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Supposed Lumia Cyan update schedule leaks for Benelux region

Windows Phone 8.1 is the massive OS update from Microsoft. Lumia Cyan is the corresponding firmware from Nokia, customized for individual hardware. The two go together and are part of the official over-the-air update expected later in July and rollout through August.

Popular internet leaker @Evleaks has posted what looks to be a schedule of the Lumia Cyan update, broken down by device e.g. Lumia 920 and Lumia 1520. However, this is only for the Benelux region, which is comprised of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

As expected, new phones like the Lumia 630, Lumia 635 and Lumia 930 come with Cyan and Windows Phone 8.1 out of the box, so they are naturally first. Other Lumia devices have their firmware completion dates set for the end of June, with rollout to begin at the end of July through August.

  • June (4th week) Cyan completion – Lumia 925, Lumia 1020, Lumia 1520
  • June (5th week) Cyan completion – Lumia 520, 620, 625, 720, 820, 920 and 1320

Rollout for the over-the-air update won’t take place until a month later, with most updates beginning on the third week of July and continuing through the beginning of August.

The big caveat here is that these dates are for ‘open market variants’ and not – we repeat not – carrier branded devices. As the document notes, those dates are subject to change, pending final approval.

Carrier branded phones are presumably on a more nuanced and varying schedule, though the above timeframes should give you an idea of relative availability.

We have not been able to independently confirm the above dates specifically, but it certainly seems likely from our internal information. The information came to Evleaks through a tip.

Source: Evleaks


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Supposed Lumia Cyan update schedule leaks for Benelux region


Microsoft should intervene in those cases and give them the country variant build. That's absolute BS.

I have an unlocked AT&T Lumia 920. I'd feel lucky if we received the update by Halloween (the end of October). #AT&TcanLickMyChodeAndLikeIt

And that's the only reason I'm reluctant about the next firmware update. at&t will most likely remove features like "Data Sense"

Unless MS can find a way to add it to the developer preview

We can use data sense in the dev preview because the dev preview is straight from Microsoft, the carriers have not touched the software yet. The final release will remove data sense and whatever else AT&T decides to remove.

Yep... very juicy...

The first info about the Cyan firmware for WP 8 devices since /build...


What still boggles me is why the hardware firmware is put to stress tests before release? The radio software is understandable. But as long as MMO is able to cordon off changes to the radio, then other hardware tweaks should be game for "preview" updates, no? Any knowledgeable poeple care to chime in?

We have country variant carriers here. I don't think it will take much time for us maybe 1st week off July

We DON'T have country variant carriers that are required for software releases that's why it wont take long. Software/Firmware updates are independent of carriers here :)
And for 8.1 preview, its independent of carriers approval for everyone

@Gautam Kabiraj
The 8.1 OS update (preview) was an OS update supplied by Microsoft but the Cyan update is a Firmware update that needs network approval (if the phone is locked to a specific network or carrier) ir local approval if your phone is unbranded and a country variant.

So you will receive the update on the scheduled date that you are supposed to receive it.  Which is the scheduled date you are to receive it?

Late June
In India mobile operators have nothing to do with the OS version of your mobile
Rather they don't even which device you use :p

And I can't wait for t-mobile to release it, but I would probably die before they roll it out.

They promised a official 8.1 roll out to the 520 and 925. I'm guessing the official rollout will come with Cyan bundled.

He's a Belgian as he was born in the Brussels, which is the French speaking capital of Belgium located in the northern Flemish half of Belgium that mostly speaks Flemish (more or less Dutch), French is spoken mostly only in the Walloon southern half of Belgium.  Its a complicated country =), but I really recommend anyone to visit there!

One interest fact, what American's call "French fries" are actually Belgian fries, the story goes that the name French fries became popular amoung British and American soldiers in WW1 who thought they were French because the locals spoke French (as they do in Brussels).  In Holland they are correctly called Flemish fries.

