State of the Mobile Nations Survey

State of the Mobile Nations Survey: We need your opinion!

With new Apple, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices hitting the market this fall, and new BlackBerry 10 phones just around the corner in early 2013, there have never been so many amazing phones on the market to choose from.

Before the holiday season hits, we wanted to pause for a moment and check in to see where everybody is at. It'll only take a minute or two to fill out this State of the Mobile Nations survey, and we'll love you forever if you do. Thanks for participating!

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State of the Mobile Nations Survey: We need your opinion!


Do you think rim will take Microsoft's popularity. I am a big fan of windows phone and Nokia, but I've to admit it. Im quite scared of bb rim and its new OS coz I know how people are crazy for BBs

It is possible. I do think, if RIM plays their cards right, could compete with Microsoft for third spot in the mobile platform (albeit a distant third).

It comes down to who has the better hardware, advertising, UI, and ecosystem. I wouldn't worry much about Microsoft. Microsoft has a great product and the best ecosystem.

I just got my 8X three days ago, so I'm thinking that I'll take the survey from last Thursday's viewpoint. Otherwise, this survey doesn't make any sense.

I agree...the survey was not geared to the WP8 crowd as most of the die hards have upgraded in the last 3 weeks, haha.

There are still a lot of us who haven't upgraded to a WP8 model. For most, the blame for that goes to carriers and manufacturers. If they want our money, they'll have to play ball.

The survey assumes that people currently have a phone with one of only four OSs, but I currently have a Sony Erricson J20 "Hazel" feature phone, and never owned any of those OSs either. I think the survey must have an additional "other" option for its first question.

Have been with Nokia for 10 there phones..I go wherever they go..Windows Phone 8 is great

I'm curious to see the results. I also have hope for BB10, though I've never been a fan before. I doubt they'll do anything that would make me want to switch from my 920.