Surface Pro 3 launch events to be held June 20 at Microsoft Store locations

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Microsoft and other retailers are already taking pre-orders for the Surface Pro 3, but the 12-inch Windows 8.1 tablet officially goes on sale Friday, June 20. Today, the company announced that all of its Microsoft Store retail locations in the U.S. and Canada will be holding special Surface Pro 3 launch events on that day.

The stores will feature what Microsoft is calling "VIP white-glove" service for people who have pre-ordered the tablet from their local store. There will also be giveaways, music and food at each location and there will also be a special contest that will send a family of four on a trip to Hawaii.

The special events don't stop on June 20th. Eight days later on Saturday, June 28th Microsoft Stores in the U.S. and Canada will also be holding "Surface Summer Celebration" events, which will include a number of activities and giveaways. 10 stores will also present food and games to their customers, along with local sports figures for a meet-and-greet and yet another chance to check out the Surface Pro 3.

The list of 10 Microsoft Store locations that will hold these special events are:

  • Bellevue Square, Bellevue, Washington
  • Aventura Mall, Aventura, Florida
  • Westfield San Francisco Centre, San Francisco, California
  • Westfield Garden State Plaza, Paramus, New Jersey
  • Scottsdale Fashion Square, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, Illinois
  • The Fashion Centre at Pentagon City, Arlington, Virginia
  • Square One Shopping Centre, Mississauga, Ontario
  • South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, California
  • The Shops at La Cantera, San Antonio, Texas

If you live near a Microsoft Store, will you be joining in the festivities?

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Surface Pro 3 launch events to be held June 20 at Microsoft Store locations


So the "Surface Summer Celebration" seems to be a better day to visit a Microsoft Store than the even of the 20th of June? I live five hours away from the closest one so I think I could only attend once.

The launch events on 6/20 will be every store.  The stuff on 6/28 is more limited probably because they are having celebrities, food, etc. 

10 stores vs. like 100 stores is a huge difference when paying big name talent...

Any word when Daniel's Surface Pro 3 review is going to be availble? I read his initial thoughts on it but always appreciate his full reviews even more.   

Any word on times? I imagine we would know closer to the days, but thought you might know.
Edit: So the one on the 28th is 1-4 pm local times, but the other wasn't indicated on the list.

Shame that Huntinton Station NY store had no events.....oh well, I'll be there at 10am to pick up my order!

I really hope the surface 3 is a success. for me no other tablet line touches the surface line up RT or Pro. I had a surface RT and now a 2 and I had an IPad and Xoom before the surface and they don't come any where near the surface line up in my opinion. I get my gf a galaxy pro 8.4 and for me nothing in that size factor comes close and I think the surface 3 no laptop or tablet comes close to what it offers I just hope people take notice.

No Orlando....... I played with it a few days ago. First thing I did was lay the kick stand down and draw. Lol The pen feels great in hand. Better than the skinny stylus. PhotoShop wasn't there which is what I really wanted to try. It is amazing how they added more tech but not more weight. The keyboard feature is awesome and hopefully it will work for my surface 2. The only thing I don't like is price. I'd have to sell my 2 month old surface 2, forget about the extra $100 I just dropped on the warranty and still put extra money just to get the lower model of the surface 3. Why couldn't I have been the one to get that Surface 3 at the event instead of that apple lover. Lol

Don't know why they don't load Photoshop on those demo units. They could strike some type of promotional deal with Adobe. Hell, they should include a 10 day trial with every unit. Photoshop would be the killer app for these types of machines. 

So does this mean the pre-orders ship before the 20th to arrive in peoples hands on the 20th? or will they only actually ship on the 20th, whic is a Friday, so realistically unless they're overnighting, means we wont get the tablet until the 23rd?


I'm still planning on going into my local MS Store in Santa Clara to pick up a cyan type cover

Your perfectly safe buying it from Amazon provided that it's new and that the listing says fulfilled by Amazon or Prime. Returns are a pain otherwise. If your close enough to a store though I would buy it there personally. You have 45 days to buy a Microsoft warranty no matter where you buy it if your planning on getting one.