Surface Pro 3 reportedly hard to find in the UK after launch

surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 launched in many more markets around the world last week, including the UK. Now there's word that the 12-inch Windows 8.1 tablet from Microsoft is in short supply across the pond.

Currys has sold out of the 256 GB version of the tablet, but the 64 and 128 versions are still available, while Argos is out of the 64 GB model as is the official Microsoft Store UK website. The John Lewis website shows the 256 and 512 GB versions as not currently in stock.

All in all, it looks like the Surface Pro 3 is available in limited quantities, but that some stores are out of specific versions. Huffington Post UK got a statement from Microsoft which said:

""People's response to Surface Pro 3 has been positive. Our primary goal is and will remain to get Surface into the hands of all productive people who want a tablet that matches their unique productivity needs. For those eager to buy, we recommend they go to JLP, Dixons and Argos."

If you live in the UK, have you had issues buying your desired version of the Surface Pro 3? Thanks to Tony for the tip!

Source: Huffington Post UK


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Surface Pro 3 reportedly hard to find in the UK after launch


At Microsoft store online, the i3 is the only version not in stock! Also, Microsoft store works out cheaper than Amazon UK!

My Lumia stopped at spinning gears while update. Its since 3 hours. Its 2nd time. Hate MS for such a cheap products. Its no way a smartphone. Its a dumb phone. Never ever buy MS products.

Umm, you need to wake up and understand that sometimes technology goes wrong.  It's not perfect.  Given that 99% of users are happy and aren't experience your problem, maybe you should just see if the phone can be repaired under warranty instead of throwing your toys out of the pram and saying microsoft is crap?

Come on, only a child reacts like that.

and you think something like this cant happen to any other device or OS ? at least you can still use that nokia tool to take it back to 8.0 and still have working phone ... 


If you have problem, I know folks on this forum will offer you help, but throwing tantrum and calling MSFT names. Don't come here telling folks not to buy Lumia or MSFT product because of you experience. You think we will all be here if their product is as you claim it to be. (To be technical, Nokia released that phone way before MSFT bought them), plus the mis fortune you have is definitely not the same story for everyone  with L820 or any other Lumia for that matter. FYI: The article you crached or photo bombed is about Surface 3 launch in U.K with some models running out NOT ABOUT Lumia 810

Just ask for HELP.


Yes, I agree 100%. Buy Samsung and Android. You'll be soooo much happier. They are soooo much more reliable. Well, OK, they're not. In fact they're utter rubbish. But just saying.

(Dictated on my Lumia 920)

I know tath feel bro, I'm not even able to afford a surface RT (yes, first generation) cause in my contry the stores enlarge the price (RT 1st gen = $4999MX ~ $380USA)

hopefully this means the surface line will start to pay off. it'd be a shame if ms had to pull the plug on it. i've been interested since the original, but can't spare the dosh to purchase one.

Me too. I just loved the way they look and feel.
But I live in India, so I can't get them, and even if they come out, it wil be pricey as fuck

I'd like to buy it too but that's the problem, not everyone can afford this device. Plus, it's not available in India. If they start bundling the type cover with the device it would be a bargain.

I had a look in Currys and John Lewis and the sales staff were very complimentary about the surface and said the screen was amazing.

There were other people looking for the surface too and this is a small town.

So all indications are the Surface is becoming known by the staff as a high quality product and people are in the stores buying.

I bought mine from Microsoft Store. I have the i5 128GB version since the day it was launched. Loving it! Btw, I'm posting from my Surface!

I got the 128GB myself, got two profiles on it with office 2013, Sim City, some other programs and a lot of apps. Got about 78GB of free space left. Most of my files, videos and photos are saved on Onedrive. If it starts to fill up I'll buy a memory card. Super device!

Ah I see, that it is far too little free space for my liking lol. Currently have 73.7 GB free on a 600gb HDD on my dying laptop lol. 100 GB partition for o/s and a logical partition of 494 GB for data.

