SuperTube update brings YouTube Pro look and feel


Good news for those of you who didn't bother to buy YouTube Pro--your SuperTube app just transitioned to the updated look and feel of the new app. That's right, if you go and re-download "SuperTube" it will turn into YouTube Pro on your device--same app, same icon, etc.

That's a pretty good deal for those of you who didn't want to layout the extra $0.99 for the "new" app. Of course, if you did pay the $0.99 then you're a bit out of luck as you now have two versions of the app. (We're in the latter camp).

You can download SuperTube right here in the Marketplace to get the new updated version.

Thanks to eveyrone who sent this in!

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SuperTube update brings YouTube Pro look and feel


Yeah I have paid for both of them buy only have the Pro installed... Don't mind it was only a buck. I actually prefer the YouTube Pro tile better.

I just scanned the barcode and it shows $1.29 for me and it's a completely different icon. Has any one else experienced this?

I think this is somehow wrong. I don't really like all these youtube apps. Some are well built but why does one developer has two youtube apps? They are the same app. Why did metrotube (or mehdoh) just left, isnt there a market to sell your app/work to a different developer who wi continue to support it. If i was a regular wp customer (the one who doesn't have to be on top of WP news) I would be very confused with all these identical apps or apps that look good today but the next day they are gone and there is no more support.

It's kind of low to to try and force people to upgrade, and then upgrade everyone else.  Treats your best customers, the ones who will evangalize your app, pretty poorly.  Do one or the other.  Doing both just slaps your early adopters in the face.

I have to agree wit the ppl who are pi**ed. I used Metrotube, so never bought Supertube. I'd be pi**ed too.
If there isn't a real difference or good reason for the new app, I'd say it's a rip off.

YouTube Pro allows you to save videos to your phone for offline viewing.
YouTube Pro allows you to send downloaded videos to your PC.
YouTube Pro allows you to view videos in HQ/HD
YouTube Pro allows you to record and upload videos to YouTube.
The mobile website allows none of the above...

Never thought I would ever purchase a YouTube app but this one is very much worth the money. Its awesome. Good job developers.

I just hope that metro tube comes back. I have both apps installed and metro tube just works better. If there only was a way we could redownload it if we already purchased it. I will miss metro tube when I get my Lumia 900. :(

You CAN redownload it ;) email lazyworm support, give them your live id, and they send send you a link to it. Yeah, metrotube is just smoother, more graceful and better designed. Supertube can download videos, but it's interface is jumpy/buggy and not as intelligently laid out.

It's funny, because SuperTube would be more representative of an Android model - stuffed with features but lacking some polish. Metrotube is very Microsoft / Apple, and in this case I'm definitely going with UX over feature set (especially an illegal feature set).

Supertube directly infringes on the YouTube ToS, and anytime Google wants they can legitimately pull the app. Downloading videos from YouTube is not "full access", YouTube itself doesn't provide you with an easy way to do so. Downloading YouTube content for offline viewing is illegal.
On the other hand, Metrotube is more in the grey area (finding workarounds and such) but is much better executed. Everything's quicker, everything's smoother.

Well, I can watch all my subscriptions without lag and smother interface, that's all I care about.

So I previously installed  trial version of Supertube on my phone. I scanned the QR code in this article using my windows phone. it took me to the supertube app in the marketplace. i saw two buttons at the bottom - UPDATE and BUY. I clicked UPDATE and it updated the app. The logo has changed to You Tube in two lines. the text of the app is still Supertube. but clicking it starts Youtube Pro app!!!! anyway, its looking good, and I can see the previously downloaded videos too.!!
UPDATE: I opened the app, and went to settings and selected "remove adverts" item, and it took me to Youtube Pro app in the market place. it showed $ .99 price. on the other hand, super tube was showing $1.29 price

I got reply from developer:


We have two accounts of wp7 development in two countries. We are afraid google forbids our app. So we published two apps. If one is closed, we have another one. And the price of YouTube Pro is 0.99 USD.

Forbids? These are the same S.O.B.'s that sued Microsoft for package their own internet browser with their OS. Now they want to get all possesive about a publicly accessed site? 
For all the bitching and moaning about Microsoft, Apple and Google are the two biggest cry baby, I own everything even if you invented, Monopolies. The whole iTunes and your Music and trying to force you to use it on an iPod (I know all the excuses, but they code easily share the coding used for DMR), but it is no different than what they accused Microsoft of doing with their OS and accompying programs. Now we have Google trying to stop you from access their grid locked marketshare of online video, by trying everything they can, to make it impossible to view the content on anything but Android.
Im not for the suing crap, but Microsoft should sue the hell out of both of them on these points, and maybe the two would back the hell off on all this B.S.

I like how you complain about companies being big babies, in a post that doesn't demonstrate much maturity in it itself.  Quite whiney in fact.

By Leapo on Fri, 20 Jan 2012 8:48 pm EST New

YouTube Pro allows you to save videos to your phone for offline viewing.
YouTube Pro allows you to send downloaded videos to your PC.
YouTube Pro allows you to view videos in HQ/HD
YouTube Pro allows you to record and upload videos to YouTube.
The mobile website allows none of the above...
Couldnt agree more I dont regret paying 0.99 for the app well worth it!


Can anyone explain if it's meant to allow logging in using the same details as you woul access the YouTube website (i.e. same as Google credentials?) -  I can't login with these....