without commitment. Food for thought. Hope this helps.

Added my vote. I feel for your Sprint users. Rogers is similar in Canada.
WP is BURIED on their website and almost hard to find. No mention of the Nokia 710 or any news of anything in the works, either.
Rogers - we want the Lumia 900 and the 710!

Dude, Rogers is getting the 800! I'm stuck on Bell which is getting NOTHING! Good thing in currently happy with my HD7... I want a phone with ffc though, and I'm not willing to slum on an inferior mobile OS... According to a newer post it's the 710 you have to look forward to. HM, thought it was the other way around.

Nah.  I'll just switch to a carrier that will support the OS.
I have a year left on contract with Sprint, so if they change their mind maybe I'll change mine.  But I am committed to the WP OS, and my dollars will go to whoever best matches my commitment.  Right now, that's AT&T.

Verizon backed off the $2 fee for one-time card and telephone payments.  
"Of course, that would have affected most, if not all, Verizon users."
This did not affect customers with renewing payments, direct drafts, check payments, etc..  Did they cancel some other fee hike I missed?

Being in the UK, I will jump ship to whatever service provider supports the handset I want. Carriers like Sprint will soon get the message if people are leaving...

I hope WPCentral keeps track of this so we can see how big it'll get after a few days, it should be very interesting.

A petition?  Sprint is a business.  When Sprint determined they needed the iPhone to retain customers, they basically wagered their company to get the iPhone.  WP7 isn't there right now.
We are just the minority making noise.  They laugh at us when we do this.
Just continue using your Arrives and writing up how good it is on their site.  That is what I did.  When your Arrive contract expires, your biggest voice will be whether to stay on Sprint.

Exactly, great point. Sprint has shown in the past that they will not listen to a group of customers when their demands run counter to what Sprint has on their roadmap. I specifically recall the big outcry by webOS users, of which I was one, who bombarded Sprint's Twitter and Facebook accounts for a solid week when they said the same exact thing about webOS. "Sorry, webOS isn't where we want it to be right now, so we won't carry any future phones. If you want one, go somewhere else".
At that time, I was in the middle of my contract and not willing to switch. Now my contract is expiring in a few weeks and I will make my opinion heard with my wallet.

thanks jaybee. I would add Sprint does listen to customers - when they leave.  Case in point the Sprint iPhone.
Sprint is not a good leader for a platform.  Pre?  ATT is the trail blazer -- iPhone and now WP7.  VZW and Sprint will wait and see just like they did with iPhone.

Why bother when the carrier obviously is not interested, just switch to at&t and hit them where it hurts. They will probably come up with another excuse/lie to justify no new WP7 devices, like no LTE+++!

We need some "big guys" tweeting this so many people can know about this...I only have 5 followers and they are all "fake" spambots :)

I petitioned them for Pre 3 (and 2, and 1+). You know the results. The carrier is  less relevant as it was a few years ago, no more useful exclusive apps. When my current phone breaks, I'm out. Luckily for Sprint, the Arrive is quite a solid piece of hardware, it won't break easily. Too bad they never wanted to sell it. I had to fight the salespeople to buy one. 
We should rather petition to make the Sprint fees tax-deductible. We give money and get little in return, it's like a donation...

Thank you very much for posting this article.  I'm happy this has started a blowback on Sprint for the article from PC Mag.  Citing customers weren't happy with the user experience while the Arrive is one of their top rated phones is just ridiculous.  I've been waiting for months to see if Sprint would offer some of the new hot WP7 models that have come out and instead I get a company that is acting smug.  T-Mobile is taking chances on it yet Sprint is citing sales of the Arrive as a reason they are holding off.  Sprint decided to pick the Arrive out of the first gen units and while it's a good phone it's probably the least attractive one.  I've been with Sprint for 12 years at least, but that is all about to change as soon as the 900 becomes available.  

Shut the Front Door and Get the Fern Outta Here, This Guy is So Full of Blue Soot!!! I LOVE my Arrive!!! I LOVE my WP Mango!!! I came to Sprint for the TP2 from Ver. Bought 1 for wife, 1 for me. Wife hated it and Wanted iPhone (Arrg). Now She LOVES her ARRIVE!!! She tells her whole iPhone Family how she LOVES Her Arrive. I always tell People about WP and Sprint. I dropped 1 in Lemonade and broke a charging connection in phone on a second. Each time I got new and signed into a few things, it was like I never lost anything!!! It GREAT!!! I could go on. SPRINT Needs
Edited and Posted with my ARRIVE!!!