I thought it would come by the end of June. August is so far! When shall GDR1 for 8.1 be released then?

then again the WP team has never been in a rush. I think winter comes to Westeros faster than the windows phone team ships.

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 is set for July 2014 according to the latest rumors. Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 for October 2014 and Windows Phone 8.1 Update 3 for early 2015. And then we've got Windows Phone v.Next for 2015 Q2.

I feel really sorry for those people whose lives are sad and unfulfilled because they are waiting on a firmware/OS update. May the force be with you.

I hate to say it but Microsoft really needs to put more effort in getting out these updates. All you hear about is what is being released for phones with 8.1. Yet only 5% of phones have 8.1 installed on them. What about the 95% of the users who don't have it. Would not be surprised if some of them get tired of waiting and jump ship. Especially with the S5, One M8, and G3  being released and nothing comming from Microsoft to counter them.

Agree - in the US at least there is really no exciting WP hardware on the horizon. The 930 is fine, but as a carrier exclusive....

Then they will just be waiting forever to get the next Android update.


WP updates are slow, but at least nearly all phones are updated. You'll wait forever to get an Android update, and that's only IF you actually get one to begin with.


^ Just because they haven't mentioned any phones officially yet doesn't mean they are coming. A roadmap was just leaked out with 4 or so phones incomming.

The changes made in this update are for Nokia devices only and may include things like drivers and Nokia exclusive apps like Nokia Camera

You'll get windows phone 8.1 (not dp) with this update, with various bug fixes & improvements... We'll see, when update released.

Not sure I understand, "WP Blue" as refered to by the chart meaning the Lumia Cyan (OS+firmware bundled)?

Is there really no way for them to release this around the carriers, like MS does with the previews? I really don't want to wait for Verizon, who couldn't care less about the 928... 

Could you change the region setting on the phone to get firmware which has been released earlier in a different country?

That's basicaly the real intention for the existence of the Windows Phone Preview for Developers program.

Please please help what Lumia cyan update release for windows phone 8.1 preview for developers user ?

I still remember that I've waited Black update for my Lumia 620, it took almost a month.

Month is not that long compared to what Verizon did to 928 users (including me) not releasing Black update

Verizon released Black for the 928. I have at and downloaded it through the phone using the standard Phone Update following its official release. It was just a few weeks after the official Nokia release.

finally. The firmware update on the 1020 is badly needed. 8.1 has meant horrible performance and battery life across the board on two sets I own.

I'm bad at reading these kind of diagrams. Does it say Lumia Cyan will start rolling by the end of july?

You have amazing chocolates out there, right? Even if the updates look bad, the chocolates don't and I am sure of it.

Wish these updates could have been without carrier involvement. Honestly I am not expecting anything for 920 from EE.

Unless Nadella in CEO position and MSFT/Nokia deal will make things roll a little faster my next handset will have an Apple on it.

Won't be surprised if half-arsed 1020's firmware won't be fixed after all.

Miracast for Snap Dragon 400, 800 phones. SensorCore for those same CPUs probably. Camera tweaks...

I don't see Belgium or the BeNeLux so often here! Nice to have private news for once :-)

I know people in the know can get the developer preview but for everyone else this is waaaay to late. Almost 2 full years after WP8! That is seriously messed up!

as Nokia Fan, i say we re really messed up people.talking about an update for months and we still need to wait !!! i think i m gonna switch back to my old Iphone or whatever. when Apple release an update, it s in silent mode and for everyone. you all will be grandpas and mas , and still waiting for it lol 

Hey Nokia...err Microsoft... We can beta test your firmware too!! Firmware preview for developers?

Does this schedule matter to someone with the developer preview on a Lumia 620?  Can I assume the developer preview's regular updates will include the final version as soon as it is compiled and ready for release? 

(BTW: The DP is running fine on our L620)

Why not just roll 8.1 out in 2015? Hell, 2016 is just as good.

