Surface 2 with LTE arrives at Microsoft Stores for impending launch

Build 2014 is right around the corner, and we’re expecting a few big announcements from Microsoft during that three day event. While Windows Phone 8.1 is anticipated to be unveiled, we have also been hearing about a Surface 2 with LTE. Announced last year during a Reddit AMA, a recent FCC filing suggests that the device is close to being released.

Windows Phone Central has now learned that Surface 2’s with LTE for AT&T have now started shipping to select Microsoft Stores to build up inventory.

Photos of the device, including the box that reads “AT&T Network Ready” have been sent our way, though we have been asked to not post them due to the sensitive nature of the material.

We’re digging to find more information, including pricing and exact availability, but with Stores taking stock, a release date shouldn’t be too far off. No word of frequent Microsoft partner Verizon will have a version available. Interestingly, AT&T will have two Windows 8 RT devices with LTE, including the Nokia Lumia 2520.

Will you pick up a Surface 2 with LTE? 


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Surface 2 with LTE arrives at Microsoft Stores for impending launch


Haha, I have the same thing, a 2520 and a 920 as my phone. The only reason I now want a Surface 2 and a Lumia Icon is the article posted here several days ago. Those two together really look excellent and almost as if they are from the same family.

But don't the 2520 and 920 look like they're from the same family too? Especially if you have both in red.

I have the black ones. Yeah, I bet the red ones look even more like they are from the exact same family.

They really do. If I could just get the red keyboard, it would complete the circle. I honestly like the 2520 so much, I could see hanging onto it for at least a couple years even in the face of newer, better tablets...especially if the WP and Windows RT markets converge.

I was hoping to pick up a white 2520.. To go with my white Lumia 920. Oh well, I hope this Surface 2 version supports the surface pen -).

It definitely will not support the Surface Pen. That requires much more than what will effectively be a surface 2 with a radio tacked on. (sorry! :p)

I have 3 2520's and still don't have my free power keyboards....man am I glad my personal items are on ATT

Fail to launch on T-Mobile, which has the only free tier option for LTE tablets, and instead launch on ATT that already has a win rt tablet. Great move MS. This reminds me of the brilliant strategy of launching almost every single WP7 phone on ATT exclusively. Eh, maybe it will be usable on tmobiles network...?

Going to go out on a limb here and suggest T-Mobile is complicit here as well. If they wanted the Surface 2 and will promote it, I'm sure Microsoft would offer it to them. But you can't really put T-Mobile on a pedestal as some huge Windows Phone/Windows 8 supporter, can you?

While it's fair to not like AT&T, it can't be denied that since Windows Phone 7 they have been the biggest champions of the platform, even when they do stupid stuff like remove Qi.

How about blocking Data Sense, screw ATT until they stop this BS.

There should at least be an option on unlocked fully paid ATT branded devices to add these blocked features back when you leave with your fully paid for device for a better carrier.


Once again, you're confusing specific criticisms (which may or may not interest people) with the overall story. AT&T has been a better partner for Microsoft than T-Mobile has, even when they do boneheaded things. Same with Sprint. 

While I enjoy T-Mobile's service, I can't say they're exactly boosting Microsoft, or giving them any kind of special treatment. Or even interest.

They're nowhere close to getting any special treatment from T-Mobile. t-mobile only cares about iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Same with Sprint and Verizon, except that Verizon is big enough to have one finger in the WP pie from time to time.

If we could get Verizon to (really) champion Windows Phones like at&t has it might actually make it to 15% market share in 2015

I'm happy with my WIFI only Surface 2. Well, I'm happy because I won it free and clear in the Vine remix project contest one, but two, I'm happy with it with WIFI only... as I simply share my Nokia 1020's LTE connection with it and it works flawlessly. Why would I want (or why would anyone) want ANOTHER data plan on another device? Idk... My AT&T shared 10GB plan is plenty for the little I use my Surface away from my home WIFI.

For the sake of my own knowledge, can you please explain how that makes a difference? Does your company require you to use a certain sim card on your Tablet and a different sim card on your cell? Or, is it just the phone they give you does not support internet sharing?

I work remotely using my Surface 2 tethered to my 1020 when necessary and it's been great. So, I would like to see it from the perspective of others who are clamoring for LTE on their tablets. Thanks!

I need to be online and a phone call at the same time. I can't speak for ATT but on Verizon its one or the other so having onboard would be nice for some. For me the jet pack works great and I can let others on if I like.

I see. I wasn't aware this was an issue but after doing some light research, it does look like some people are experiencing this. They seem to be on older/low spec devices though so perhaps it has to do more with the device limitations than the network? Thanks!