I just went from Sprint to T-mobile this week. I had been with sprint for a long time (10+ years?) starting with a Samsung Flip phone, and then moving to a Touch Pro and then a Touch Pro2.
Sprint never priced the Arrive competitively even for a renewing customer. Not to mention the SERO plan price hikes that were a slap in the face for hardcore Windows Mobile 6.X users.
Speeds went in the toilet once iphones came on the network and that was the last straw. My wife and I got HTC Radars free from T-Mobile and couldn’t be happier.

The next time you walk by a Sprint store, go in and ask to see the Arrive. If the salesperson discourages you in anyway, just start walking out and say that he just lost a sale.

I for one am glad I have AT&T.  I still have the original unlimited data plan from AT&T, and plan on upgrading to the Lumia 900 when it's released.  Sprint has sold their soul to Apple, just like Verizon did with Google.
I think Sprint is stupid anyhow.  Hell, look at their purchase of Nextel, and their choice of going WiMax; neither is gaining them customers.  If you want proper Windows Phone devices, AT&T is it right now.  We'll see if other carriers get different versions of the Lumia 900.

I was grandfathered in to a unlimited data plan and currently not under contract after AT&T acquired Alltel in my area.  I also plan on upgrading to the Nokia 900 once it's avaialble.  Does anyone know if I will have to give up my unlimited data plan and sign onto a newer plan when I upgrade to the 900? I have heard both sides so far with most people saying the rep will try to get you to change but just be firm and don't let them.  Is there any truth to this?

As far as I understand, when you sign a new contract you are bound by the new rules that may have changed since your last one. Since you are now basically month-to-month, you'll carry those terms over indefinitely. If you went in and talked to somone at a non-AT&T retail location (i.e. an authorized retailer or Best Buy), they may be able to tell you one way or the other.
As far as getting the phone and not having to re-sign a contract, you could do that by buying the phone outright (either through eBay or paying the full retail cost from AT&T/Amazon/Best Buy, whatever) and swapping in your SIM card. Since the 900 is an LTE phone, you may have to get a new SIM card to use the LTE data. This is all just from my understanding of how the system works, so I may very well be wrong.

Most smartphone users NEVER exceed 2GB of usage. Sprint is selling you guys fluff that you never use and using it to keep you tied to them.

Yeah I agree.  I checked my usage on the Sprint site and I have never used 2 gigs. I've come close but that was before I started using Wifi at home.  Between wifi access at my home and work I don't end up using much data from the carrier.  So the 2 gig cap at ATT isn't going to bother me.  I'll be paying a bit more because it's ATT but the product I want is the 900 and I'm going to the carrier that provides it.  Sprint doesn't seem to be interested in bringing it anytime soon if at all.  

Theyre going to tank anyway because of the shape their network is in. can't build a network without maintaining it, which is exactly what theyve done and they cannot afford to fix it since they blew almost all their cash on the iPhone

I would LOVE to sign this petition, but it is related to MoveOn.org.  In signing, I would be giving MoveOn.org my email address and permission for MoveOn.org to contact me...Not going to happen!  Too bad.

For me, whether or not I have a throw-away address is not the point.
Although I'm on T-Mobile, I would happily sign--IF the petition were not tied to a political group. I wouldn't want my name and signature tied to MoveOn any more than I'd want it tied to a conservative group.

I have been with tmo for going on 4 years. Back in November 2010 me and wife decided to upgrade phones. Without even looking at what was available I went straight for the hd7. Best phone I have ever had. Wp7 is the most impressive os I've seen. I was a former blackberry user but will only use WP from now on.

Begging Sprint? Been there, done that with Palm Pre devices. Sprint is all about bandwagons - be it Android or iPhone.

I'm going to petition with my money and move to AT&T after 7 years with Sprint.
Sprint is more expensive than AT&T, they have no LTE network, and Sprint's 3G network is the slowest in the country. Oh yeah and their selection of phones sucks; they don't even have Windows Phones.

Wasn't there something about a week or so ago that was saying, or at least speculating that Sprint was getting 2 or 3 WP7 phones in the 1st quarter of this year?  Also, I go onto the Sprint site and cannot figurwe out how or where to add comments or rate the phone.

this moron says ---> Owens said that the HTC Arrive, Sprint's only WP7 device, sold poorly???
What an idoit if you look at HTC Arrive Reviews on sprint website most of all the reveiws are great reviews mostly all given 4 or 5 stars rating. How can the htc arrive be a poor product.
I have HTC Arrive and it still works awesome without no problems.
Sprint better bring more new wp 7.5 i am staying due to unlimitted data plan is why i have not left and there price is more resonable than AT&T or Verizon

I just came from CES in Las Vegas and Saw the Nokia Lumia 900 it so awesome looking phone i just wish gets that phone which i doubt it.