I thought we were on a rapid release schedule... I don't like seeing those August dates. We were told early summer.

Won't be surprised if it will be postponed a couple more times.

August release of WP8.1 means it will be in more or less stable beta stage for like 5+ months. This isn't acceptable.

While I love my 1520 and the 920 before it, and coming from an iPhone, waiting for this shit is the most frustrating thing... Try being optimistic about cool new features and fixes that you know you won't get for like half a year.

I suffered for years with slow ATT releases for Blackberry, but at least it was easy and safe to install updates from other carriers/parts of the world as soon as they were released anywhere.  I take it that with Cyan I can only install the ATT version on my ATT 1520?

This is probably a daft question, if you have an unlocked device will the update be available when it's released by the original handset carrier?

unlocked 1020 here,doesn't matter to me, loving the DP 8.1 ,official with make things work faster, but i'm happy here for now

I already have a cyan feature I've noticed on my unlocked 1520 (rm-940) in my Nokia camera Beta, I have living images! Its awesome! It clearly says it will only work with cyan! Anyone else getting this??? Or am I lucky? LOL

Verizon prediction: Icon will get it in late August. My 928 will be waiting til like January and they'll still leave out the XLTE support they promised a year ago. God help anyone with an 822. At least tmobile said upfront they were going to screw over the 810.

I'm hopeful they fix the POOR battery drain for older devices and fix that horrible network error.

I have the Lumia 520 its runs flawless on WP 8. My second Lumia 520 runs pretty good with WP 8.1 bit has way less battery and have network connectivity issues in Apps, Internet Explorer and Syncs.

Yeah, judging by the schedule of the Black Update, Belgacom should release Cyan around October.

this makes me SOOOO glad I invested in an 925.  Best phone I've owned...  (although the HTC One was a very nice phone -- wish HTC would come out with a Win8 version of it... :-))

Really wished WP OEMS would split their firmware updates from any carrier specific settings, a la iPhone. Really sucks waiting like half a year for hardware specific fixes... Gotta admit Apple's bullying of carriers sometimes is awesome for their customers.

And what if your carrier branded phone is dev unlocked and not even running in his respective network? Will it have to wait stupid carrier schedules anyway?

Where is the 929/Icon on this Schedule?  or did it get left out because of Verizons habitual habit of taking for ever on releasing updates. 

929/Icon is a Verizon exclusive. It isn't available in Benelux, or any region other than the U.S. The 930, however, is pretty much the same phone with a different radio.

I just hope that the update will fix the battery drain on 925. And the heating, though I'm sure it's related.

I always buy unbranded phones nowadays since waiting for them to sort out their own updates seems to take forever. Always best to get new phones and contracts from third parties like Phones4u as not only do you get an unbranded phone, you generally get a much better deal. Always tell them it'll cost you something like £300 pounds to buy out and you'll always get the best part of that in cash back. Probably some third party accessories as well. Plus unbranded phones just seem to work better. They boot faster and always have more memory available. Any apps relative to your carrier will always be available for free in the relevant store.

I think it's another way around bro. WP8.1 official comes with Cyan, which is coming in July/August for the unlocked phones if we'll get lucky.

Windows Phone 8.1 is Os update(software) and cyan is firmware update(hardware) for lumia specific...

Went through with the 630 international version comes with cyan update and nothing special, as I know even this update applied to Lumia 1520, there is not a big improvement. I'm using the 1520.

I really hope they don't skimp out on an update for the 928. I really don't want to wait another year and a half to get 8.1.

hardly cant wait update Wp 8.1 official and lumia cyan ...

and im waiting bbm coming too ,,


living in indonesia :D

I've already moved onto waiting on codename McLaren. Unless Cyan comes with a mute feature for my wife I don't think it'll knock my socks off. Not saying a firmware update SHOULD knock my socks off and I'm definitely glad Nokia and Microsoft seem to be committed to more frequent updates and better customer support.

McLaren w/ 3D Touch plz.thnx.