I have the 128 also and have around 50gb available on main partition. I keep personal data and media on Onedrive or 64gb SD card(bitlockered). OneDrive/pro cache and Outlook cache(.ost files) eat up most of system drive.

I went to Currys to get a type cover yesterday and those were in short supply, too. I suspect they were overly cautious with their stock after the slow uptake of the first two generations.

I went to get the i7, 256 sp3 on finance from currys but they said I have to wait until Friday this week which is when they get stock.

Nope, of course it gets a little warmer when I do a few things at once or play a movie but nothing extreme. I absolutely am in love with this machine :-))

Mine is on backorder with PCWorld they are saying up to two weeks. My friend who works there has been saying the initial response is good and sales have started well in his store at least...

On the first weekend of the launch of Surface Pro 2 in the UK I popped into John Lewis and to my suprise there was a MS guy doing demos and what not! Embarrassingly, despite the many interested potential customers, they didn't have a single one to sell.

Glad to see things improving aye? :D

How can you do a demo and not have any units to sell?... What a wasted opportunity lol. They should have thrown in the keyboard as bundle offer of the day with 10% off the machine regardless of spec. That would have pushed several units :p.

I got my Surface itself through Currys, with their £100 cashback offer, then used my student discount at the Microsoft store to get the keyboard - all in all, I saved about £120!

Denmark, not UK, but saw on at our largest electronics store yesterday. There were two separate customers looking at it; seems to win more attention than it's predecessors. Really expensive for what you get, IMO...

Depends. For those who would normally buy a ultrabook or a mac it is priced about the same. But for those who don't see a point in either of those it is very pricey indeed!

You get an ultrabook that's leaps and bounds lighter and thinner than rivals, with the best resolution in its market, Windows Pro, and a full digitizer included. Its by far the best priced Ultrabook ever created.

I don't know... I've had an Asus i7 Transformer Book since December. Can't see why this is much better? Lighter, yes, but also less handy with it's awkward keypad, and uncomfortable with it's edges. 30 % more expensive to boot...

I too also went to the local electronics store to have a look at it as a SP2 owner, and was surprised by the number of customers that were surrounding it hearing the sales manager talk about it. Also after one day, they only had one left. Fantastic.

It's the nightmare of any marketer - a product that is already selling badly when compared to competition and those who actually want to buy it can't.

Indeed it is, as when that happens you also lose potential customers who will get themselves another machine instead - most likely a mac book. As I have noticed most retailers don't have any decent ultrabooks on show. If they do, it is an older model.

In the Netherlands the i5 8/256 model is pretty much sold out everywhere. New shipment of this model expected end of next week.

The demand might be good but the supply is just horrible if at the release you have to wait two weeks before you can buy it in the store. Even some pre-orders are not shipped yet.



Not always the case look at the iPhone it pretty much always sells out everywhere on launch and then stock is tight for a couple of weeks minimum. True there is always way more stock to start with but they cant keep up with demand even knowing what they are getting into...

Flaunting your wealth huh? :P. Decided to get the i7, 256 GB on finance from Currys. Since I am already saving £10 week so why not lol. Either that or using a 1st Gen atom netbook for my internet fix when my phone is on charge.

I'm actually going to buy an i7 in Houston, when I'm there next week. I'm worried about the overheating issue, though I'm hopeful it's a software fix. I have an i7 already, but it's been purloined by my younger cousin. She hasn't experienced any issues with an i7 with 512gb so I'm hopeful I'll have a similar experience. Good luck to you with yours - the sp3 is really superb. In my humble opinion the only thing that would make it better is access to the ssd - so it may be removed if the system is borked. I hate this move towards sealed units grrr.

I'm even more envious now! Lol.
I agree, the sealed units are a pain... The old netbooks that had the hard drives buried in were a pain in the backside to repair.

Thanks, If I do get a faulty unit I may trade down however will cross that bridge when if it happens.

Always the same story. Building a hype only to disappoint people with supply issues. And that's is why this is never going to be a successful product!

