Super Calendar updated, adds lockscreen support and more

Super Calendar

Super Calendar is a solid Windows Phone 8 alternative to our native calendar app. The app is full of features and flexibility that allows Super Calendar to better fit your individual needs.  It's an attractive app to consider if you're wanting a little more out of your Windows Phone calendar.

Super Calendar was recently updated to version 1.3 that addresses a few bug issues as well as adding a little more meat on the bone.

The developer took into account your feedback on the previous versions of Super Calendar and added the following to the mix with the version 1.3 update.

  • Lockscreen support
  • 24 hour format support
  • Customized font sizes for the calendar views
  • Added new Live Tile styles as well as updating the existing
  • Added the ability to turn on/off week number on the Live Tile
  • Details page updated

While the previous version of Super Calendar wasn't a slouch by any stretch, the updated version definitely adds more gusto to this calendar substitute.

If you're in the need for a more flexible calendar option, Super Calendar is well worth a try. There is a trial version available for Super Calendar with the full version running $1.99. You can find Super Calendar here in the Windows Phone Store. Again, it's only available for Windows Phone 8 devices.

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!

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Reader comments

Super Calendar updated, adds lockscreen support and more


Since developers still cannot show my exchange calendar, every app is useless. MS have to fix that in a future update.

My Exchange Calendar is shown by all the Apps I've tried. Not sure why you're having a problem?
However, none, including Super Calendar, will update the "Live" Tile. I have to do that manually - a deal killer for me, wish they worked!

I am using Super Calendar with an Exchange email and the live tile updates, but it took a soft-reset.

Using Iconical Plus. It shows my Exchange, Gmail and Hotmail calendars. The live tile updates without any problem.  
The only limitation (this is a Windows Phone limitation in every app) that existing Exchange calendar entries cannot be edited/updated except using the MS Calendar app.

Same here, Iconical Plus was the only one I found that updates the live tile reliably. I use it with three accounts: Exchange, Outlook.com and Gmail (I added it as an ActiveSync account).
Also I liked the UI better. All others I've tried seemed like quite a departure from WP look and feel.
That being said I appreciate the effort all devs put in their apps, it's great to have options!

Its supposed to, but not for me. Another deal killer. The Calendar Apps on WP8 are so frustrating. Sophisticated and beautiful, but their functionality is always broken in some way for Exchange calendars. Just another example where WinMo was better than WinPhone.
Belfiore et al should be ashamed that WinPhone is still so far behind WinMo in based functionality. We've traded a MS controlled 'Store' for critical functionality. Microsloth has no sense of urgency and its will kill the platform one day.

What are the limitations of the trial?  Or is there a timelimit or something?  Also, I wish the developer would provide a month view that takes up the whole screen, to give more room to the event titles within the grid.

I personally have replaced Chronos with this calendar but why not try out the trial? I think this app is prettier, has nicer live tile options, it allows you to set a background image for both inside the app and tile and the developer is great about implementing changes and responding to feedback. :-)

I tried the trial just a bit ago. I liked the looks of it much better, but to input a new appointment it shoves you to the default calendar app (which I hate). I like how you can easily input a new appointment in Chronos, and have reminder times that are not so severely limited like the stock calendar app. If this was an option in Simple Calendar I'd switch in a heartbeat.

I also sadly replaced chronos with this one. It's the style that I like more. Some might still prefer chronos

Yea you right.... I prefer chronos, I do not use live title(big) , like the way to create new appointments, and the look for me in chronos is awesome.... He is giving a new update soon...

I also like this one here, we have good choices in calendars

I like the tile and functionality of chronos better. But super calender has a better look in-app. Supers tiles just look sloppy compared to chronos.

Totally agree on this. Been running Super Calendar for a day. In-app is definitely better than Chronos but its the live tile of Chronos I prefer

Although I generally like SimpleCalendar's Frodo design better than the tiles of this app, the in-app interface of this app is way superior. Now Idk whether I should jump ship to this :(

I also use Simple Calender, but I prefer the basic design. Works well, so I don't have any incentive to try this one really.

I also purchased week view 8 back then, the only thing is that it doesn't have other views (as the title would suggest)

Super Calendar has become my calendar app of choice. The layout is attractive and the live tile is exactly what I was looking for. I've tried others, but Super Calendar hits the spot for me.

I have also replaced Chronos with this calendar and the devs will respond to questions and issues. Great app guys!

Glad to own this calendar. It keeps getting better and better. Still respect Chronos but these devs rock.

Love this app. However lock screen support is not the best. Needs to be like appointile and let another service shuffle the pics. Calendar needs to be in the show detail list instead of how it is now.

Still there the issue with my Google calendar, it couldn't show the entries properly. If since MS restriction then why not authenticate directly by the app?

It doesn't show private appointment's like birthday's from Facebook . Week view 8 calendar is much better. And on top of this I made a appointment in this app and was not able to delete it so I went to my week view 8 calendar app and delete it. This app is petty and all but useless.

I would really like to use an app like this. But none of the third-party calendar apps could display private appointments from Microsoft Exchange Server. I mark all of my non-work-related appointments as private. I had no problems with third-party apps displaying private appointments back when I was using Windows Mobile.

Am I missing something, or does this app lack support for the Windows Calendar's To-Do list? Without this, I need to use two apps to perform the functions of one.

Sorry to hear you're having so many issues with the app. If you can let me know what they are I'll be happy to fix them. BTW, pin the app from the phone's app list. The pin menu items from the app are for the individual pages and not for the main tile.

Last update resolved the issue I was having. Also seemed to fix a problem with the search feature I had.
Thanks for the speedy update.
Cant wait for future enhancements...

I am a new SuperCalendar user and I like the additional features and ways to display calenar entries. I have a few things I would like to see changed:

1- The app takes considerably longer to load that the regular calendar app. I understand Supercalendar has more functionality, but this delay is long enough to cause problems. I find myself switching to the regular calendar app just to avoid this delay.

2- When viewing a calendar entry I cannot see a way to edit it. I must me missing something, but I think this indicates that the interface does not make this clear enough.

3- On the day view there are two identical tiles next to the date with envelope, phone, chat and blue circles with a plus sign in them. Each tile has different icons below it. I am guessing these are realted to two email accounts I have on the phone, but there is no clear indication of which one is which, or how to configure them. I also could not find a way to move to another day while in this view. The arrows at the bottom change the information below the top tile, but not the date being displayed in it. It would make more sense if swiping up or down would take me to another day.

Thanks for your attention to this.