Sprint warranty changes, for the better

Here's an interesting tidbit for all you Sprint users out there.  As some of you may know, if you have insurance through Asurion your deductible went up to $100 (previously $50) this month for all Windows Mobile and PDA devices.  The good news is Sprint has greatly simplified and expanded its insurance policy for its customers.

Starting this past Sunday (April 12th), you can now walk into any Sprint store and if your device is within the 1-year manufacture warranty, you can have it serviced usually for free. Here at the requirements:

Within first year = No Charge for:

  • Phone Book Swaps
  • Software Updates
  • Mechanical failure
  • Electrical failure
  • No DAMAGE evident

If outside the first year or damage is below, Charge = $99/$119

  • Missing components
  • Failure w/cosmetic damage
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Broken hinge/lenses/port
  • Cracked housing/LCD

In the past, you had to play back-and-forth between the manufacture and Sprint, each passing you off for the warranty coverage.  Now, you just walk into a Sprint center and deal with them directly.  We find this a much welcomed change on paper at least, we'll see how it is executed in reality. Join us after the break to see the full "official" Sprint .pdf screen shots of this policy change.

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Sprint warranty changes, for the better


Ummmm...I have been doing this for years. I walk into my local Sprint Store, check in the phone and describe the problem and often walk out within an hour with a new phone.

Am I missing something?

Yes, you're missing the fact that not everyone's experience is the same as yours ;-)

Many people complain about calling Sprint w/ a problem & are told to call the manufacturer, who then tells the customer to call Sprint.

Often people are charged $55 for a new device as well. So just because u lucked out as those Sprint docs allude to, this is now "official" policy whereas before it was very inconsistent.

I'm with John on this one. I have owned the Apache, the Mogul, the Touch Pro through Sprint and have had to take them in for software issues or buttons not functioning. Most every instance when I enter one of the corporate stores had the phone fixed or was given and refurbished phone in no time.

Thanks for that update Mal, all important and game changing information for the better!

Just for precision you are still covered by your manufacturers warranty by the maker itself as well.

On Monday I called sprint to replace a palm treo 755p and I was expecting a $100 charged but they replace it for $50 and I had the phone in two days.
Hands down to Sprint and Asurion the insurance company. They provided me excellent service.

Asuron is a rip off. With one years insurance and that deducible you paid much more than buying one on ebay would have cost.
The point the author is making is that you no longer need that Asuron coverage for warranty repair.

I am a fairly new Sprint customer (6 months) and had a problem with my Touch Pro. The power button was not working everytime I pressed it, and the home button panel was not fully seated and was sticking up a bit. I called Sprint and told them about my problems. They first wanted to send me to HTC to take care of it, but I told them that I am under the 1 year warranty and that I pay for full insurance on my phone. They transferred me to another rep, and she ordered me a new replacement phone. When the phone arrived, I got a return envelope to return the phone, charger, and usb cable. I got to keep everything else. I got the replacement very quickly as well. I know Sprint has had problems in the past, and I was nervous about my switch (I was with VW for over 15 years), but I must say my experiences with them so far have been great. Keep up the great work Sprint!

The point is you will now get that replacement without paying insurance