I too left Sprint after 10 years for ATT. Honestly, I don't regret the decision. I have 'faux'G, Windows Phone device options (which are STILL coming in - Nokia, Titan II). Sprint's unlimited data wasn't enough to keep me. I'm a geek, I want to know I have options when chosing a device on a platform I like. I was in on some of those forums (even started one myself) where people were BEGGING for new devices. I defended Sprint by saying they may not have had options if OEMs weren't giving them the options. I understand they need to understand demand, but they have to push for it too. So, again, very satisfied with ATT so far and my Titan.

Well good luck not getting a big bill once you pass 2gb bandwidth usage. This why i have not left sprint due to it's unlimitted data plan just one price and no worries.

I just checked my data for the last year. On my Family plan, we have not exceeded 2GB all of last year! Between my wife and I we peaked at 1.3GB one month. Overall when I'm at work I can consume a lot fo data (ie streaming netflix) and when I go Home, travel, airport etc, there is always WiFi. That information right there is enough to make me switch

Slow down. ATT data plan is not as taxing as some may think. Go to your account, look through your data usage history and figure $25 for 2 gig and $10 per gig thereafter through ATT. If you find your under 2 gig (or even 3 for that matter), you haven't lost anything. Most people use less data than they realize. I own a Samsung Focus S following an HTC Surround and an HTC Fuze prior to that. Over the past few years I have only exceeded 3 gig once and only 2 gig a small handfull of times (perhaps viewing alot of videos and streaming music). It takes alot of agressive usage to exceed ATT tiered data cap.
I do agree that unlimited data is most certainly worry free. Check your data usage and see if it really is an issue before switching. I think you will find that your final bill will not be any different for data.

The "big bill for going over" is $10 a gigabyte, and AT&T sends you a text message with each gig you use going over two.
I'm with T-Mo, where they throttle you after 2 gigs, and am a heavy streaming user.  I come close to 2 GB by the end of the month (and have gotten the "you only have 250 MB left" message within a couple days of the end of the contract) but have never gone over.
With a Windows Phone, data is used very efficiently, and I cannot imagine a heavy user going beyond three gigs a month.
Obviously, an unlimited plan works better (potentially) if you're a VERY heavy user, but you also have to factor in network speed.  HSPA+ on AT&T, even in more congested areas, is much faster than Sprint EVDO (especially in areas where Sprint's network is collapsing under the strain of all those data users). 
When I was on Sprint EVDO on the Arrive, Sprint's network was often so overloaded that it couldn't reliably stream Zune titles or access websites.  Even the Facebook app would time out due to high latencies and slow speeds.  I don't have that problem -- ever -- with T-Mobile.  Friends don't have the problem with AT&T either.  Measured, controllable amounts of quality high-speed data service beats out "unlimited" dial-up speed high latency data any day of the week, IMO.

I really wrestled with this one, as I was so close to signing with Sprint.  I was all over the Arrive.  I thought the keyboard was among the better ones I have ever used.  In the end, device selection and reception made the decision to stay on AT&T an easy one.  Sprint lost a sale from me.  Wish their was a place to start a survey to show how many sales Sprint and Verizon lose to AT&T due to WP selection.

I really wrestled with this one, as I was so close to signing with Sprint.  I was all over the Arrive.  I thought the keyboard was among the better ones I have ever used.  In the end, device selection and reception made the decision to stay on AT&T an easy one.  Sprint lost a sale from me.  Wish their was a place to start a survey to show how many sales Sprint and Verizon lose to AT&T due to WP selection.

What we really need is  Vice President of Product David Owens EMAIL Address !!! and start spaming his mail box. This guy is a complet JERK, Who says what he said about Windows Phone after all thoes years of windows mobile on the Sprint Network? Come on give me a break.
But if anyone can get his contact info lets go after him.. I have been with Sprint forever and I am soooo Mad right now. I don't really want to leave to another carrier .. but you know what .. they are telling me to go ...

AT&T were the only US carrier with the balls to launch the iPhone.
Now they're the only US carrier with the balls to push WP7.
I don't know how any other American carrier gets customers, the rest are obviously happy trailing behind pushing phones based on the succes of the last big thing. They definitely don't have enough balls to push the next big thing.

I have a question for all this people who just say switch carriers...I live in Virginia where AT&T has barely any coverage (3G or higher) in places other than interstates or big cities.. What do all of you suggest I do since AT&T and T-Mobile are not even close to an option?? The choice is obvious look past WP.. this is one reason why WP NEEDS to be on more carriers and why the OS can't reach the max potential of consumers..

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