Supposed screenshot from Nokia’s dual SIM Moneypenny leaked

Lumia Moneypenny

Nokia’s first dual SIM Windows Phone is rumored to be codenamed “Moneypenny”. Dual-SIM phones allow mobile devices to carry and support two SIM cards. This dual SIM operation lets users use two services at once without needing to carry two different phones. Dual SIM devices are very popular in emerging markets, which is probably where we’ll find Moneypenny (aka the Lumia 630 and 635) offered. Now we’ve got a rumored screenshot of the display.

So far Moneypenny has been spotted in India for testing and is expected to pack a 4.5-inch display. If the designated as the Lumia 630/635 didn’t give away the price, maybe the actual price will. It’s expected to go for about $130 when it launches.

Moneypenny Lumia 630 Lumia 635

Check out the screenshot above and you’ll see a few interesting things, but let’s focus on the two most obvious. First off, you’ll see two signal indicators in the status bar, indicating this is indeed a dual SIM phone. Second, you’ll see virtual on-screen buttons for the OS (back, Start, search) “hardware” buttons instead of the normal capacitive ones. That’s a feature expected in Windows Phone 8.1, so we might not see Moneypenny until after Windows Phone 8.1 is announced and/or launches.

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Supposed screenshot from Nokia’s dual SIM Moneypenny leaked


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Its not like following you is rewarding, you just put a picture and a few words and the talented people who write here provide all the necessary context and expectation, you basically do nothing and we certainly can live off without the leaks it makes press events and phone launches pleasureable.

Evleaks just makes the world a more boring place. He's like a Santa that comes one day early and gives you a wrapped up rock smeared in pooh. He's repeatedly killing the fun of following technology, blocking people with opinions on Twitter and acts like a 35 year old virgin living in his moms basement.

Yes, they can be annoying because they eliminate the elements of surprise and even the guys who announce the phone don't get appropriate feel good responses from audiences who already know all about it which makes for shitty launches.

Don't get too excited. It's probably fake. Dan "Malatesta" Rubino points out that I have "a few nuts loose, for sure."

Coming from android, on screen buttons suck. I personally don't like how it takes away from the screen and can have touch issues I always found less an issue with capacitive buttons.

That is the STUPIDEST reason for not having capacitive buttons.  Sheesh, you can hardly see them when the unit is off.  Besides, I happen to use the press-n-hold of the Start button wherever I'm at to bring up voice interaction.

Only option??? Where are you hearing THAT! Everything I've heard so far says both options will co-exist so OEMs can have a choice what to implement. Meaning, on-screen buttons will probably be found in low-cost models while high-end models will continue to have capactive buttons.

That's funny, the cost isn't in the buttons, the cost comes from having to create separate designs for WP's. This hardware change was made for 2 reasons. 1 so that OEM's can use 1 design on both Windows and android phones. And 2 for the potential of dual boot phones.

Umm, the point of on-screen buttons is as a cost-cutting measure for WP 8.1, and is likely going to flood lower end devices to help further reduce costs. Hopefully these won't invade the more premium devices, however (like the 9xx series, the 10xx series, etc.), because I agree in that I prefer the physical buttons.

Good idea to wait since all are rumors at this point. But I'm betting both options will co-exist in WP so OEMs can have a choice which to implement.

If there was capacitive buttons then they would reduce screen size, plus that make Windows phone more easily maintable. If in 2015 WP and Windows 8 merge we might don't need back button anymore.

You still need some form of home button. If they wanted to do away of capacitive buttons then an option I would like to see is like with Windows 8.1 where you can swipe to get a home button or they could make the power button a long press to go to home or something. Iono. I'm just not for on screen. I seen the ugliness it showed with Android with lazy devs not adjusting their apps to get rid of the black bar for phones that have capacitive buttons. Maybe Windows would transition smoother, but I just don't care for WP to follow Android design on this.

The onscreen buttons will *probably* resize everything to the 1080x768 ratio from 1080p. So apps would look the same as they do on a 920.

