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Here is the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 pricing and worldwide availability

Earlier this morning Microsoft shared details for the next generation of Surface products. They announced the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. There were also a new accessories for both old and new Surfaces. They shared a lot of details, but some information was left out. Right now on Reddit, there’s a Q&A with the Surface team where we learned more about pricing and worldwide availability. Details below.

What about pricing for all these new toys? We’ve covered the pricing for the accessories, but here’s how it breaks down for the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. Initially, the Surface Pro 2 will come with 4GB of RAM for the 64GB and 128GB models, while you’ll get 8GB of RAM with the 256GB and 512GB versions. The Surface 2 comes with Tegra 4 inside.

Surface 2

  • 32GB - $449
  • 64GB - $549

Surface Pro 2

  • 64GB - $899
  • 128GB - $999
  • 256GB - $1299
  • 512GB - $1799

Now where can you get these? Starting tomorrow can pre-order at 8 AM EDT from the Microsoft Store if you’re in the United States and Canada and select retailers if you’re selected markets.

What markets are those? You’re looking at 22 initial markets for the October 22nd availability like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. China will get theirs in early November too.

Not bad Microsoft, not bad at all.

Initial quantities of the Surface Pro 2 with 512GB will be limited, so make sure you snag yours.

No word on what retailers those are at the moment. Thinking of getting one? Let us know.

Source: Reddit AMA


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Here is the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 pricing and worldwide availability


I wish, as China is the most powerful country in the world. But we have the most beatiful girls!

It´s ok, it´s ok... I´m a brother from Lithuania so you know what it comes for. ;) However Sweden is known as having the most beautiful girls in the world.. (talking about surface :D)

We've got surface 1 pro here in Russia couple of months before #2 was announced. Better go get #2 by friends or eBay from UK now and laserprint your language in a service, it's not worth waiting.

Poland is in EU, so you can order from any other EU coutnry and ship it there; they can't ban sales to other EU coutries because that is against EU law.

I feel like that 400+ price point will hurt the surface. Just due to people being able to get most of the full W8 tablets for that much. But I'm hopeful, pretty powerful little machine.

While you can get an atom tablet for that much the build quality and screen will be poorer.  The Surface 2 appeals to me because I have no desire to run x86 apps on a tablet.  I have my desktop and laptop for heavy lifting.  The Surface 2 will be a good companion device.

The Dell Venue Full Win 8 tab will have a 1080p screen and 8-inch screen size for pretty hard to beat pixel density. Other unannounced tabs will too.

The argument for the Surface 2 would work if the Windows Store was robust enough but the problem is it isn't and because of that, you are stuck with a machine that has limited desktop capabilities and is limited by a lack of apps. Don't get me wrong, it'll still stand up to 95% of what an average user could want from a tablet but it is the very thought of buying into something that's not as well supported as others that makes users go away. RT in general has this problem.
I'd liked them to get a cheaper Pro in - kill the specs a little bit but with a half-decent tablet selling at around $600, they'll be great.
That said...really tempted to get a Pro 2 this year.

There are two kinds of support though:  available apps and support for the device itself.  Microsoft pledged 4 years of support for the original Surface RT.  Nobody matches that. 

It is limited somewhat by a lack of quality apps, but it makes up for most of those limitations with a PC-level browser.   It can do what most people need a PC and tablet to do.  It doesn't satisfy everybody's needs and it isn't perfect, but it is far more capable than most people realize.

IE10/11 is an excellent web browser with good performance even on gen1 Surface RT.  On Surface2 it's gonna scream.

