Starbucks US claims that something is ‘in the works’ for Windows Phone

Although the app-gap for Windows Phone dwindles each and every day, there are still a few banner apps missing. One of those is Starbucks for the US market (there’s already one for Mexico and Russia, who are managed by different companies).

The Starbucks apps aren’t just store locators, like the well-done app we covered this morning, but they help manage your account, keep track of awards and lets you replenish your pre-purchase card. The apps on iOS and Android are quite popular, but Windows Phones in US are left on the sidelines.

Now, a tweet from My Starbucks Idea, strongly suggests that the app is being developed.  The verified Twitter account for My Starbucks Idea is a front end for their website, where users can make suggestions, vote and discuss all-things Starbucks. In a response to a question about Windows Phone, the Twitter account noted:

“The team is working on something for this.  Stay tuned.”

That sounds pretty definitive, though we should leave some wiggle room for error, as this is not an official announcement. Still that was a clear and concise statement.

The timing suggests it might be part of the Windows Phone 8.1 release though that’s yet to be determined. Likewise, Starbucks are updating their iOS app to support barista tips directly, allowing users to give 50 cents, $1 or $2 up to two hours after the transaction. A Windows Phone app may be part of a greater "digital" push by the Seattle coffee maker.

Source: Twitter; Thanks, Jorge S., for the tip


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Starbucks US claims that something is ‘in the works’ for Windows Phone


It's kind of ironic you say you're anti-social considering your "digital social life" reaches thousands of people :)

I currently use Sbux which works well enoug for now, but always happy to see another official app on the platform.


*in regards to your remark on prices my grande bold this morning cost me just under $2.  That is cheaper than Dunkin Donuts and other places around here.  Now if you want latte's, espresso, and Capuccino's...yes those are more money.  I even get an Americano quite often for 2.50 which is cheaper.  Most people order the fraps and crap for 5 bucks.....product to product they are not more expensive.

Well, I live in a crazy country where you pay at least 5$ for a good coffe in Starbucks. Big Mac costs about 3$ (not to mention smartphones that can be like 200$ more expensive that they should be) and minimum wage is under 600$. So yeah, Starbucks is expensive ^^

I get that it differs by country, but this post was about the app coming to the US since it is already in a few other places.

I've used the SBUX app before too and really liked it. Its easy to use but I didn't have an active card with them anymore.

That's because they over roast their beans.  I'm not totally happy about using them myself when I'm at work and need some caffienne but I'm kinda stuck with them since my office moved to a new building.  We used to have a nice local roaster & coffee shop a block away.  Not anymore.  They're the only thing around here unless you want gas station coffee 

I say we keep tweeting @mystarbucksidea so they understand there's a big demand on the Windows Phone Platform...
Just like we tweeted at&t about the late updates.

In the mean time we can keep using SBUX Card.  Sounds like the only thing it can't do is reload your card from your phone.

I use SBUX as well, and it works pretty well.  One thing that an official app would probably do that SBUX doesn't is show current deals and alerts.

Also doesn't keep your cards tied to your Starbucks account. Pretty important , since my gold card has the special code in the back wore out, I can't verify it on the SBUX app

You can reload the card from the Starbucks website, which switches to mobile mode automatically. Always check the websites. Trying to do everything through apps is extremely restricting.

I've been using a clone app SBux, but it doesn't allow reloading of the card (you can use a card) and it's star tracking is a bit slow.

My wife and I use it too.  It also doesn't show the balance on your account.  Security could be better too, but that is more a Starbucks thing.

I see account balance, granted I had to fork over a starbucks username and password, which isn't teh best OpSec I guess, but I"m trusting.  (but I don't have a CC on file with Starbucks.)


It doesn't allow combining down cards though like the iphone app did (where the digital card had the value of the sum total of all your cards).

It shows points or rewards balance. I am talking about cash balance. We have a CC on the account.

If when adding the card, you provide both the card number, and the security code (the number under the stratch panel), it will show the cash balance on the card.

My wife will be very happy; she moved to iOS after using a HTC Radar.  She loved the Radar and plans on moving back to WP this fall when her contract ends.  Apps like this coming to WP will help ensure that she makes the move and I am sure that she is not alone.

Yes.  I got my wife to switch from an iPhone 4S to a Lumia 928.  She used the Starbucks app on her iPhone all the time.  Luckily SBUX fills the gap, but an official app should be better.

I like the atmosphere in my local starbucks.  I love it especially when I whip out my Surface on the table next to my coffee. Just watch them point and whisper. And some come up and want to talk. Its cool stuff.  Anyway, the app has to be as smooth as Latte Locator app I just bought or else...

I do that all the time and no one has ever pointed or whispered about my Surface Pro.  Well, at least not that I have seen! 

