Stay in touch with friends and family with IM+, now on sale for Windows 8


IM is a popular instant messaging service that's relied on by many to provide a way to communicate with contacts, friends and family. With apps on numerous platforms, including Windows 8 and Windows Phone, it's certainly one we keep our eye on. We've received word that IM+ (the premium version of the app) for Windows 8 is currently on sale.

The apps support the sending of photos, multiple protocols and starting groups. What's the difference between IM+ and the free version? For $2.49 consumers can enjoy chat history viewing, customisable push timeout and no advertising. If you're looking to pick up the app, be sure to do so promptly as the deal closes on Monday.

You can download IM+ from the Windows Store for $2.49 (usual price is $4.99).


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Stay in touch with friends and family with IM+, now on sale for Windows 8


People are better-off getting the free version of Trillian, if they're not on RT. It tracks chat history and doesn't cost money, plus it seems more stable (I deleted IM+ after a couple of months and went back to Trillian because IM+ would crash and simply isn't as well-made).
Over on Windows Phone, the app's really hit-and-miss. The tile is broken right now (the 2x2 is fine, but the 1x1 turned into a generic colored block), and the app crashes on startup almost daily, it seems.

This would be a great deal if I trusted the quality of their apps. On WP it is buggy and crashes a lot yet they don't put much effort into fixing the issues.

I used this in the iPhone years back as it was one of the first IM apps.  Back then the notification timeout only had a few days, not an 'indefinite' option.
For me, any IM client should just work.  Whether I use it for hours, or years.  But this didn't so was half worthless.
Anyone know if you can never timeout notifications these days?

Hi and and thanks a lot for your feedback! Please check out a new version of IM+ for Windows Phone which is coming soon. Some features of a new Windows Phone 8 OS are supported: scren size, fast resume, etc. Another cool feature is Lock Screen Notifications. We have added some new tiles for Windows Phone 7.8/Windows Phone 8 users. Aslo, you may find new "AutoAway" option and other features in new version of IM+. The crash problem is already fixed. Please keep an eye on a next version! New version of IM+ for Windows 8 will bring many nice improvements and changes. Hurry up, the current price is 1.99 euro (normal price is 3.99 euro). Thanks and all the best!

The IM+ app for Win8 is terrible. Notifications are inconsistent and usually very delayed, contact statuses are unreliable, takes forever to reconnect when reopening the suspended app, and the list goes on...