So far? A resounding yes.  Of course all is not currently known about the upcoming Lumia tablet.  But what we know of the Lumia 2520 thus far, Surface 2 certainly fits my needs better.
The screen, the kickstand, the touch/type covers, full-sized USB 3.0 port directly on the tablet (no need to dock for true USB support), magnesium chassis, the new high fidelity 1080p screen, the new front-facing camera that can see in the dark, 200GB of Skydrive . . . yeah, you are getting quite a bit of win for the price.  Too bad a smart stylus does not come with the Surface 2, that would make it damned near perfect.
Things could change, of course.  Nokia has been known for pulling rabbits out of hats.  And if Surface 2 did have any weak points, it would be the choice of Nvidia over Qualcom for it's processor.  However, the LTE radio that is found in the Lumia 2520, there is something simply have need for it.  So far, it is the big thing hurting the Lumia 2520; not helping it. The LTE radio not only adds an additional $150 to the price tag of the Lumia, but is also the reason the tablet will be carrier locked (to at least two carriers; the two most expensive carriers in America) for the first the foreseeable future.  
That's months and months of more waiting if you are not a customer (or have not wisth to be a customer) of those two carriers.  And even if you are a customer of those two carriers, you still cannot get a proper unlimited 4G service from either of those carriers.   Meanwhile you have a person like me who is using T-Mobile.  I get unlimited 4G (including LTE in my area), and can tether my existing phone (a Lumia 925) to whatever tablet I am carrying.  No need to have a LTE radio in my tablet, and no need to pay extortionist fees just to use said LTE.  If Nokia showed up from the jump, with a LTE-less version of the Lumia 2520, with a $350 price tag, that would be a major rabbit out of their hats, and would be a serious reason to look at it over the Surface 2.

You make some good points, particularly about the included LTE radio. I definitely don't want to pay for data service that I don't need. I'm not sure why they're not offering a wi-fi version, but if it stays locked to a carrier, then my choice is pretty clear.

Not cheaper enough... People won't/don't look at them as equals... Regardless of ecosystem, Microsoft needs to be pricing the Surface 2 like the underdog tablet that it is... Pro pricing however isn't too bad... But they should be including the covers for that price.

No they are not equal, the Surface can do more, and is cheaper than the kiddy iPad. You want to blame someone for thepricing, blame Apple for getting the market to accept stupid premium prices 

But that's the thing.. the market hasn't accepted the premium prices being asked for Win RT tablets. See the $900 million write-down Microsoft had to take earlier this year.
At $500 or even $449, The Surface RT/Surface 2 is a good value over the iPad (especially since Flash performs like the desktop without the battery hit, bringing the complete web experience to tablets where apps would be a compromise/feature subset of the full site) but the market isn't really aware of that. Microsoft needs to get it's advertising on the ball to address this incredibly stupid blunder on their part. For now, the damage is done, and lowering prices in the short term while fixing the advertising to focus on what Surface actually does over the competition would be a smart move.
If you look at app growth for the Metro/Modern Windows eco system, it's exploded in the last year alone - more than Android or iOS did when they were getting off the ground. That's good, but the platform is still lightyears behind in quality apps, let alone app count in general. I'm worried MS is looking at the app count and thinking that it's all gonna be OK and that last year's Surface line-up failing was just a fluke. These upgrades are nice, but I'll be going Surface Pro and selling my RT. The Pro is a laptop replacement, and RT could have been that were it not for the lack of Metro/Modern apps. The only way Surface works for me is to go with the x86 apps I know get the job done.

You know, it's been some time since I even touched the Windows Store on my Windows 8 PC, just because living away from the desktop environment doesn't work well, and I don't really use stuff from the Windows Store, so I don't need to be on the Start screen. I say this because some of these apps MIGHT be there now, they just weren't last I checked (and I am at school, so I can't really check now).
Warning aside, here are the applications I was missing from x86 support last time I checked:
--Trillian (no, IM+ isn't a suitable-enough alternative)
--Coding tools (such as NetBeans for Java and Visual Studio for C++)
--A decent music player (like Zune or MusicBee, as Xbox Music does a wretched job at tagging music on a GOOD day)
--Yahoo Fantasy Sports
--Non-Last.FM Scrobbling (to report plays to Last.FM from local plays, which MusicBee has embedded and Zune can do through ZuseMe)
--Steam (that covers SO MANY GAMES)
--In fact, most x86 games as a whole (such as EA's Origin games and World of Warcraft, among other MMOs)
--VLC (I know it's coming, but it's not there YET)
--Friendly, desktop-like browser (Metro IE just didn't function as well as its desktop equivalent last time I tried it, such as using F6 to select the address bar)
I could likely go on and on if I was at home and looking at what I normally use, but that is probably 95% of what I do at home right there.

So you have a list with wants that don't require apps. Why is everyone trying to use an app for everything? Websites are often times MORE useful.