Maybe they are used to seeing you...or you live in NY where people could care less about you. :)

This is the type of apps that need to be here for the OS to succeed. It's about the useful everyday apps just as much as about the big games.

Why this can't just be a well-designed mobile website so Starbucks wouldn't have to develop separate apps for 3 different OSs? Beats me... But we sadly have an app-centric mobile culture.

Starbucks does have a nice mobile website. Most stores, banks, insurance companies, hotel chains, restaurants, and news sources with apps have mobile websites too. Even Uber and Flipboard have very good mobile sites.

Waiting here in Canada too. Seattle, please share the app wealth with your friends in the Commonwealth.

I see a lot of similarities between Starbucks and Apple.  Their absurd level of popularity despite more cost-effective and varied alternatives flies in the face of logic.  Go to any SB and > 50% of the laptops will be some form of mac, which is way off the normal ratio.

That said, having a WP app for starbucks is a major hurdle and I'm hopeful that it will come faster than the "upcoming" oovoo app.  =/



I would definitely use this app. I don't buy much take out coffee, but I do buy Verissmo pods and make it with fresh milk in my office. Way more cost efficient and tastes better. Would be nice to not have to carry sbux cards around.

I hear a similar line every time I ask a company to make their app for WP. "it's in the works" for over a year now

I just tweeted them this morning saying get on a WP app ! They are both Seattle based companies and Starbucks needs to rep the Pnw.

You want WP app sooner? Go ti their Starbucks Idea website and spam the hell out of it with new threads about WP.

why hasnt this happen already? both major companies are hq'ed fairly close together. youd think they'd had already work something out before apple and google. 

with that said, i am excited to have an official app! 

Surely Starbucks knows how much money they are leaving on the table. If I had a more convenient way to re-load my gold card I'd spend more money than is prudent--like I do with the Amazon app.

Business deals aren't made simply because of proximity of the two parties. That may have been the case in the 1800s, but no longer.

Hurrah then I only need Dunkin Donuts onboard with a app and I could totally not have to carry my iPod on days when I wanted coffee

Already do with SBUX Card.  Actually went through a drivethrough the other day at one I don't normally use.  Apparently something looked very different from the official app because I got an "oh that's cool!" when I handed my phone to be scanned.

Goodness knows when this will get to the UK.  All I want is not to have to carry around my Starbucks card and be able to scan my phone instead.  And managing my account would be nice.

I don't like Starbucks coffee, too weak for my tastes. I like their chai latte, though. But good for the platform, the more official apps, the better!

Daniel I wish this were true! Here is an answer to an email I sent asking this question yesterday:

Dear Walt,


Thank you for contacting Starbucks.


That's a great question! We have continued to look at the Windows platform and listen to our customer’s needs. As we grow and evolve our mobile applications, we seek to develop on the platforms where we see the greatest opportunity. At this time we will not support the Windows platform but will continue to evaluate it as the landscape evolves.


Walt, your feedback regarding this decision is much appreciated. Rest assured, your questions and concerns have been documented and passed along to the appropriate teams.

If you ever have any questions or concerns in the future, please don't hesitate to get in touch.




Theresa V

customer service

Walt, that response is...word for word....the same one I got to the same question several months ago. I suspect the Twitter notice was a bit more current and accurate, but time will tell. I am happily using the SBUX app which keeps track of my card balance and my reward points, but I want more official apps and there is absolutely no reason for Starbucks delay in providing a Windows Phone app other than their unnatural love affair with all things Apple.

My hope for an official Starbucks app is that they make use of the power of the OS (like SBUX does) and allow me to simply pin my card's bar code to the home screen. I really don't want to have to shake my phone to call up the app like their newly announced iPhone app will require. How pathetic is that?

I'll believe it when I see it. I made my wife switch to WP when she broke hers and Verizon had a 928 for free, but she constantly complains about the apps. We need more banner apps to lend credence to a great platform.

That'll only happen in your own small "neptuney" mind. SB is not google and they're in the business of selling so they'll only ask for 3rd-party apps to be pulled down when they're ready with their own official app. But even then, it's doubtful if they'll do that if they continue to make money out of these 3rd-party apps.

Awesome, the last official app I've been waiting for. Just put an idea on their website today. Amazing, 150+ ideas, over 2000 points, and nothing has been said. Hoping it comes soon.

I don't mind Starbucks, in my country there is a big cafe/coffee culture and Starbucks would be to coffee what McDonalds is to hamburgers. I must say though nobody here makes a better hot chocolate than Starbucks.

Horrible, horrible coffee and for a ridiculous premium. The fact that their stores are always crammed with Apple fanbois demonstrates the gullibility and poor taste of their clientele.

Let me guess, that "something in the works" turned out to be Microsoft Band. Unfortunately, the bar code generated by the Band app is not compatible with the scanners at my local Bux. Figures.