Super Monkey Ball rolling to Xbox Live on April 6

Since the debut of Xbox Live on Windows Phone 7, we’ve seen games from a few large console developers like Konami and Namco. Sega is finally throwing its hat into the ring with next week’s Xbox Live title, Super Monkey Ball.

Super Monkey Ball 2 was previously thought to be coming to Xbox Live based on its Achievements listing at Xbox360Achievements. Achievements listings don’t always turn out to be correct, though – the same site listed Katamari Damacy as coming to Windows Phone 7, but then the actual game ended up being I Love Katamari. It now looks like instead of porting the (much superior) Super Monkey Ball 2 from iPhone, Sega chose to start with the original.

Super Monkey Ball places players in control of one of several monkeys-inside-a-ball. Actually, you don’t control the monkey ball directly. By tilting the course itself, you can try to collect bananas and navigate the ball towards each level’s goal, all without falling off the course’s edge. This version of the game uses tilt controls exclusively for steering while the touch screen rotates the camera. The courses feature some pretty basic 3D graphics but the monkey balls themselves are 2D sprites. Mini-games, for which the Super Monkey Ball series is famous, are not present in the first mobile Super Monkey Ball. Still, the game has over 100 stages, so it should keep players busy for a good while.

Super Monkey Ball comes to Xbox Live on Wednesday, April 6. It will cost $4.99. Xbox Live games always have free trials, so smart gamers will give those tilt controls a try before rolling out money for a purchase.

Thanks to Whitney Strong at Edelman for the screens and info!


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Super Monkey Ball rolling to Xbox Live on April 6


It's a shame that it's not the second installment, but I am still ridiculously stoked for Monkey Ball on my WP7. That and Sonic 4 are going to make me brag about my phone to everyone.Also, is it just me, or isn't the Must Have Games thing starting April 6th? Does that mean we'll get other games at the same time as the "Must Haves"? 'Cause if so, that's awesome. I like multiple releases in a single week.

Yes it was supposed to start on the 6th. Microsoft wouldn't pass on the opportunity to brag about it already so I have a feeling there are delays happening. Angry Birds was supposed to be the 1st game, they would have announced that ahead of Super Monkey Ball for sure.Bet you everything it's another last minute delay a la NoDo.

Is there a source on the April 6th date, anyway? I see it listed everywhere, but it doesn't actually say that on the Must Have Games page... :S

Considering that Centipede and Harbor Master are probably coming April 13, I'm guessing the 'Must Haves' won't start until the third week of April.

To be honest I'm too lazy to find you the links but Google/Bing should give you that.Yes the date was confirmed multiple times at the time, even on the windows phone blog from which it has mysteriously disappeared.

Well damn. Isn't Spring March, April and May, typically? And with six weeks of games (as the Must Have Games puts it) then shouldn't it HAVE to start sometime in April?Of course, they called pre-NoDo the February update, and I didn't get it until March, so maybe I shouldn't hold my breath... :(

It's been ages since I've played the console original, but those don't look like stages from the original. My only hope is that they at least offer calibation options for controls. I'd hate for this to end up like Katamari.