Steam will never come to the Windows Store- that's why they are so bent on Linux now. How can Steam make money if Microsoft is taking 30% if Steam is taking some slice, too? Doesn't male a lick of sense. Steam will be out of business if and when Microsoft ditches the desktop app.

Ok, this will be fun to hear explained.
1. Point me to the browser-based Trillian.
2. Point me the browser-based versions of NetBeans, Eclipse, and Visual Studio. I'll want to get a hold of them, since I have to use those programs for schoolwork.
3. Can I get that browser-based Zune as well, please?
4. Don't forget the browser-based VLC. (Though I freely admit that the built-in Videos application can probably handle most of my video files, IDK if it can handle them all, and having remote media controls with my Windows Phone is nice, which I can do in VLC).
5. Steam won't go out of business unless Microsoft forces it out of business by offering a superior alternative. Sorry, but RT will not kill off full Windows 8.
6. You didn't cover Origin, let alone the simple fact that x86 games as a whole don't work. You can THINK that RT will rule the future, but Angry Birds will not kill off the PC gaming market.
Let me lastly add this:
7. You claim that browsers do enough to replace the issue. Has they yet made browsers in RT work with Facebook games? When my grandma got an RT tablet (before returning it for an iPad over the matter), she wanted to play Words With Friends. Of course, there wasn't an app for that. I attempted to get the game going on the browser, but it wouldn't allow the dragging of tiles. So, does the browser do that now?
So, can you fix all 7 of those problems? If you can't 5 of the first 6 (the VLC one's not a big deal), stop arguing. Saying "Steam's going to die," doesn't solve a thing. Claiming that 95% of my annual computer usage is a "want" does not make it so.

Well, it's stupid thinking like that that needs to change, Windows 8.1 runs circles around the Ipad's IOS. This is not about opinion, it is a fact. The Surface wins before you have even logged in. Every Ipad I have ever used that has more than one user, has a cluster fuck of apps on the homescreen. Fanboy bloggers and journalists needs to get their heads out of each others assholes, and admit that Windows 8 is better. Because it is.

I agree, will buy a Surface 2, but worries that it isn't supported well for local apps. Not too worried about other apps, also worried about video codecs, as will be primarily a video consumption device.

Too much news today....can't keep up.
Thanks for the pricing though. Now I just need to decide if I want Surface Pro 2 or a new Ultrabook.

Anything above the 64gb Pro is priced outrageously... $900 more for a 512gb version than the 64gb version❓ I'm sorry but that much extra storage space, and 4gb of ram does not cost anywhere near $900... I just don't see that version selling well at all... At least to consumers..

It's not designed for your entry level consumers. That is for your corporate big wigs and such (people with a crap load of money to burn). How much is a 512gb SSD now days anyway ? Is it really $900+ ?

It dosn't matter who its aimed at, just because you have ton of money does not mean you should be overcharged by $900 for something that costs nowhere near that much to manufacture.

With the global economy as it is very few corporations will be willing to pay these prices when equivalents are available much cheaper. And also enterprise doesn't care about slick design so again, no real attraction for business.

Do you think, especially in this economy, that corporations aren't looking at every penny❔... Cost is very important, and nobody has money to burn..

In other words,, I know that my new Lenovo G580 laptop is not as nice as the Surface Pro, but it has a dual core 2.8ghz i5 processor, 4gb of ram, and a 500gb HDD... Now, that cost me $500.. No doubt that these SSD are more expensive, but the Pro2 cost $1400 more than my W8 machine... Sorry, I'll just have to stick with my "yestertech" until prices drop because this is outrageous❕

You have to consider they probably price these based on expected sales as well.  They probably don't expect to sell too many of the top tier (whatever the cost) which means they don't get the volume discounts they may enjoy on other tiers. 
That said I shed a tear when I saw that because I will be keeping my Surface Pro (1) for a while... No top tier trade in for me, that's like a house payment.

That's true.. I really didn't think of that at all.. Good point.......
It's still outrageous though... Lol❕

Absolutely agree with you rodneyej.
With these outrageous prices I am starting to think Microsoft should put an Apple logo on it. I am a huge Microsoft supporter, but with moves like this I am starting to hate them more and more with each product they release.
With economies of scale and OEM pricing those 512gb SSDs cost them nowhere near $900, I would be surprised if its more than $100-200.

