Surface Pro 3 demo units arrive at Microsoft Stores in addition to red Type Cover

The Surface Pro 3 is due out in just a few weeks, at least for the Core i5 version. It’s no secret that demo units will be on display at various Microsoft Stores and Best Buys starting tomorrow, June 6. In that regard, it’s interesting to know that a few of them have arrived at Stores yesterday, and are being prepped to go on exhibition.

The Surface Pro 3 features the same Core i5 as the Surface Pro 2, but it has a larger 12 inch display at a new 3:2 dimension. A new Type Cover is also being introduced with an improved trackpad and larger profile to fit the new taller display.

Microsoft Stores will have an exclusive on the above Red Type Cover although non-US customers can order it from various outlets since Microsoft Stores are not outside the US and Canada at the moment. Likewise, Best Buy gets an exclusive ‘dark blue’ Type Cover as well.

Will you be heading to your local Best Buy or Microsoft Store to ogle the new Surface Pro 3? We’re guessing 99.9% of you haven’t yet had the chance to get your hands on one, so it seems worth the trip especially if you’re thinking to pre-order one.

Don’t want to buy one? Remember, we’re giving away a Core i5 version in our ‘leave 3 comments’ contest! Make sure you enter, as you only need to leave a comment on our contest page to qualify!


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Surface Pro 3 demo units arrive at Microsoft Stores in addition to red Type Cover


I went and checked it out last night. This is a fantastic product in every way. The keyboard is so much better than the Surface Pro 2 keyboard, and the unit itself feels fantastic in the hand. Can't wait to get it.

The way the first picture above was taken; looks like a box for a new Surface 3 TV sitting on the floor.

Awesome device by the way. The pen feels incredible! Got to play with it a bit!

P.s I'm new here sorry about the double message

From the contest post, the winner will be picked on 6/20 (day the Surface Pro 3 will be available).  Fingers crossed :D

The packaging of theType Cover looks so good, it would be a shame to have to take the cover out.

Just not needed. I hated 3g on my iPad 2 in the past... So one dimensional...

Using my 920 had a been a dream... No dongal and no mifi to keep remembering to charge... My phone is always charged and a I have a portable battery. I only turn the feature on when I need to share it with me or others. surprisingly, the battery does not drop like a rock... Gps/Nokia drive is worse on the battery than sharing data... I refuse to pay extra for 4g when I have a solution that works best in almost all cases. It may be nice, but the benefit does not not carry as much wgt for me.

Going to the Austin Microsoft store tomorrow. Tomorrow will hopefully be the day I can truly see if I can replace my Lenovo Laptop and my SurfaceRT with this machine. I hope the employees don't mind me being there for 2 hours.

Consider yourself lucky, perhaps. No one will be able to take one home for almost another two weeks. Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?

What average consumer can afford a Surface Pro 3? Not many, prices are way to high for features and specs that's been out for years in laptops.

It's not for your average consumers. I see a lot of students buying macbooks for around the same price though.

How much do you want to bet those same students also bought an ipad? When you factor in the cost of the ipad, the surface is a good price since you will have the functionality of the MBA and the ipad Air in a nice, neat, well made package.

If someone purely wants a tablet, this will (for "average consumers") be, likely, too expensive. However, people who want both laptop and tablet functionality without having to sacrifice too much of either, I'd say it's actually quite a good deal.

As others have said, students, business professionals, mobile-oriented laptop users and consumers who don't want "just a tablet," I think, will give this a second look. It deserves to be part of the conversation, definitely.

Really?  Then here's a challenge:  Post a link to a laptop for sale with the following specs:

* i5

* 4GB Ram

* 128GB SSD

*  Touch Screen display

*  Less than 3 pounds

*  Regular price significantly under $999.

If you can find me that laptop, then I will concede that the SP3 is priced way too high for these features and specs.  (And the correct word here is "too," not "to.")

But you can't.  Because there is no such laptop.  There are lots of people imagining that such a laptop exists in order to complain about the SP3 price, but no one can find one of these imaginary laptops in the real world.

