Sprint will pay rivals' termination fees when you sign up for a Framily plan

Sprint will pay rivals' termination fees when you sign up for a Framily plan

Sprint is getting a little “uncarrier” themselves with a new promotion that offers to pay your early termination fees if you’re willing to switch to them. You can get up to $350 for every line terminated when making the switch; just snap a picture of your last bill, send it to Sprint, and they’ll send you a Visa card with the cash on it. There are a few terms and conditions here and there, but you can read all of that at Sprint’s site starting tomorrow. The promotion will run from April 4 until May 8.

In addition to that, Sprint today announced that customers will be able to sign up for the Framily Plans (friends and family... framily) at Best Buy in addition to directly from Sprint. The details of the Framily Plans haven't changed — your monthly cost per person goes down by $5 a head for each body added to your account, up to $30 off per line. At six lines on an account you could end up saving up to $180 a month. Those that want to sign up for a Framily Plan at Best Buy between April 4th and 13th will also be treated to a $100 Best Buy gift card.

Source: S4GRU, Sprint, Thanks to Robert for the tip!


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Sprint will pay rivals' termination fees when you sign up for a Framily plan


Sprint has excellent 4g, way bk when, I had the Samsung conqor 4g, I used to connect my ps3 to it and play online with very very lil lag depending on the game..prob is that they are expensive and so I went bk to tmo n got myself a Lumia :)

Sprint doesn't have a good selection of Windows Phone to makes this offer appealing to me. Nice try sprint but I would return to T-Mobile before I ever give you a try.

Good timing! I need a framily plan.
Edit: Nevermind. That is ACTUALLY what it is called. Okay then. Is that their combo of friends and family? What is this fusion?

I am no Srint enployee BUT am very informes on them (hence my loyalty). So...this article is wrong, in that a Framily is not a real family share plan. When adding as a new customer you can add with your own account to an existing Framily ID (kinda like a coupon/ referral code). Accounts are created by existing sprint customers, friends, family, Or strangers, it does not matter, the ID is independant of accounts Or ownership. Example: Bob is a Sprint customer and changes to Framily, puts the resulting code on a billboard. Every person who sees it writes it Down and adds his/her own account at Sprint. Bob will never know until he sees his Bill go Down $5 per person that used his code, until his base service is $25 at 7 referred lines. Max is 10.
The interesting part to me is the way it affects accounts. So, a family account of 6 people can all share that ID independantly. Butvonce you are off that ID (chance to Unlimited My Way traditional contract plan), then the only way to find that Old ID is if anyone else on your account has it too.

They sold their soul to Apple a couple years ago...plus handset selection is piss poor...plus reception problems in my area...plus slow data speeds...all of Sprint's "pluses" are minuses...

Sounds great...my issue is they don't offer any Nokia phones that rival AT&T until 18 months after AT&T launches a model.

If they did, they would offer a couple of Nokia handsets. Don't forget also that Sprint has taken off the table to acquire T-Mobile, so.........

I'm more unlikely to consider Sprint because of that stupid name. I almost can't watch Sprint Cup races because the ridiculous amount of ad spots they use to promote it. Yuck. I. Hate. It.

For a second I was like "Engrish, what?". But that's actually the name so it's all good. Still not going back to Sprint though.

I can't stand actually saying 'Framily'.. Its just an ugly sounding word. Sprint...you got to do better.

Haha right? Well, it really is no surprise, considering that it only has two Windows Phone 8 available. But I do so enjoy my 8XT and Ativ S Neo. But can't help envying the 1020.

Carriers need to stop using ETF. termination fee is a scare tactic. Its pretty much the payment of a phone. And people need to be aware that they're just paying for a phone and not some sort of membership fee. This is why I love tmobile for being upfront about this.

T-Mobile is actually giving it to you worse. Technically their ETF is double what everyone else was. They tell you no contract which isn't technically true, as the benefit of no contract is that if you want to leave at anytime you can, but on T-Mo they want the cost of that phone! $500-700 please.

Remember, this charge used to be $200 for cancelling on TMo, and about $325-350 on ATT/Verizon/Sprint.

Sprint is a joke. They are doing this on the backs of the 600 plus people they just booted from the payroll. What a suck company.

HAHAHAHA, sprint hahahahahaa
My att plan 5 smartphones 1ipad
$180 a month? 10gb can't beat that.. No thanks Sprint

They'd have to start fully supporting windows phone for me to switch.  I left them for their lack of support of WP and I am paying the same as I did when I was with them and I get better service with AT&T.  Why would I go back?  Sprints IMO sucks.