Streaming Luddite’s rejoice: Redbox is now on Windows 8 too

Redbox for Windows 8

How’s that work? You oppose technological advances but you’re using Windows 8? Anyways, if you’re a fan of picking up a DVD or Blu-ray from your nearest Redbox location you’ll be happy to know there’s a Windows 8 app. Let’s take a quick look at this app.

First off, Redbox is a US (and Canada) only thing. Just had to say that before all the “WHY USA ONLY?” comments show up. For those you in the US who still don’t know what Redbox is here’s a crash course. Redbox is a company with hundreds and hundreds of kiosks at supermarkets and gas stations around the country. Inside those kiosks are DVDs, Blu-rays, and sometimes games. You can show up and see what’s available at a particular kiosk. Or you can move into the 21st century and use your smartphone or tablet to look up availability and reserve movies. And that’s exactly what the Redbox app for Windows 8 does.

Redbox for Windows 8 screenshot

Download and install the app. After that you can sign into your Redbox account or create one within the app (Expect an update soon – my app had trouble keeping me signed in). Then you can:

  • Find a Redbox location near you
  • See what titles are available at a specific Redbox location
  • Reserve the rental and checkout from the app, all you need to do is pick-up later
  • Driving directions to nearest Redbox
  • View movies and games by release date, genre, and rating. You can also watch trailers from within the app.

Redbox for Windows 8 Screenshot 2

It’s identical in function to the app already on Windows Phone 8, but just designed for the larger screens of Windows 8. If you want to grab Redbox for Windows 8 be sure to go to the Windows Store.

Thanks for the tip Chris L! 


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Streaming Luddite’s rejoice: Redbox is now on Windows 8 too


no, we love Canada as it is

except for the carriers... the delay in getting 1020... the tightly dressed ladies because of the cold... BUT we still love our beer!

There are 20 Redbox in a 4 mile radius of my house. First you select the movie, then see if its available near you. I see the locations on the map in Richmond, Virginia.

Cancelled Netflix and replaced with Hulu.
Hulu App is pissing me off on Windows 8 (not windows phone 8) so I'm officially replacing it with redbox after I'm done with family guy, American dad & Cleveland show.

Woahhhhhh there fellow.... I strongly suggest the 30 day free trial. I have Netflix / Hulu. I also had the Red box from day 1 when it released on the Xbox. It's cancelled now. Red Box has a horrible / limited selection. You'd be better off with Netflix if you like movies or Hulu if you like TV shows.

I really like Hulu but I end up using Hulu.com more than the actual app on my desktop. I prefer the UI on Netflix but I end up watching more shows than movies.
Redbox usually has the latest movies on their redbox stations so I figure it be a great deal. Netflix never should've cancelled their streaming + DVD package (I think it was $14.99).

The 4 codes you get from Red Box expire in 30 days. Mine Kept expiring waiting on good movies. If the codes rolled over I wouldn't have cancelled

Don't assume redbox users are luddites. Movies get released on physical dvd's before being available for streaming. And let's not even talk about the netflix reformatting issue...

You've not used an Xbox recently have you? Every week there are tiles that promote streaming a movie before DVD release.

Still, mondokjm, the majority of movies are available on redbox months before they stream to Netflix, if they become available on there at all.

Don't forget the somewhat sad state of broadband. Lets face it - hitting up a Redbox for a disc is definitely the better option in many areas.

I don't use Redbox. It's too much trouble going back and forth to kiosk. Streaming is nice, since I don't need to do any extra driving or remember to take anything back.

Can anyone give me a reason why Xbox Video does not work on our phones?! I'm talking about the marketplace. The ability to: download, rent, buy, or stream your collection.

I dont know if i ever thought about that.  But yeah, why doesnt WP have a video section in the store?  I do not believe i've seen anyone really push MS for that option.   I dont like watching feature films on my 920 anyways (most i can handle is short youtube clips on small screen) but with miracast coming soon couldn't i broadcast that movie to a second screen?

I got the AP for my phone and it's pretty sweet for on the go. I love that I now have it on my desktop and laptop. Never know when the mood to rent a movie will hit.

However, now that I've used the AP, they got some work to do. I'd rather be able bodied to see what movies are available at a location that I've selected on the map. it's not intuitive which is odd for a metro ap

Jeez- I love this blog, which is constantly full of grammar issues, but right in the headline? For the love of pie, please get a copy of Strunk and White or a damn proofreader on staff. It's embarrassing around here.

Film Luddites - alert: There is a gigantic swath of film titles (like, most of them) that aren't available via streaming.