Seriously... If you ordered millions, and millions, if SSD's they would probably let them go for $49... At that rate the SSD is just another component... People need to open their eyes.. If you don't think MS, and other companies, are charging to much for all this shit then why are these CEOs the richest people in the world❔... And how does someone who makes only $30,000 a year justify spending almost $2000 of their yearly income on a tablet❔.... We can't let society keep fooling us or we're all going to be in poverty,, except for the 1% of greedy assholes..

Yet, in still,, my dumb ass spends to much money at the bar every month... Who am I to talk.

Then you haven't looked very well. MS uses 1.8" SSD's from a good brand. At wholesale that's over $1k. MS could get them cheaper but that still leaves quite a hefty price per SSD for MS (around 500 per SSD).

I'm not sure why they are priced so high other than the desire to have premium pricing. Internally there is nothing special going on that justifies such prices so the only other factor is design and build. Are these prices competitive enough to continue selling after the initial hype has worn off? Hopefully they will manage their inventory better this time around and not have to have another costly write down.


They're not in a position (esp in this market) to be setting bars so high. I could buy a better ultrabook for much cheaper.....The tablet form will not appeal at that price since there are better convertibles out there now...

You can get a better tablet still... Lets not forget that Lenovo, Samsung, LG, Dell, Nokia, Acer, and others make W8 tablets. All those expensive accessories aren't going to convince people to buy a Surface... Lets hope we're in some way wrong, and that MS knows what they are doing.

$1800 for the 512GB Surface Pro 2. Yikes. I can't believe how expensive SSDs are. I hope the Yoga 2 Pro isn't that expensive.

The 8GB 256GB model is the best bang for the buck. It's still steep though given current memory and SSD pricing.

Why would you pay $900 more for that version❔ Considering what you get that thing is outrageous❕

They are not that expensive. I have a 512GB Vector in my PC and it was about $500 on Amazon, and I purchased it about a month after it was released. Is MS saying that it can't get better deals on hardware?

it's mostly likely the smaller SSD, the 1.5 inch and not the 2.5 inch, as is the case in my yoga, thus making it more expensive.

RyanAMG down ⬇here say's that you're wrong dude... He says that MS probably gets them for around $600... Careful he's a feisty little sumuma bitch...

not just microsoft. all the oems charge a lot for the ssds. show me a laptop that has 512gb ssd for a lot less. 

I have a 512GB SSD in my PC. The $900 price delta from the 64GB and the 512GB is retarded and outrageous.

Sorry MS, but you fucked up again.

I agree, it is steep. Just dont forget you are getting both 4GB of additional RAM and the 512GB SSD for this price margin.

A 64GB SSD is about $60-70. A 512GB SSD is probably in the $350-450 range. 4GB of RAM can be had for $~30. No, Microsoft did not need to charge $900 for this upgrade.

You're correct if they are using a standard 2.5" SSD. But in a fair bit amount of Ultrabooks, they use 1.8" or 1.5" SSD's and those are much more expensive than 2the standard 2.5". If i remember correctly, the ZenBooks use the 1.8" SSD.

Yes, you're right,, especially when MS buys these by the millions.. They aren't paying consumer prices.. They must be trying to make back the money they lost on the original Surface RT... Lol❗

Are you talking about Microsoft or Apple? I'm starting to get them confused.

Paying those kind of prices for memory alone is ridiculous. It was when Apple introduced that business model and it still is today.

I'm logged into Ingram Micro right now and looking at wholesale prices. If you know what brand MSFT is using I'll tell you cost.

Well in the last one they used Micron RealSSD C400;
+ wholesale prices are still higher than what an OEM like Microsoft pays when they buy in bulk.

Completely agree, the $900 is insane for a larger SSD + a bit of RAM, I don't know what the hell they were thinking, fucking idiots.

A 1.8" 512GB wholesale is over $1k. Larger capacity just as fast and smaller hardware cost alot more then your cheap 2.5" SSD's now if the surface is using a 2.5" drive yes we complain but if its using 1.8" or 1.5" we accept the well priced device.

