Surface Pro 3 is now available in the UK!

Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft is finally available for purchase at various retailers here in the UK. As well as releasing the product through its own channels, Microsoft aims to replace laptops and tablets with its latest high-end attempt at combining the best of both form factors into one single experience.

Should you require a brief refresh as to what the product is and how it can essentially alter your tech life, check out our in-depth review of the Surface Pro 3. Here's how the configuration layout looks, alongside how much you can expect to pay:

  • Intel Core i3, 64GB, 4GB RAM - £639
  • Intel Core i5, 128GB, 4GB RAM - £849
  • Intel Core i5, 256GB, 8GB RAM - £1,109
  • Intel Core i7, 256GB, 8GB RAM - £1,339
  • Intel Core i7, 512GB, 8GB RAM - £1,649

Surface Pro 3

From today, it's possible to purchase your brand new Surface Pro 3 from various supporting retailers. If you head on over to Currys PCWorld you'll find a £100 cashback promotion running right now on products over £599 which means the cheapest Surface Pro 3 in effect comes down to £539. We've compiled a handful of links below to get you started:

Who's picking one up? Let us know your first impressions in the comments.


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Surface Pro 3 is now available in the UK!


I don't believe that's true. I was in a Microsoft store looking at the SP3, and the sales guy I was talking to told me I could trade in my original Surface RT. I didn't get any more information since I didn't want to do that because I assumed the amount I would get would me minimal, but they are willing to give you something for your older Surface products.

Very very pricey god that is 63000₹ for base model after converting to indian price.... Microsoft should drop advertising it as an alternative for tablet and laptop for students and the top end is 160000₹!!!!!

Just rang Currys and they dont apper to have the i7 version in at all - both store or web with no idea of when they will receive stock.



Yep !!! I am just back from the Currys PC world shop in London and ordered my i5 256GB 8Gb... they don't have that one in stock neither (not in stores and not in the warehouse !!! )

While I was in the shop (about 15 min), 4 people came to buy one as well... The shop display is not even set up that people already came to buy them... The shop assistant told me that it has been like that all morning!  (on top of all the pre-order they have secured thanks to the £100.00 discount offer = +/- cover type offered!)

Agreed, the SP3 are (far too much) expensive, but still a very nice piece of kit and people are buying them !!! 
I have been holding on (and saving) since the first Surface pro was announced !, now I can't wait to (hopefully) get my surface pro 3 next week... (I hope I won't have to wait a few weeks while the stock replenish !

Crazy !

I had same experience. went to pc world they have the two lowest priced models in stock. the i5 8gb I bought from there business centre as they had it in stock at that time. guess now they don't. I should get it tomorrow. JL have all models in shops but don't sell the i5 8GB at all!!!

I'm annoyed about JL not having the i5 8GB was going to buy it yesterday but its the only one they are selling for some unknown reason.

Do you mean 'the only one they are not selling'? I also can't believe they're not doing that one - why would they limit themselves, it makes no sense. The i5 256GB is the model I've decided on, but JL told me that not only is it not in stock (they had everything else available), but also you can't order it.

I also tried at Curry's - similar story. They had all in stock, except the i5 256GB. They claimed they could order it for next day, but then tried and their ordering service started saying it was 5 day min, and then they seemed to suggest it wasn't available at all (it was hard to work out the real situation - 3 different people were on the case, and all with conflicting stories).

So where on earth can I get a i5 256GB from? I thought I'd just pop down, get one, and that would be it! Maybe I should just order it from the MS store, and forget the JL warranty, or the 100 quid cashback from Currys.

I rang up the help line and they had no idea when they would be getting it in stock...i think ill have to make a trip down and see for myself maybe.

Bad news... I've just got a call from the Currys PC World shop were I have ordered my SP3 i5 256GB yesterday... As I feared, Currys PC World doesn't have any in stock and the i5 256 GB is on a 2 weeks back order! i.e. I can wait 2 weeks of get a full refund and get it somewhere else! (John Lewis doesn't stock this one, so only Microsoft store left !) 

They do have loads of i3 64GB and some i5 128GB but no i5 256GB!

Arrrggg !

Even better (not), the SP3 i5 256GB is mark as available to order and collect in a shop within 1 hour... I therefore called PC World to find out from which store I could collect from in the UK ???

The lady on the phone did a search, then put me on hold for a while and then told me that there are NO i5 256GB in the UK and that they were in the process of delisting that poduct from their web site... the SP3 i5 256GB page should disappear from the PC world web site in a couple of hours !

What is going on with this specific model ? 
Not at John Lewis, Not at PC World !!! 

ALSO: I called the online UK  microsoft store.., to know why I can't find the product in the shop...
I have been told that the SP3 i5 256GB has NOT yet been deliver to retailer and currently an exclusivity to the Online MS Store... If I order with them, I get in on tuesday (but lose the £100.00 offer of PC World). otherwise, this model will only be deliver to the retail shop in 1 to 2 weeks time !!! 

That may explain why John Lewis doesn't have that model listed for now!

I guess I will have to wait then ! no other choice ! (not fair mister MS!)

Good to know - I ended up giving up on Currys, and ordered the SP3 i5 256GB from the MS store - as you say, giving up the £100 discount. I asked on the MS Store chat if they knew of any probs with it, and they didn't (though they're often clueless as to what's really going on!). I'm expecting it to be delayed to be honest, but will be nice if it isn't..