I went and chatted to a guy trying to sell them at a big Currys/PC world store in London - he did a pretty good demo of the device but when I showed him my Lumia 1520 and said I like how the 2 systems work together etc. he started telling me about the Lumia 980 phone that he had... Reminded me how much crap sales people talk.

You haven't heard of the 980? Man! 920 body with a s800, 2 gb ram, 32gb internal storage, 1080p screen, 41mp AND an SD card!!!!!! The Nokia internal name is "Kaldor Draigo". It's a beast!!!!
Depressed now. I'd buy two of those lol

I bought one last week (in the US). And frankly, it is the most useful computer I've ever owned. I feel like I can accomplish anything! I want to go back to school just so I can take tons of notes.

Seriously MS? It took you over 2 months to release it outside the us and then you are not even able to build enough? Can't believe that. And I don't think that the demand is so high that they couldn't have anticipated that. They just made too few units.

Units that have been manufactured should be sold out and that's the ideal way when demand is not heavily crazy. Slightly we will be able to see growth and more pre orders I. the UK for surface. Surface has to get a brand image like apple which it still doesn't have. All costly products still well coz they have high brand value though they might be shitty or garbage for eg: MacBook. Surface is a productive device it just has to get a reputation.

I think that the ones with preorder on ms or other stores had no problem... And I think that there was a large number of preorder was indeed high
Maybe thats what caused the low stock on stores and if SP3 has sutch positive rep will cause users that did not preordered to go to the stores and search for it the low stock goes to no stock

Love my Surface Pro 3. I guess this could be considered good news but I just hope it doesn't annoy potential buyers.

Have 512 SP2 and got my SP3 512 today. The only thing I can complain about is that there is no 16GB RAM Version.

Picked up mine fine from Argos but there was only 2 in stock and none of the type cover in. Had to order that. Absolutely loving it.

Walked into pc world Canary wharf today and they had it. Looked nice, but aspect ratio looked odd, and it is too bug for a tablet. I'll stick with my 2 for now. Trackpad, keyboard and kickstand were all much improved however, I would like a surface 3 in surface 2 form factor.

Depends what your going to use it for, if it is purely for consumption then the ratio will be abit odd as you will end up with black bars. For productivity, the extra real estate really helps.

I picked mine up Thursday, it's a great device.
Have WP Central really gone so low as to use HuffPo as a source?

I just returned my surface pro 3 i7 frying pan yesterday! They have some real issues. Mine was bought 3 weeks after the release date and had the battery not charging issue that they claimed was a pre production problem. I also had the fan spinning really high and loud and device getting way too hot to hold in hand.
Will wait till the next production batch. Bought a dell xps 13 instead

Last Thursday 29th, I went to PC world to order my SP3 i5 8 / 256 gb... I stayed about 15 min in the shop, the shop assistant was trying to set up the surface display but was constantly interrupted by people (like me)... In 15 min, 4 people came to order theirs... No question asked, just "I want to buy the surface pro 3 model xyz" The shop assistant confirmed that it had been like that all day...
Of course, the i5 256 gb was not in stock anywhere, not even at the warehouse... I ordered and now will wait 2 weeks (back?) order...
Same at John Lewis, the i5 256gb is not even on their catalog?...
On Monday, I called the Microsoft online store to find out more about where I can get that particular model in a shop... The answer was clear and simple, I can't... He explained that the i5 256 was not yet shipped to retailers and should start at the end of this week... If I wanted it faster, I could order it from the MS store and get it the following day (?) but no £100 discount...
PC world later confirmed that they haven't received any!
A call from the shop today confirmed what another poster mentioned here, PC world will receive the i5 256gb from this Friday and I can hope to finally get it sometime next week... In that shop, 8 others are like me, waiting for the i5 256gb... (same story for the blue types cover apparently, hard to find...)
The surface pro 3 seems to sell like hot cakes despite the premium price (for a premium device!)... I have been saving since the first surface generation... Can't wait to get my SP3 Hopefully next week...