WP already has way too much black border around the tiles. More screen real estate lost to virtual buttons.

If on screen buttons was really that great than all Android phones would had adapted to it back during Gingerbread. There's a reason why some mfr prefer capacitive buttons and me being a consumer of having on screen can see why. So you rather have a black bar as opposed to black border? And yes I understand the image shown show its transparent but that doesn't transfer over to on screen in app. Whether or not we need that back button you still need a home button. If you never owned an on screen android, its hard to understand.

Yeah sure and I'm sure touchwizz is stucked in android 2.3 UI for plenty of good reason.. Also physical buttons on one side on tablet, great idea Samsung.

And how is that button different from any Window tablet out? That black bar on the screen is ugly. I dealt with enough to hate it.

We may see WP8.1 announced sooner than April, then. Which doesn't ruin the Summer launch by any means. If Nokia announces the devices at MWC as expected (February), they should be arriving in around April/May, and Build 2014 would serve for Microsoft to lecture on the new capabilites of WP8.1.
Those Nokia devices announced at MWC will be the first 8.1 devices and would come with 8.1 from factory.
Then 8.1 for current WP8 devices would start to roll out in May/June.

That's also what I think,MWC is at the end of February and BUILD in the first days of April. I think Nokia and Microsoft can announce phones at mwc and release them in April at BUILD (+ dev preview for wp8 phone at build)

If they do that stupid things where nobody's allowed to handle the phones because the software's not final I'm going to be pissed.

Sadly I think that's exactly what they will doing, but last time we had to wait 2 month, this time it would be 1 month.

They may do that. But then again 8.1 was supposed to be released in 2013. So it's not supposed to be THAT late that they can't give it a first preview on the phones. Still, Nokia can present the phones with WP8 at MWC if Microsoft doesn't want to unveil 8.1 there. Since the phones won't be available right away and Nokia is selling the phone and not the OS, I don't see much of a conflict there.

Did you not pay attention to this last year? Nokia, HTC and Samsung all debuted Windows Phones that nobody could mess with because the software wasn't final. It was incredibly annoying and everyone hated it. It didn't matter that the phones weren't being sold. In fact, if they were being sold it would be even more idiotic. But these demo models couldn't be shown off by reviewers because Microsoft wouldn't let them, and it was so stupidly annoying.

No. But then again, I don't recall Nokia ever presenting a phone you could mess with. If I recall the 2520 was shown only by their people and they weren't allowing people to test the L1520 camera because of Black.
But again, Nokia is presenting the phones, not the OS. That's a Microsoft problem. Lets see what they do this time around. One would think Microsoft's late enough in the game to stop being all secretive about an update that won't bring anything that isn't already available on Android/iOS.

The 2520 and 1520 were not last year, they were this year. The Ativ S, Lumia 920 and HTC 8X and 8S were all plagued by the fact that Windows Phone 8 wasn't ready at time of announcement. It doesn't matter if it's nokia's fault or Microsoft's, it'll hurt both.

Yes, I know. I didn't said they were last year. I said you couldn't really meddle with them either.
Let's see what happens. At this point I guess Nokia couldn't care less. If they don't show up the new OS version (IF they present the phones with it. There's no certainty that they will) sales on their part won't be too much affected. And if they are, it will be Microsoft's burden to carry anyway. I think Microsoft's position on this will be the most crucial one. Nokia will present the phones, with or without the new version of the OS. From the PR point of view, it would be better to present the phones with it. Or at least a preview version. But Microsoft's messed up heavily PR in these late years. Let us hope their new CEO is picked before MWC. It may influence this.

There is a major difference between last year and this year. Last year they had to build WP8 from the ground up, while this year WP8.1 is just an expansion and tweaking of what's already there. But the more important thing is that all rumors indicate work on WP8.1 is mostly over, and what's left are just polishing and refinement.

I like the look of the home screen, the on-screen buttons and the ability to have dual phone and messaging tiles with dual SIM! I want that upcoming Nokia Lumia Dual SIM phone!