This is the first time I have thought that MS has lost it's mind.. $900 more for extra storage and more ram❔ That damn thing better come with all those accessories, and 200gb SkyDrive free for LIFE❗

So, with MS buying Millions of these things how much do you think they pay for each one❔ maybe $49❔❔ I know they are in the business to make money, but damn❗

Ya because from $1k wholesale to price drop of $49 in bulk is so realistic. I would say MSFT gets them around $600 range. It is so funny how people see a cheap toy on shark tank TV show drop manufacturing cost by crazy amounts think that happens to businesses that know what they are doing. MSFT isn't using cheap materials this isn't your kids tablet with 16GB storage people.

Lol❕ Maybe $49 is a stretch, but $600❔ yeah right❕... There's no way they pay anywhere near that.. So basically you're saying that ⅓ of the cost of an entire 64gb Pro is because of storage❔ Really❔

I said around please read before posting. If wholesale is over $1k what do you think they pay? Before I ask to you deal with technology at wholesale pricing? We are talking 512GB drive so keep up

Yeah, I read every word of your comment.. I just don't buy it. And, I know what size drive we're talking about.. I mentioned the 64gb version to make a point... Did you read my reply❔... Maybe you should start listening to what others have to say.. We're not as naive, and stupid, as you might think we are..

You're a dumb ass.. You can't carry a decent conversation, so when you get your feelings hurt you resort to insulting people.. Lol.. Today you are acting like a totally brainwashed, naive, fanboi,, and that's coming from a totally brainwashed, naive, fanboi...
Nevertheless, I'm sure you can't resist trying to say something else, so go ahead...

Lol.. I knew your sorry ass couldn't resist.. Just like I always say, you guys who can't prove your point without getting rude with others will always find other things to change the subject to... Nevertheless,, I'm sure you'll have something else to say... So go ahead.....

So that's £1,121 for the 512GB Surface Pro 2 as a direct conversion, so I'm not looking forward to seeing the actual UK price.

You should bitch at your government... They are the real reason why you're not getting what you want........

They have to offload the extra stock somehow. Let's just hope I can sell my Surface RT for a decent value. I don't really have high hopes though.

£359 for UK, I think I'm ready to get this tablet this time. Last time I was hesitant, but it looks like the complete package.

No South Africa on there :(
Even the original still isn't available here and they wonder why sales are crap

I wonder if it's of any use. Are there thousands of,people in South Africa screaming for the Surface 1?

Last time we had to wait 6 months! But this time, MS seems to do it all right: release before christmas, wordwide availability at launch and the "outro" video which featured the same music the glee-like "movement" ads had looked like an ad that could come up on TV, and instead of dancing schoolgirls it all showed features.

It's being advertised for $349.00 right now here in the US... $299.00 seems to be the next reasonable drop, but $249.00 would move more...

Exactly! Surface 2 (I'm glad they dropped the RT moniker) is really all I need and want for a tablet.

I'll pass both. The Surface Pro 2 is too powerful to my needs, and the RT, well, it's a RT... I'll wait for the Bay Trail ones from Dell, HP and I hope Nokia...

Brazil won't be getting Surface 2, too?! I mean, we didn't even get the first one, and now neither this one?? Shame...
I wonder if the Nokia tablet will...

Microsoft is coming to the market with clear and very good messaging and suitable marketing approach, I think $449 for Surface 2 is fair. Sure, I would prefer having a Touch or Type Cover 2 bundled at that price, but with a workable eco-system of apps, services and compelling hardware (as well as cheaper Windows 8.1 alternatives by ASUS), this is a good approach from MSFT. I might get a Surface 2 ... and then a white Xbox One.

But as I have read on this forum, you can not buy Surface 2 in such big coutries like Brasil or Poland. Thats completely wrong :(. I think that also in the Czech Republic we still can not buy Surface 1 :(

Given I have an LTE phone with me 99% of the time, I'd rather just tether the phone to the tablet and save the extra device charge from my bill.

makes sense doesnt it?  I dont know why people would want that on tablets.  wifi's and tethering are everywhere.

Enterprises normally deploy WWAN enabled devices to their mobile workforce, no need to be fiddling with your phone or looking for WiFi. It has its uses.

