Super Time Force now available for free on Xbox One with Gold membership

Super Time Force

Super Time Force is now free on Xbox One. Head to the Xbox Store and you can grab this side-scrolling shooter game Super Time Force without spending a dime. You will of course need to have an Xbox Live Gold membership since this deal is part of the Games with Gold promotion. Anyone with Xbox Live Gold will have a few games available for free on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Is Super Time Force worth playing? Yes. It's easily worth the normal asking price of $15, but for $0 you have no excuse not to grab it. The game commands an 81 Metascore on review-aggregate site Metacritic. Download it and let us know what you think!

Super Time Force

On Xbox One you'll still find Crimson Dragon as the other free game in the Games with Gold section. The game has mixed-reviews, but it's hard to complain when you're not buying the game.

Xbox 360 owners also get two free games for the month of September. First up is Monaco: What's Your is Mine and then on September 16th you'll be able to download Halo: Reach for free.

Anyone grabbing these free games with their Xbox Live Gold membership?

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Super Time Force now available for free on Xbox One with Gold membership


Considering none of us is buying Gold just to get this game, and have already paid for Gold for other purposes (like multiplayer), yes it is free.

When your service station gives you a free coffee for buying petrol you were going to buy anyway, is that coffee not free?

Holy Crap I've been eating the free samples at Sams Club for years. To find out they weren't free after all sucks.

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Between my One and 360 I get 36+ games a year for my $40 a year gold membership. If all of a sudden a service I'm paying for starts giving me that many games with the same service without increasing their price, then I consider it free. I couldn't care any less whether they call them free or not.

The only truth being told is that apparently being a douche bag is free. guillams gets more from aggravating others and poor English than a free title will ever give him. Unless the Xbox One releases a self fornication title guillams will probably never be pleased.

Dude, are you seriously going to spam the entire board trying to point out that you have to pay for Gold to get this game for free? Everyone already knows that. Focus on the fact that Super Time Force is awesome. Also, Dance Central Spotlight is now out. There are more important things to do, like save the universe and dance.

It would be either:

The truth has been told


The truth is being told

If you like being a pedant at least get your grammar correct.



Well, this is your warning. Please don't troll or deliberately start arguments again. Drop the free joke too - it's not funny, and obviously annoying.

Got this ain't played it yet but will give it a go. Noticed it when i bought my second xbox one today. It saves me unplugging the one from home when I work away all week so don't judge.

I am actualy enjoing Monaco a lot more then i was thinking, its a hell of a neat game, and it can be mind bending in some leves.

Max was pretty cool. That was going for free when I first got my Xbox One. It was a nice intro to to the console while I didn't have many other games.

Gamespot awarded it Game of the Month in May, and there were some pretty great games in May--Watchdogs, Wolfenstein Mario Kart 8, etc. Conclusion: the game doesn't suck. It's actually quite brilliant once you figure out what it's trying to get you to do.

If Gamespot gave it Game of the Month then it must be good... play the game and make up your own mind.  Personally the game's concept and mechanics are pretty brilliant but the art style hurts my eyes, literally.  I can't get past the 8-bit style graphics and how difficult it is for me to tell what's going on.  So, for me, the game fails as it's painful to look at.

Yeah. I don't like the art style at all. The mechanics of the game are a bit confusing at first, but it makes sense eventually. Personally, I do not like this game and stopped playing it within 15 minutes. That's my opinion though. Cool game, not for me though.

Fffffffuuuuu just paid for this two days ago. Maybe MS will refund the charge if I ask nice enough.

Killer game though, definitely recommended for anyone longing for the days of the arcade chaos side scroller. Just watching the replay videos alone is gold.

Well, it was only $15. Not a huge deal. Just think of it as an extra reward to Capy Games for making an excellent product. Plus, now you own the game forever rather than it just being a free 'games with gold' rental.

Last month, I thought the games were a bit poor. This one bored me to death during the tutorial. I may give it another go, but not loving it yet.

On your recommendation, I will give it another go. But it won't get a look in from the 23rd.... Defence Grid time. And until then, it will need to work hard to dethrone Plants v Zombies.