Just tested and it does work. When I got my 928 it didn't work so I got the jet pack. Verizon must have made changes to the backend or one of the updates fixed it.

This was an issue before. When Verizon switched to LTE, this wasn't an issue anymore. It might still be a problem in areas where there is no LTE coverage.

Tethering is included if you have a Mobile Share Plan through AT&T.  The Mobile Share Plans really do work out quite well and free tethering makes it even better.  My wife and I have 10 GB a month with unlimited calling and texting on our Lumia 1020 and 920, respectively, and plenty of data available to tether our Surfaces or laptops when we don't have wi-fi available.

Same here. Tethering works for my 1020 and Surface Pro. Just remember not to download any system or app updates.

Same here. SP2 + tether to my 1020, it's an awesome combo!

And so long as you have the connection set as "metered," then Windows 8 is smart enough to know to cut back on data usage in areas not critical.

Not buying unless AT&T has some kind of special long-term deal for service at a reasonable rate. Data prices are just ridiculous.

You get a $200 bill credit if you activate your own tablet right now and its only $10 a month to share your data with it. Sounds great to me.

I'm afraid I'm on a grandfathered family plan, not the new share data plan. Switching would push me from $160 to $200

I have 10gb and 4 phones on AT&T for $160. What plan do you have that would push it to $200. Do you have more devices?

Is the SoC still Tegra 4, but with the addition of a seperate LTE modem or a different one used for this particular model?

Gerard, what are you trying to accomplish by bringing up political issues on a tech blog? I'm sure there are plenty of articles on the net about this topic where you can voice your opinion on Russia, why try to create flame wars and taking the comments sections so far off topic?

The question was: when Russia. Well, we don't no what de US will decide. Sure thats a politcal question, but the results may be that Russia will not receive. So, no one can answer when Russia will, do we? We simply don't know.

A tablet locked to a specific carrier is useless; how about selling Surface 2 LTE unlocked with ALL LTE band compatibility and also compatibility with all 3G frequencies worldwide.

If Microsoft sold an unlocked globally compatible version I would be interested, but a locked down carrier branded device they can shove up Nadellas ass.


Buy one from the Belgium market. They are required by law to sell products not locked to any particular providers. They also just passed a law that hardware manufacturers can't intentionally handicap frequencies available to the device to give any provider an advantage. Not in effect yet but it's coming, which is important, since Apple's chosen partner only offers 3G and they have disabled 4G/LTE on all iPhones in Belgium even though competing providers have it. Consumer rights and protection at it's finest.

Errr ... no.

There are no advantages to doing that, at least not for Microsoft. Sure, there might be some sales that there weren't before. But those would likely either be taking a sale from their Surface RT or their Pro. They're not likely to get any new sales just because of atom, or at least not many.

Atom is only slightly faster than ARM sometimes, so there isn't even a performance gap. So we'd have two x86 tablets, one of which is really good while the other is slightly better than the ARM one in terms of power. It isn't even like the Atom tablets are providing loads better battery life than their ARM equivelant.

You missed the point entirely. The point of Atom is to run x86 apps ,not for performance or for batery life (which are also great in it btw) . Surface is the only product of its kind if you don't count the 2520 ,It's a confusing when we start to compare it to other windows tablets. Microsoft should rethink their stratergy here as ARM has no advantages over x86 as it stands now. It just adds to the confusion.

As for taking marketshare from Surface Pro Um.. I don't think so . Surface pro is targetted at professionals . An Atom tablet isn't going to take away that market. If anything an Atom surface would take away sales from iPads . So it makes sense for Microsoft to do this.

No advantages? I have said to people, again and again, that there are plenty of advantages to having ARM. One of the biggest ones is that it will help more with the app solution in the long run.

And no, running x86 apps won't be the same. The type of people getting a Surface RT (or Surface 2) are the types who basically are going to stay in the Metro UI all the time. There's no advantage to using x86 apps if you're not going to the desktop.

I'm debating between this and the 2520 as a screw around device, and something I can use outside of work. Needs to be on Verizon...

I have the 2520 and I use it in my office daily, I was absolutely thrilled to be able to ditch my iPad and get something with LTE built in and it cost much less than a new iPad with LTE - still considering the surface in the back of my mind

I will definitely be picking this up. For me, its better than the Nokia because it has full USB and I like the detachable keyboard for surface better than nokias. I can't wait!

C'mon, Microsoft... When they plan to launch it in Russia?! Never?

Probably. Russia's still a big market for low- and mid-cost tablets/phones and Android celebrates it with hige slice of marketshare pie... Sometime I don't understand what are they thinking about in HQs

If they sell carrier unlocked ones directly from their online store, I will get one. #CanadaGetsNoLove

Nope. I'm waiting to see what they release in the 8" range. I love everything about the Surface Pro 2 except the size. If I could got away with carry it around I would have already bought one.