It's probably for people who plan on using them in countries where data is dirt cheap. I have a co-worker who went to Vietnam recently and he told me he could get data service there for $2 of unlimited data a month.

So no Brazil, no Poland, no Czech Republic, no South Africa and so many other countries.... ! Microsoft is so arrogant :(

Considering that it has both an SD and a USB port, I'm surprised that MS didn't make a cheap 16GB Pro(or even RT) If you go by the same pricing they could have sold a 16GB Pro for $699. I would be willing to bet a lot of people would go for a 16GB tablet/laptop with a SD slot and USB that could be used as expandable space for $699.

Jesus, fine a 32GB one. The point is they could have tried to make a smaller sized model based on the idea that storgae isn't an issue with a SD slot.

Have you ever tried running x86 apps from an SD? I don't think you will like the experience. SD is fine for storing data files, but you should use it to run apps.

Apps or Programs? Cause running stuff like photoshop, games, and many other programs isn't hard to do through a formatted SD or USB external HDD. I'm talking about the Pro side of things, not the Metro side. Metro apps aren't as needed when you're running Pro, cause you have an actual desktop. And even if you wanted Metro apps most of them are only Mbs in size. So the actual HDD in the device will be enough.

I just pre-ordered the Surface 2 (so not the pro model) and,I didn't get the option to,bundle, had to buy the cover separately.

64GB - $899 = ok, but too limited
128GB - $999 = ideal price if it at least included 8gb ram
256GB - $1299 = Crazy, $300 more REALLY!!!
512GB - $1799 = INSANE, by the time they were deciding this price they much have been high as hell.

Funny to rant about the 512 model but clearly you haven't looked up the prices of SSD's. 512 GB SSD's are expensive as hell.

Its bad enough we have to pay so much for those keyboards, and now they're asking an extra 300$ to go from 128 to 256? I just don't get Microsoft sometime, how can you do that when you're trying to win market share..

You are getting 4GB more RAM and 128GB more storage. The SSD is thinner than the cheap ones that people compare them, too. And everything is more power and temperature efficient. That's why there is a steep price jump there.

The extra 4gb of memory costs penies for OEMs (~$30 consumers), so not sure what everyone is so woked up about the extra RAM when discussing the insane pricing.

Not sure why I was expecting a lower price... hopefully they'll at least bundle a keyboard with teh higher end selections of the PRO.  1299+100 is above what I'd want to spend. 

For $1800 it ought to come with the dock, arc mouse, battery keyboard, and $300 rebate.

I'm sure some people with specific needs will be able to justify the price they are asking, but not many.

Ok i have to praise them for making it possible to preorder in that many Countires, that a right step in the right direction.

It's not surprising that there's no availability or launch timeframe for Mexico, considering the Surface and Surface Pro launched just a couple of months ago.

Here in The Netherlands they also launched them a couple of,months ago but the 2 and Pro 2 are up for pre-order though.

512GB pricing is all wrong, and 64GB is a mistake for existing at all.

Bright side: no need to upgrade from my surface pro.

Availability, pretty good. Pricing.... I think lots of ppl would think it's on the high end. Although a high-end device, the pricings is gonna be hard for it to compete with iPads..

for $1799 i could get monster pc, nice screen, very good keyboard and mouse, microphone, AND speakers

256GB model is nearly perfect. If they had a legit keyboard dock like the Helix I'd be first in line.
They also shouldn't even bother with the 64GB model for Pro and 32GB model for RT. There's too little free space and it just hurts their image WAY more than the slightly lesser price they can offer helps it.

I will likely get a 256GB Pro 2 due to the extra 4GB of memory.  I can always expand storage through SD and USB if needed.  Seems like a pretty sweet system.

i was looking at the 256 but not at that price.  If they throw in some of the accessories like the dock and cover then i'm in!.. wowzers 

Okay, so consumers in Taiwan will have to wait for another year to get Surface 2/Pro 2........eBay here I come!

A bit of an offtopic question, but somebody can tell me please why RT tablets dont have a pen support like Surface Pro? I would really like that the Nokia RT tablet will come with a pen, it will be something different from the other RT tablets

MS give me a Surface I can make calls and texts with and I'll be first in line. I want to carry ONE device not two! Why is this so difficult to understand?