If this device is anything like my 625, with a bigger battery and 1gb ram... Im buying one day one! Really do want a decently specced dual sim phone - i travel a lot and this is a life saver!

Am interested to see what the goldfinger model is like too;)

How exactly are those "hardware" buttons. We have hardware buttons now, those are software buttons.

I dont think any new Windows phone will have 512MB, even the 525 have 1GB. Hope Microsoft make it mandatory with at least 8GB of storage, the HTC 8S was awful.

You bet. Considering that even Lumia 525 has 1GB RAM, this rumoured device will for sure have 1GB RAM.

1GB is the standard minimum in the industry nowadays, even for low budget phones. And it's been for a while because of Android, but because WP doesn't need 1GB to run well, Nokia didn't cared about the specs sheet that much as long as the phones worked well. Thing is...it's more and more obvious that anything bellow 1GB is becoming unnacceptable.

I also don't understand, plus it's not like if current buttons were really hardware and physical, they are just sensitive and as easy to push as on screen buttons.
At least they may follow when you rotate or disappear when you are watching/playing something.

One gripe I had with On Screen were devs that took long time to update their apps to reflect the difference. I hated having this black bar that had no use.

Uh. Those 'on screen' buttons.

I don't respect even the option to put these on screens buttons that Microsoft is giving... I'm serious. This makes me sad and nervous as much as the possible return of start menu on Windows 8.

There's no way this could be real. According to Dan Rubino, I have "a few nuts loose, for sure." Not even certain why they are posting this, really.

Looks like that annoying wasted space at the top of the tiles is gone and the tiles have been pushed up closer to the status bar!

Will we getting more colour options for background theme instead of black and white? I was so expecting this on 8.1 but no leaks about it so far..

"...so we might not see Moneypenny until after Windows Phone 8.1 is announced and/or launches." Umm, in all fairness, wouldn't we expect this anyways? Not trying to be rude, but far as I can gather (and please, correct me if I'm wrong), the OS doesn't currently support dual-SIM, and Update 3 isn't adding this functionality either. So therefore, wouldn't it [i]have[/i] to ship with Windows Phone 8.1?

I think Windows phone 8 already support dual sim because Nokia has preparing a dual sim phone since a very long time. It was rumored as Lumia 725.

Just because Nokia wants something, doesn't mean they don't have to wait on Microsoft to update the OS to support it. Case-in-point: the Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 1520. Nokia wanted a WP device with a 41MP camera to succeed the PureView 808 pretty much as soon as they made the PureView 808... But they had to wait on MS to add support (via GDR2) for it to actually work. Then, more recently with the Lumia 1520, Nokia had to wait for Update 3 so they could use more modern and powerful chips, as well as rock some uber 1080p displays.

So Nokia is working on and planning stuff all the time, but they often have to wait on Microsoft to get things out the door.

Ever since Moneypenny and Goldfinger were leaked, it was always rumored that both would come with WP8.1 preinstalled. I don't know why you had to say "Not trying to be rude" when pointing out WP does not support dual-SIM at the moment because it sure made it sound like you were dissembling. In anycase, dual-SIM in WP would come with the 8.1 upgrade and the market on dual-SIM is still fluid so it's not too late yet.

i wanted dual sim winddows phone and it is coming so happy. but i hate the way those three buttons are placed on screen really annoying. and those 2 2=4 tiles for only phone & text tiles. they should merge both sim's missed calls information in 1 tile and message count from both sims in 1 other message tile in an innovative way. 4 tiles are annoying and difference between two phone tiles is just a small notation 1 & 2 very small notation really.

i wanted dual sim windows phone and it is coming so happy. but i hate the way those three buttons are placed on screen really annoying. and those 2 2=4 tiles for only phone & text tiles. they should merge both sim's missed calls information in 1 tile and message count from both sims in 1 other message tile in an innovative way. 4 tiles are annoying and difference between two phone tiles is just a small notation 1 & 2 very small notation really.

This maybe stupid question but with dual-sim, do both Sims work concurrently and both are active or do you choose one to be useable on boot?