Just looking at those pictures has got me all tempted. I think I like that red type cover. But I'd go for the Blue one or I'd go for a white one.... Hey Wait... Surface pro 3 is not available in Qatar. I can't have the Surface pro 3 for a long time. This sucks!

What we need now is a good trade in program. I got the SP 2 not half a year ago and I definitely like the SP3, but I am not forking out 1500 to 2000 bucks every six months. So at this point, as much as i like the SP3, I will just wait for the next few iterations..

Or sell yours online and get money back, and you will need to pay hopefully "small" amount of money for the difference for the new device.

Looks like I will be at BB this weekend. They better have a couple on display, because I will be thorough.

We have a surface Pro and its great. The SP3 looks to be dramatically improved but the changes to the digitizer worry me. Having read numerous reports and reviews the next step will be to try the SP3 in a store.

My next purchase for myself was going to be a Thinkpad Yoga, but I will put this purchase on hold...

Am I the only one that plans to use the new SP3 as a means in which to get an SP2 at a steeply discounted price ?  SP2s will probably go down to somewhere close to $599 retail after these go on sale. And Ebay, Craigslist, and the like will be much cheaper.

It's time to upgrade my RT.  I just wish MS had a upgrade program.


No Microsoft stores here in Europe :( Not even sure when it can be ordered on-line here as well :( If I don't win one I may have to catch a plane to the US to buy one :) With a 1 in 10.000 chance I guess I'll be on a plane soon...

From the surface pro 3 design to SP3 pen ,everything looks premium..Top Class ...grt grt grt..
The RED type cover is simply WOW ^_^ 

I am soooo glad they're offering a RED type cover. All my devices are red. Daughter's stuff is blue. Makes it easy to know who's is who's.

My wish is that these are embraced by corporations - I'd jettison the corporate black box laptop for one of the in a second.

I will not buy a SP3 for at least 3 months.  Microsoft has a way of screwing early adopters...didn’t I just buy a SP2 a few months ago...months not year.  Seems desperate for them to put this out so soon.

I know i will get a Surface Pro 3 but i am still undecided about the cover... :) I though red or blue and was leaning towards the blue but seeing a photo of that red cover...

Also, many students are spending more money on a MBA or MBP so the argument that SP3 is unaffordable for most consummers is not valid (SP3 is expansive but not overpriced considering the capabilities of the device, its components and design (thiness/lightness) IMO)

I think when I open my own office I'll get the surface 3 instead of the Helix if I like how the pen works

Wow, Surface Pro surely can take out my laptop for daily use. That's what I like about surface pro 3. You can use it as usual laptop but you don't have reboot it everytime you want to use it!! :)

Finally, they adopt a bigger size. Microsoft will emerge as a winner after all this time

Best Buy is such a $#!*hole. I hate that place - demo computers broken, etc. I will buy my SP3 from the Microsoft Store. But I want the dark blue cover, so I'll have to get that from Best Buy...

Went to local Best Buy at noon today. They hadn't even heard of the Pro 3 being in the store until June 20. Called Best Buy contact center, and they say they haven't received it in any of their stores and don't know when they will. ???

I may have figured it out. I think it's available today (6/6/14) only in actual Microsoft Stores and Sunday (6/8/14) in Best Buy stores that have Microsoft Stores in them--not in all Best Buys. But I had to piece that together by reading numerous web stories, and the distinction wasn't even made in Panos Panay's Reddit session. I have to give them poor marks for clear information for those of us who are eager to try out the unit in person. If I'm right about the dates and locations, at the least the Best Buy contact center should have been able to tell me the pre-availability applies only to Best Buys with Microsoft Stores.



I would absolutely love a Surface Pro 3.  It looks like the perfect all-in-one for me for work and mobility.  About the only thing it won't replace is my gaming PC, but that's just never going to happen for a mobile PC. 

I think this will provide the green light for a lot of large corporations to allow for use of Surface Pro devices. I work for a corporation that allowed for iPad and iPhones early on, this will eclipse the iPad and give us full Windows functionality.