Just got my Surface Pro 3, i7 512gb 8gb Ram.  After 2 days I'm loving it.  I had the Surface Pro 2 but it just was missing...something.  Whether it was the thickness, or the form factor/size, I just couldnt see the Surface 2 as my full time laptop/tablet replacement.  

Now?  The 3 is just hands down the best piece of tech I've owned in some time.  So much so that my 15 inch Retina Macbook Pro & iPad Air is going up on eBay tonight!

Check out Sean ong's tips and tricks on YouTube for the sp3 if you haven't yet. That Bluetooth pen is more powerful than people realise.

If money was not a concern I'd have bought a surface pro 3, but as it is ( after a lot of research) I went for venue pro 11 and loving it. It's nice and speedy and surprisingly powerful, though I still have surface envy.

ids4 minutes ago

I managed to pickup an i3 SP3 on Saturday to replace my Surface RT from PC World. None of the local stores had any stock apart from one and NONE had any keyboards. The £100 cashback may of helped but I suspect not much stock went out. Managed to get a keyboard delivered to my local Waitrose from John Lewis on Sunday as well.

Got to be said they are a cracking bit of kit.  Only had an i3 as wanted better battery life as have a stonking i7 Lenovo T440S to do serious work on. 

i havnt done any scientific testing and only been using it as my RT but at the moment it easil'y exceeds it.   The default power plan seems to hibernate the device after x hours of being off (unlike the RT) but it boots that fast i really dont care.

I brought an i3 with 64gb disk.  Currently its showing 28gb free, but i have installed a 32gb SHDC card for all of my films, media etc and I suspect ill also move the Skydrive cache to their once i Bitlocker it. 

The new kickstand rocks and with it being x86 i can use anything i need with it, although im resisting the temptation as want to keep the experiance pure.  I have only installed Firefox and thats only for emergencies as have got used to Metro IE and quite like it.

All i can do is say get one.


I see. i3 exceeding rt on battery life that sounds interesting. Getting my kid sister a surface 2 32gb for school and will be picking up an i7, 256 GB on Friday from Currys when they get stock.

Got the the 64gb version, that's what I could a fond... bought from the Microsoft store.... apart frm the Little free space... love everything else about my sp3

I ordered my Core i7 256Gb, from the MS UK site, and it was due for delivery on the 28 Aug. only to note that the status has changed from in process to BackOrder!

Called them today and they say they will get new shipments on Friday and will ship after that! not sure why the delay, when I have placed my order couple of months ago. it is not like they didn't know about the demand!

Picked up a i5 256 for my wife yesterday had it pre order here in Bangkok, Must say best looking computer i have ever seen would really love one for myself but will have to wait till old one dies.

Only prob at the moment is the type cover is the only accessorie available for now.

Had delivered the i5 256gb from the USA couple of weeks ago, popped to John Lewis on Thursday and got the darker 'navy' blue Type cover. My first Surface and I'm totally in love :)

I got a 930 last month and picked up my Surface Pro 3 last Friday. The user experience between my Windows 8.1 PC, Lumia 930 and the Surfaces is mind-blowing. The Surface pro has exceeded expectations and I am absolutely chuffed to bits. This is right at the time I am starting my undergraduate degree and already the seamless functionality and integration between the three devices is just awesome. Absolutely fantastic!!!!!

Nearly bought one but was put off by there not being a i5 8gb 128 GB SSD model. I don't need 256gb of storage but 4gb of ram is a bit low for running visual studio along with other software. There is a gap in pricing it would fit nicely in so I talked myself into wating for broadwell models :) perhaps we will get a wider choice.

hmm it seems that the Surface Pro 3 intel i5 models are the safe bet to buy because they have no overheating problem. I looked at a Surface pro i5 128 gig ssd model. Fantastic device man oh man the Surface Pro 4 with the Fanless Intel broadwell CPU's that will come in the future may be thinner and will give better battery life than the current ones. it' nice to know however these Surface Pro 3's are so good people are not going to wait for the broadwell models

Microsoft is so afraid of another 900 million dollar loss, that they refuse to make enough Surface tablets to meet demand.