Star Wars Almanac brings the Force to your Windows Phone

Star Wars Almanac

While Trekkies will have the Star Trek App, those who prefer the Force over the Vulcan Mind Meld can dig into everything Star Wars with the Star Wars Almanac.

The Star Wars Almanac delivers a ton of Star Wars information to your Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices. The app covers the main characters as well as those not so well known tid bits.

Star Wars Almanac

The main pages of the Star Wars Almanac includes...

  • A Featured Page that highlights a character from the Star Wars universe.
  • A Sections Page that has a keyword search and tiles for the various people, vehicles, races and planets from Star Wars.
  • A Recently Updated Page for those characters, places, ships and what nots that have been recently updated.
  • A Most Popular Page highlighting, well, the most popular subjects.
  • A Seldom Seen Page to highlight those subjects that rarely see the light of day.
  • A Videos Page that contains a wide assortment of Star Wars trailers, behind the scenes and episodes.

Digging into the individual subjects you'll find bios, attributes, sounds, photos and videos on the characters, planets, and ships. Individual subjects can be pinned to your Start Screen for easy access.

Star Wars Almanac

All in all, the Star Wars Almanac isn't too shabby of a Star Wars reference app. The only downside to things is that sounds and photos can't be saved to your Windows Phone.

Star Wars Almanac is a free, ad supported app that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Reader comments

Star Wars Almanac brings the Force to your Windows Phone


That would've been way too smart for us. :D

Besides, we hit the Windows 8 store in January and then Windows Phone store in February. Too early were we for your 4th of May. Hmpf. ;)

Lol yeah .. Devs should release a paid version for every app they make
Hate ads like anything . I won't mind paying a dollar at all

I'm the opposite, I generally just ignore the ads and keep the free version unless I really like the app. 
It's great to have a choice of either free or paid.

Great! I will install your app for now :)

Edit: Looks like your app isn't available in Indonesia... Why? :(

Love most of this developers almanac apps. Marvel comics is my favorite. Even with the few errors. Like Galacticus' pic in the sentinels section haha.

dont understand the bad ratings. app is very good for a real fan. but how could we tell the developer about the server connection error?

Pity it says "Unable to load data from server" every single time I open it. And installing and reinstalling doesn't solve it.
That may explain the low ratings.

Very... empty. Not quite sure about it yet. I still have an old book from pre-episode one that gives far more details than this.

I'll wait and see how it turns out. It's hopefully just young.

We are working on some new features and bring the phone app up to parity with the Windows 8 app.

One upcoming feature we are pretty excited about will bring fan fiction to your fingertips. This should bring in a whole slew of great content that adds more depth to the experience.

Didn't know there was a Windows 8 app for it. I don't bother with metro apps on my laptop mostly because I can't use them on a 720p screen (my laptop mainly acts as a HTPC).

How much of the expanded universe will you be adding?

As much as we can. We have been working on new features and bug fixes. As far as new content goes, we've been hitting user requests as they come in. Once we get over the hump of some of these new features we will be gearing up for a new content blitz. But we are very responsive to requests as you are our #1 priority.

This may be a silly thing to ask, but why the word almanac? Why not dictionary...or is there a almanac in the thing that no one is showing pictures of?

:-D Yeah its kind of a stretch but we were looking for a word that conveyed "definitive guide". Dictionary we felt might have implications our content would be, well, erm, who really sits down to read a dictionary? ;)

"Almanac", although we update content a bit more frequently than every year, seemed to fit the bill. So we ran with it. :)

Thanks for the review! We are growing the content. If we are missing a character you like let us know and we will prioritize it. Also please check out our Windows 8 version.
If you are receiving the error please email us at support@silverdollar-software.com. We've been looking into this issue but haven't been able to reproduce on our test devices, we'd greatly appreciate talking to users with this issue.

I really hate those panorama controls that waste so much screen on a massive title that consequently doesn't fit on the screen. A massive mistake from Microsoft in the project templates IMO. I *always* shrink the panorama titles down to about half their height in my apps.