Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, WhatsApp and Nokia Camera received bug-fixing updates

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

A handful of popular Windows Phone apps have received updates recently that appear to mainly deal with fixing bugs and improving performance.

First up is the addictive Empire building game from Disney Mobile, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star.  The game has you building an all-new Death Star and defeating the Rebel Alliance.  The update takes the game to version and fixes the problem of stores not producing coins while the game is closed of minimized.


Next up is the Windows Phone messenger app WhatsApp.  WhatsApp is available for Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry and iOS devices making it a handy cross-platform communications app.  The update bumps WhatsApp to version 2.11.356 and fixes a few issues with reception of broadcast messages.

Nokia Camera

Finally, we have an update for Nokia Camera.  This update takes the Nokia Lumia camera app to version and is a bit of a mystery as to what all it involves.  The Store description lists the update adding support for DNG files on the Lumia 1520 and 1020 but that description seems to be dated.  Our guess is that the update deals with maintenance issues or unlocks the DNG support for International Lumia devices that recently received the Nokia Black Update.  We have reached out to Nokia for clarification and should we hear different, we will pass it on.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, WhatsApp and Nokia Camera received bug-fixing updates


Rockin, but I don't see the Nokia Camera update. It just says "In Collection." Upon closer inspection I see that I'm already on I must've beaten you cats to this update!

DNG support is awesome but everytime I seem go back to a picture in the Nokia Camera app, it seem to make a new copy of the picture. Even if I don't save my reframes. Lets see if this got fixed.

Confirmed... This issue is now resolved. DNG/RAW mode used to make multiple copies of the picture if you were playing around with reframing. Now it doesn't. Keeps only one copy in camera roll now.

I love Star Wars, and I love the game premise, not to mention my addiction to SWTDS - but it is a game that drives me nuts and up the walls, where every fifth or sixth action I take totally crashes the game. An example is "Claim reward" button which I repeatedly can crash the game by clicking. The save game bug also still exists - after each crash I revert back and lose the progress since last I started the game. Experienced today on the updated version.

I can recommend the game in itself since it is free and fun when working, but I cannot recommend using the in-game purchase options since it is so unstable. I hope they are working already on another bug fix release - and this time, if I may, do some testing maybe?

Did they fix the problem of the game launching then quitting for Tiny Death Star on Windows 8/RT? Both mine and my wife's have started doing that on our Surface RT's since the last update.

I've tried engaging both Disney, NimbleBit and Microsoft with no luck on this. As of right now my Tiny Deathstar on Surface 2 is still crashing, as it has been for around a month.

Dang, had a tiny shred of hope left. Uninstalled it last week after about a month of the thing just not working (surface RT, Win8). I was pretty happy with my progress too! But if the thing doesn't work, it's pointless to keep it around. Ah well, too late Disney.

My only complaint about the Nokia Camera is just too sloooow to open, especially when the phone is locked. This needs to be fixed ASAP!!

Your Phone checks for updates on one specific time each day. If this is a moment when you are sleeping and, more important, the phone can't access internet on this moment, it just skips the updates for that day. At this moment there is no solution for this except enabling internet in some form (I.e. WiFi) during the night (or more specific your update moment).

It is. A made many tests with this. You can "manually" adjust this time just soft reseting your phone. When you do that the phone usually checks for updates in that time.

Sadly death star still doesn't fix imperial missions crashing app when you collect. That was broken two updates ago.

Bug:. I am your bug.
LS: That's not true! That's impossible!
Bug: Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

Same. They replied to my bug report and said it would be resolved in a future update. I hoped this was it...

Hey,George. Any reason for that India flag & Hindi WhatsApp language because that was done days ago,wasn't it?

I got a camera update on Thursday and it actually had some changes to the UI...you can now select predefined settings like night/sports/portrait etc.

I think that the bug in Nokia Camera when reframing and switching apps was fixed. I least, I don't have this problem anymore :)

There was another problem that got fixed. Prior to this update, if you took a photo with the Nokia Cam app in smart cam mode, and went to camera roll, you wouldn't see the option to "open with Nokia Cam" Really. It left me frustrated. I did find a temporary work around, which was installing the separate "Nokia Smart Cam" app. With that app installed, I was seeing the "open with Nokia Smart Cam" option. Now, with this update, the "open with Nokia Cam" option is back.

Nokia Camera version number is now the same as the beta app. This is probably to ensure compatibility with non-Pureview devices once Lumia Black rolls out to other phones.

When I send a photo in portrait mode on whatsapp is comes out weird in chat, like it's enlarged. Anyone else noticed that? If the photo is taken in landscape then it comes out fine.

Actually it's been like that for a long time now. And just posted another comment about it)

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but before the Black update and the latest Nokia Camera update, pressing the camera button to launch would still require entry of the PIN to take a photo. This isn't the case now, thankfully. :) It's been the case with my Lumia 925 and my previous Lumia 920 anyway.

I think the Nokia Pro Camera update brought back the annoying tinting issue on pictures. Now, there is certainly a noticable greening to pictures after they've been shot and before this didn't happen.

Are you guys still having problem with portrait picture (taken IN whatspp)? When you send it it gets squeezed and becomes "square" and look ridiculous. I'm having this issue since update that included ability send videos, and I remember some people also had it

It sure would be good if they released more levels for Tiny Death Star. I can no longer build any levels apart from Imperial levels, and it's only a matter if time before I run out of those, too.

Yeah, once I got to that point, I evicted all my bitizens and started farming bux by hiring/evicting. Left Rancor Pit and Bounty Hunters employed to keep some cash coming in.

I downloaded whatsapp and I'm trying to get my friends to start using it, but they are being stubborn and won't