Surface Pro 3 with Core i7 and Core i3 arriving early on August 1st

Today kicks of sales of the Surface Pro 3 online and from authorized retailers in the US and Canada. Currently, only the Core i5 version is available for sale with the Core i7 and Core i3 variants expected at the end of August. However, in a post on the Surface Blog, Panos Panay revealed some good news for those eagerly waiting for those versions, as the date has been bumped up from end of August to "ships by August 1st".

Although customers will still have to wait 40 more days, Microsoft looks to have shaven off nearly a month from the original anticipated ship date.

Panay also mentioned that by the end of August, all three versions will be available in 26 additional markets, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

Finally, as reported earlier the Surface Pro 3 Docking Station is also up for preorder with a ship date of August 15.

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Source: Surface Blog


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Surface Pro 3 with Core i7 and Core i3 arriving early on August 1st


I'm having a hard time convincing myself to upgrade from first Gen to the new one. Sure it's better, but the first Gen is by no means bad.

Agreed, the first gen one still rocked.  However, I did go down yesterday and pick up the 256Gb version.  We have all read the specs about the 3 being thinner, lighter, and larger, but not until I had it in my hands did it really impress me...wow, is all i can say.  And the larger screen will make it much better for developing on.  Way sweet!!!

Had they bundled this with the key board and a mouse for the same price as just the table would have made the purchase very much attractive.

regular everyday users just view this as a 12" tablet for 1K (I5).  They'll ofcourse say "hell no, I'd rather get a 15" laptop for 500 bucks less"...That was the reaction from a wo-worker who was thinking about it.

Wish I could buy but don't have enough of an excuse to spend this kind of money on non-emergency items.

That's the problem, I still use my surface pro gen 1 everyday. It's still as solid as the day I bought it at launch. Not needing the gen 2 was a no brainer but the gen 3 with improved battery life, bigger screen, and an i7 may be enough to justify it...that and I'm a slut for technology. Pre-ording an i7 with 256!

I was trying not to upgrade from my Gen 1 pro but there's no doubt about it. That i7 has sold me on it and the more storage space with 256 will def be more accommodating.

Canceled my i5/256 this morning because of this and ordered an i7/256 with dock.  Realized I can't live without a dock and August 1st isn't that far off.  Can't wait though!  :)

Well... Malaysia is the nearest one, so I will buy it when it comes and I have enough money to reach there! ;)

Dude, you are not alone! I'm from Indonesia, and I'm taking too long now to wait for this to come. Ah, dang... :(

Offtopic: Guys anyone facing problems with Keyboard? When I have 'Suggest text as I type' aka 'Auto-Correct' on I can't type anything, as my keyboard will get stuck after putting 'space' after a word, it won't respond whatsoever, and I have to turn off 'Auto-Correct' and then I can't use Word Flow, it's so annoying. Anyone else facing same issues? Or atleast knows how to fix it? I'll really appreciate any help. Thanks!

what i don't get is why Microsoft don't give you 200GB OneDrive space for 2 years and 1 Year Unlimited Skype calls for 1 Year Bundle along with the SP3,it's still being offered for the SP2 until this day.

received my keyboard/cover today, great to read my waiting time is shaved down by 30 days :)

Nice review Daniel.  I do have one on order, but since then am wondering if I should make my old X201 last another 6-8 months and wait for broadwell.  From what I've seen that looks to be made for surface like devices.

I have been wondering that, too
I would expect the SP4 to be just like SP3 with a broadwell bump. What I don't know is how big an improvement it will be in terms of battery. I am most interested in whether the graphics would be faster....

Daniel, what happened to the Surface Pro 3 giveaway? Didn't it say in the article that you were going to announce the winners on the 20th of June(today)??



The competition you had for a Surface Pro 3 a while back, has that been ended and posted about. I don't know if I missed who won, or if it's still going.

I prefer to wait three months to the intel Broadwell update. These i3/i5/i7 proccesors are really old.

Can't manage some basic copy editing?  Try looking up the proper use of shaven and shaved.  The recurring theme of sloppiness and/or general incompetence continues, as does the shameless shilling....