Interestingly the i3 64GB was showing as Out of Stock on the MS Store - and yet you're saying Currys/PC World have loads of them...

Also couldn't get the particular colour keyboard I wanted as also out of stock, though not too bothered about that obviously!

Indeed, on the web site, the i5 256GB is also marked as "collect to store in 1 hour" ... just for fun, I checked and all stores near me (about 7) are out of stocks... I know that they are being delivered as we speak (the store I went to had 4 deliveries today (one with SP3 but not with the model I wanted, mostly i3 64GB and i5 128GB)... If the i5 256 GB hopefully that means that I will receive a call with "ready for collection in store" soon... I have been told so far for next wednesday ! finger crossed!

indeed, PC World Business's warehouse have some i5 256 GB in stock, but I am not VAT registered hence have been told that I could get it through the business centre. In anycase both store may be delivered at the same time anyway !


I've given up with Currys. They dont even have the devices in their depot, not alone in their stores. I've cancelled and gone with Microsoft who say they can get me the device by Tuesday latest.

A 1300$ is 783£....but they're selling it for 1100£...ridiculous...totally getting one though...it is the sleekest piece of hardware I've ever held in my hands....that's not attached to me

$1300 is £783 ... before VAT. It still shouldn't be £1100, but people keep forgetting US prices don't include sales tax.

VAT would add £160 to the price.
Looks like Microsoft are trying to factor in future currency fluctuations (not that this excuses their price gouging!).
I hope the SP3 flops in the UK. Perhaps then it will fall in price to where it should be.

Yes, but $1300 is no taxes. (closer to $1400 to really buy, but ignore that)

Taking off UK taxes... 1100 GBP = $1800.  With 20% VAT off thats $1500.  Taking off shipping and perhaps import duty and it's maybe a $150 different... so not as much as first looks.

I believe any model sold in the UK must conform to different standards than the USA, so add that cost plus tax.

Bro surface hasn't made a hype here or anywhere in India except we Microsoft fans here. See the Macs here in India. They don't have enough sales here even though there are may rich class ppl in India. IPhone is still a hit here not Mac. Similarly surface has to earn popularity in U.S., Europe and then launch here. I can understand your ki e towards surface but Microsoft has to spend and incur less expenses and focus more in budget products for market share here.

Your going to love it .. After using mine for a few weeks now I have not and don't see any reason to even touch my laptop. And the pen/stylus on this thing is excellent.

Ah mate, I'm so delighted with it - its the best mobile device i've ever used!  I'm very very impressed with it - i've had about an hour of use so far.

The only negative feedback i've already passed on to MS is that the pen/stylus loop is rather poorly implemented.  Other than that I gave glowing feedback.

It's light years ahead of ipad and macbooks etc.

Surface Pro 3 is by far the single best mobile device i've ever used, by far. 

Just walked into John Lewis this lunch time and picked up an i7.  Looks like they're selling well, they only had two i7s left.

Mine arrived this morning, currently installing a couple games on it from steam and downloading the Intel graphics drivers from the website (i7 256gb). Haven't experienced any overheating yet but will see when I fire up Injustice.

Which version are you downloading for the driver? I just get an error with automatic detection and the other one won't install.

Just been to John Lewis on Oxford Street where they only had ONE Surface Pro 3 display model out (vs a few Surface 2/Surface Pro 2 models) and I couldn't really get a look at that one as there was a salesperson right in front of it talking to someone. :\

I'm opening a new business soon, if I don't go bankrupt I definitely want to buy this and have two docks with it to use it as my main computer so I can easily take it home with me and the office with the desktop experience. Will definitely try to get this second hand, it's extremely expensive for the 512GB version which is really what I need.

Has anyone who has pre-ordered the Surface Pro 3 in the UK recieved theirs? Has it even shipped?

I ordered only the Type Cover but it is just saying "In Process" with no estimated dispatch or anything. Microsoft need to update their website, its frickin awful. 

Got my preordered i7 this morning in China and I love it. Running multiple downloads and installations and no sign of overheating at all. Just get's a little warm when it installed windows update, downloaded 2 programs, got virus scanner running and office 365 installing. But I could still touch it, so I think the overheating issues are just hyped. Got series 1433 btw

Mine arrived this morning and it is absolutely fabulous.  As expected, it's had to do a tonne of updates but they all seem to be done now except the 19 August firmware release which failed for some reason so I'll come back to that later.  It took a little longer to get the pen to work but now it does it is awesome.

This is potentially the perfect PC/laptop/tablet in one.

As much as I'd like one they are simply far too expensive. Even if those prices included a keyboard I would say they are still about 20-25% too expensive. I have a Yoga 2 Pro i7 8GB 256GB.

UPS delivered my pre-ordered 128/i5 with a blue type cover today. The only problem is that the device itself was missing, so here I am in my sofa with a type cover but no computer. Arghghhhh.

Mine came today! Have been setting it up and it is pretty awesome. The new keyboard configuration is great and the keyboard feels like it has better travel. Not really done much with the pen, but can tell you that the pen holder is not going to last! Seems like an after thought that needs a bit more effort. Over all I have to say that it is much better than my Pro 2. The screen is fantastic!

Went to the shop today and it looks brilliant. Few more days to take my decision but I will probably buy it on Sunday. It is expensive but good PC with a better screen than Full HD, SSD, I5, 8Gb of ram, touch screen is also expensive. Plus, I want a tablet with 4 millions existing apps

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