Summer Of Metro Continues – SkyDrive & Web Messenger get the new look

Summer Of Metro Continues – SkyDrive gets the new look

The metrification of Microsoft’s web properties continues. Yesterday we reported that the Accounts page update was rolling out. This time Liveside are reporting a leak of the new, flatter SkyDrive. Word is, that we will see these changes appear around August time. Amongst the changes deduced from the screenshots looks like we can expect to see:-

  • Thumbnails of Office document types
  • Ability to select files from the thumbnail view
  • Improved access to storage management, tagging and changing language type
  • Groups accessible from the left hand column

Summer Of Metro Continues – SkyDrive gets the new look

Personally, as a long time user of Microsoft’s online services these changes could not have come soon enough. Finally, we are losing the baggy, old-fashioned look of before and the different parts are coming together, united under Metro. It is plain to see in these shots that they are making the web experience more touch friendly. Exciting times for Microsoft, I look at what they have been doing over the last few months as we edge towards the big launches and Microsoft are almost unrecognisable from where they were this time last year. Let us hope they keep it up.

Web messenger

Rich - Always chatty in the mornings..

What do you guys think of the changes? Does Microsoft have the minimal design bug? Anything you would like to see rolled into the new Skydrive UI? Let us know!

Plenty more screen shots are available over at Liveside.net so be sure to head along and have a look.

Source: Liveside.net


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Summer Of Metro Continues – SkyDrive & Web Messenger get the new look


Web Messenger has been there for a while. It was there even back in Wave 3 of Windows Live. It just finally looks good.

Let's just hope they Metrify the desktop just as thoroughly, otherwise it will integrate poorly with the rest of Windows 8 and their other services. And you can be sure they will be bashed for that mercilessly by the tech "press".


I agree, but also I think they need to make the Metro side of Windows 8 as fully featured as possible with incremental updates. We have to wait a short time now for RTM but with that we should finally see what MS has done in the last stages. The desktop side of things has for the most part, just been flattened, so it will sit well with the new Office and Microsoft websites.


They also need to have Metro icons for explorer and the explorer views themselves, right now they don't fit. The Office look and feel would be ideal, I think.

i think its wise to proceed with these changes slowly, alot of the regular folks i know tend to resist more when more changes happen at the same time, i think it will take a year or two to slowly fully metrofy everything

I quite like it. It looks clean, though some of the elegant elements are gone. I hope MS won't turn Metro into a utilitarian theme.

Me neither. I'm all for Metro but we need some flash and pizzazz somewhere in the mix of things.

Personally, I like it a lot. But, its quite a change and is going to polarize windows users into W7 and W8 groups unless Microsoft adds some element of elegance with transitions etc. I already see it happening within my small social group.

I got invited to the Office Web App Preview earlier in the week.  Wish it included the Metro versions of Skydrive, Hotmail etc.  I'll be glad when the full package comes together.

The sooner the better. I've been enjoying the new Office Web Apps (as a Mac user, the updated OneNote is a treat!), but I can't wait for SkyDrive and Hotmail to shed their ugly skins.

My only wish is that groups gets a better treatment. I want to sync files from groups to my PC, as we do with the personal SkyDrive.