Nop, I won't. Not buying a surface ever again after the problems mine have given me. I will buy a Nokia L2520 instead...once Nokia puts the damn thing on sale in Europe...

Anecdotal evidence is wonderful eh? I love my original SP.

Not that you accused all surfaces of sucking, but I think you have before.

You're wrong. I didn't said that. And I've said before I like the design of the Surface. However, I've had nothing but problems with my SurfaceS (plural) RT. From suddenly dead ones to Microsoft updates that f*ck up the keyboards functionallity it has been nothing but nightmares. Something I'm not accustomed to from other brands and am not accustomed from Microsoft on the software side.

I gave Microsoft new hardware a chance (and I say "new" because my mouse, keyboard and webcam are ALL from Microsoft. Though the last webcam from them also gave me nightmares) and they failed the test. So I'm never buying from them again. Simple. There are other brands on the market.

Do you have a woman? If that woman defected would you blame all woman as being defected and never have a woman again. I mean damn you whine waaay to much

I read your comment to my girlfriend. I'll quote her to answer you: "Did that guy compared a woman to an object?"


I think I will not add anything else.

This all took place between last Christmas and New Year: my first Surface RT 64GB died suddenly after only 6 months. Then when I bought another 32GB one because Microsoft would take forever to replace mine (because I'm in Europe and Microsoft's assistance here sucks. To have something replaced I have to pack it, call UPS, have them collect it, sent to the Netherlands, then wait for them to send me another one from there and wait for it to arrive) and I needed a tablet to put the Nokia L1020 pictures into otherwise I wouldn't have space in the phone. That 32GB version also had to be replaced because the microSD reader wasn't working properly.

Then my new 64GB version finally arrives, and the keyboards stopped working properly. Namely, the type cover 1 stopped working (I had bought a type cover 2 in September). I did all that was advised in the Surface support page, nothing. The keyboard had to be replaced too. Then the new 32GB arrives. Type Cover 2 always working. The new type cover 1 arrived. Still not working. I had to completely uninstall Windows RT from the 64GB RT and install everything again because, apparently, the problem wasn't the keyboard itself but an update that Microsoft released for the RT that made the type covers 1 stopped working properly (mouse worked, keyboard didn't).

After all this, I think I have more than reasons to don't wish to buy a Surface ever again. Not until Microsoft is able to win me back and prove me that they considerably improved their hardware quality.

Damn that sucks man, so you have 2 of them that don't work or you were eventually able to get a warranty fix?

Overall I don't think its only MS. I think vanilla versions of pretty much everything tend to have issues. For example I got NL920 as soon as it was released. Had to send it back and get a new one from my carrier cause the housing was popping and creaking. Got a second one and had to send it back again cause the battery was not working well. Then got a 3rd one that was overall ok, but has dust in the ffc. Overall I'd say the problems were not as bad as the problems wiht your Surfaces (except the 2nd one with the battery), but I've also read a bunch of cases here where people had struggled with both 920 and 1020 sending numerous ones back. That the risk we take being early adopters. But I agree that shouldn't happen, these guys really need to figure out everything before they ship, both MS and Nokia. 


For future reference, you can have them send a replacement, then send them back the broken one once you receive the new one. They will put a hold on your credit card for the price of a new device until they receive the old one, which sounds reasonable to me.

While that'd be nice, that'd drive the already sky high price up even more. Especially when it's so easy to simply tether to your phone.

But if people want it, just make it an optional feature. People who need it can dish out the extra $$$, while others can simply hop between WiFi hotspots and/or tether to their phones.

It's a pre-order. 200 US dollar, US only. No backlight, no thanks. 80 dollar for more power? No thanks again, but it will sell.

Everyone picky about something. Some will welcome the power as we've had enough people anticipating this. Who knows they might make two version. I would say I'd agree but no light up on my 2520 power keyboard has me not even caring, even though I initially wished it did.

MSFT: hey let's make surface pro for business and pro users who are road warriors and want to work all the time.But let's not give them LTE and instead do that for the surface 2 consumer oriented version from which we know there is no demand....

And this is why MSFT just doesn't get it.

seeing as its too little to late for the 2520 to come to canadian carriers surface 2 lte is more likely given its sleek design & microsofts strong support for surface rt/surface 2 software update wise

I was an early proponent of RT and bought the original Surface, but then bought an x86-based Dell Venue 8 Pro. My mind was blown. Things that were struggle on RT, like de-archiving things, was suddenly as easy as pie. I hate to say it, as I want RT to succeed, but I am now leaning towards x86 tablets In the future.