So far I got like 6 games all qued up for when I eventually get my XB1. Hopefully they figure out a way to port 360 games to XB1 in the coming years. 

They could've had backwards compatibility on the One, but they decided not too. They didn't need to figure much out. They didn't want to so sales of the 360 kept going. Its a marketing/sales ploy. If they put the compatibility, people wouldn't buy the 360 for $200-$300, rather the One for $400-$500 since its the current generation. Hence, save themselves some money.

These X1 games that are given out suck and two times they've repeated a crap game for the following month, PSN is much better. No wonder I was playing my PS4 more before sending it to my brother,. Before someone asks, I sent him the PS4 since I'll buy it again once I get the money and I definitely wouldn't do the same for the X1.

I think the Xbox One offerings have been better than the PS4 ones. Super Time Force, Guacamelee, and Max are very good games. Halo: Spartan Assault is good too. Only Strike Suit Zero and Crimson Dragon were mediocre offerings. I'm very pleased so far.

Wrong, PSN has given out Strider, Outlast, and Resogun to name a few, those 3 are clearly better than the 3 you mentioned.  Guacamelee has been out for free on PSN for the PS3 and Vita so it shouldn't be long for it to be free on the PS4.  PSN hasn't repeated a game ONCE, something that XBL has already done twice with craptastic games.

Then only good game has been Max, Halo is just a port of a mobile game that really is just a twin stick shooter, not bad but not in the same league as the games given out by PSN.

ACtrip, there is no right or wrong about which selection of games has been better. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. Clearly, PS4 has a wider selection of games since the 'bone only gets one game in months like this one. That said, your taste seems awfully limited to me. Guacamelee and Super Time Force are both excellent games IMO. Halo: Spartan Assault is indeed a mobile port, but an improved one and still worth playing.


Again, Guacamelee was given out multiple time on PSN so I've already played it a long time ago.  Yes, its a good game but Super Time Force got deleted of my hardrive like most "free"games on XBL within a half an hour of starting them.

You can defend Xbox all you want but the average scores don't lie, more games that have been given out on PSN have scored MUCH better than those given through Live. 

Don't talk about my taste in games, just last night I was playing my Sega Saturn, the night before that my TG-16, and the whole week before that Sega CD.  I'm not a fanboy the feels the "need" to defend a company as you have been doing in serveral posts.  I buy systems for their games, and if those systems don't deliver than I am in no obligation to sugar coat things.

Overall XBL on the X1 is mediocre and clearly the selection is inferior, they can easily give out the same games PSN does yet they don't.  Granted, right now Sony has more of a selection from indie developers but as a gamer thats up to MS to get their crap together.



IMO, this game chose the wrong art style.  Like I stated somewhere above the concept and mechanics are brilliant but the 8 bit graphic style is difficult to look at and makes my head hurt just trying to figure out what the heck is going on, especially when reading the block text.  And speaking about text, man is there a lot of reading in that tutorial... longest and most borring tutorial I have ever experienced.  Anyway, I think this game might work on a phone or handheld system ( smaller screen) but on my 50in tv it is not a pleasant experience.

Capy works with a retro pixel art style; that's all their games. Note that STF actually looks much, much nicer than any 8-bit game and can have like 60+ sprites on-screen in many situations. The text-heavy dialogue and story is part of the retro charm, not that I wouldn't mind actual voice acting.

Most people who actually like run-and-gun shooters like this will be open to and/or fond of the pixel art. It's more of a retro genre to begin with, albeit with new and unique time mechanics in STF.

I love run-and-gun shooters.  I was a big fan of the Turrican games back in the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo days.  I think going back to 8 bit graphics is a bit too much.  They should have tried to do a 16-bit style instead.  Capy'sother game soon to come out called Bellow, graphically, is looking much better than STF.  To me, STF is one big convoluted mess of pixels.

Ah, well at least you appreciate the genre. This particular art style is closest to Capy's earlier mobile hit Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP. Me, I love all pixel art, but I appreciate STF's for being colorful and different.

But even if the look never grows on you, you should play through a couple of the real levels and see if the gameplay starts to gel. It's a little more challenging/complex than I usually care for, but still really clever and rewarding.