Surface RT sales still strong, shipping dates continue to be pushed back

Microsoft Surface RT sales going strong

The Microsoft Surface RT tablet became available for pre-order back on October 16th and we've seen select model's availability (or shipping date) shift from October 26th to shipments not expected for up to three weeks.  We're seeing this happen in various regions and in some cases effecting all three Surface RT options.

Microsoft's online store for the U.S. Market is no longer listing any of the three Surface RT options as being available on October 26th. Shipping estimates range from "within three weeks" for the 32GB model and "1-2 weeks" for the 32GB and 64GB models that come with covers.

We've even had one tipster report receiving notice from Microsoft asking they pick up their Surface on the October 27th instead of the October 26th launch date.  Not sure if this is due to holding inventory for walk-in customers on the 26th or that pre-order shipments to the store have been delayed.  We'll try to get clarification on this one.

We still don't know what this represents as far as sales numbers are concern but based on the changes in the shipping date estimates, it looks like most are opting for the 32GB Surface RT without the cover.  Regardless, it's nice to see the Surface's preorders doing well and hopefully demand will remain high and Microsoft's assembly line can keep up with the pace. 

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!


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Surface RT sales still strong, shipping dates continue to be pushed back


I ordered the 32GB with Black Cover today earlier, hope it doens't affect my shipment, it said delivery by the 26th when I ordered. Also another question, they said money will be taken from account when product was shipped, I ordered it roughly @ 10AM, and money was taken out around 4pm. Does this mean shipment has begun?!

Thats just a hold they put on your money to make sure your card is good, my guess is it wont post to your account, it takes a full day anyway for something to actually post to your bank it will just be pending you might not be able to spend the money but this doesnt actually count as them charging you yet, they put a hold on mine too but it hasnt went through. And i ordered first day.

I pte-ordered a few days ago in the first 5 minutes after they opened it up, and I was charged instantly too.  I'd expect them to ship Wed or Thurs.  When ever I do release date deliveries through Amazon they always ship the night before.

Just to be clear again...... authorizing and putting a hold on a card and charging are not the samething as the charge has been completed or posted, it will not post till they ship, i have an authorization on my card but it hasnt posted which means if they dont complete it in 30 days it comes back off, basically ya your money is on hold but they havent posted the charge yet. Once it ships it will post and complete then i would assumed its shipped.

Right, but people should be aware of this.  It's not a problem for me, but for those who are used to stores like Amazon which does not use a "hold" sytem and only charges once the item ships will have to make sure they have the funds available to pay at the time of their pre-order.

I ordered as soon as it was available and I got charged at the time of order. Today I checked my account and they only charges .99 so im assuming the rest will come out on the 26th.

Just check your receipt.  It should list whether you having a shipping date (pre-order with delivery by 10/26) or a shipping range. 

Not quite, credit cards have two states "auth" and "cap" basically auth means your money is reserved right away and technically on hold (as far as you're credit card company is concerned you can't access it). After it ships or a certain time frame it goes into a cap status and actually takes the money out. That's why if you tip with your credit card by writing it in on the receipt, the money you are charged for is taken out right away and the tip money can take some extra time to come out later. This was all unknown to me until I developed an iOS credit card swiping app for an encryption company and they drilled it into my head.
But yah, I really hope I'll have my Surface waiting for me next Friday! A real touch OS is almost here (and it's an amazing desktop OS too, go figure).

I guess some just don’t understand the difference between an authorization transaction that checks to see that the card is valid and the account has enough credit to cover the charge at that time by putting the money on hold and the final transaction that charges the amount to the account.

Did the same when i ordered the 64gb. It is a hold for about a day or so then they put it back. They will then charge card at ship time.

Surface without the cover giver you the fresh looking, colorful cover option. Who wants a black cover.

I want, because I was a die-hard Thinkpad user (until Lenovo killed the classic 7-row keyboard).

Lots of people, including those of us who don't like having our technology puchases look like children's toys. Personally, my clients tend to be conservative types and I don't need to undercut my own credibility with them by carrying something around that is the color of a child's backpack or lunch box.  It is also a reason why, innovative as Nokia phones may be, they are not on my purchase list.  Well, that and the fact I wouldn't go back to AT&T if they were paying me.   

I also ordered black, but you know nokia makes black phones and they dont look like toys lol, i'm being forced to use an iphone at work, nokia doesnt look any less business like than an iphone.

I don't begrudge your choice of black, but I can tell you that a few years ago I got some Dell XPS laptops in blue, red, and white, and they did not at all look like toys. They looked fantastic and actually classier than most other business notebooks.

it's too bad you don't have a playful mind and treat gadgets so 'professionally". So I'm guessing anything that has color in your property are labeled toys eh. it's really too bad you live in a monotone world.

Im not falling for this strong sales crap with no numbers. If they were really strong then Microsoft would brag about numbers

They're only making 5 million. To be honest that number is starting to look small to satisfy holiday demand worldwide.

Who is claiming that?  It just means whatever stock was identified for pre-order is booked.  That could be 10,000 or a million, but it sure shows there is some interested people out there for that price range.

Actually, Ballmer only said they would be hoping to sell "a few million" devices in the next 12 months or so.  An analyst (the interwebz say it was a guy named Bob O'Donnell) said it would be 3-5 million.

I haven't been able to get comments in the wpcentral app, worked last night, didn't go on it until 4pm today.  Reinstall of the app did not fix the problem.

Hey guys, I've found the problem and have reported it to the server gurus here, looks like someone made a change which broke the comment loading. As soon as someone picks it up functionality should be restored

Hey guys, I've found the problem and have reported it to the server gurus here, looks like someone made a change which broke the comment loading. As soon as someone picks it up functionality should be restored

I’m in Canada, Microsoft just send me a e-mail… I will not receive my Surface on October 26 but on November 2nd… I’m a bit disappointed…

Preordered mine shortly after the page went live (UK). Just had the mail telling me it's pushed back to 2nd of Nov too. :-(

I'm also in the UK and I've received the same email; pushed back until the 2nd November :( Did they make a mistake with the numbers or was the website just too busy that they are now playing catch-up with the orders?

Unfortunately i got the same email =( and from the U.K Saw on another website that people are getting similar emails.

I really hope this means that Surface will take off. Then maybe it will encourage MS to create other amazing products down the road. I'd go for a MS branded laptop without hesitation.
One thing is certain, if these shortages do equate to sales figures: Surface will be more popular out of the gate than any single Android tablet on the market. 

I am using prepaid CC with $30 right now, can I pre-order ?
In fact I will top up my cc after 2 days.

  1. SO, according to the Microsoft Store on-line chat agent, the over-all launch of the Surface in Canada was pushed back to Friday, November the 2nd. :/ I was so hyped for my Surface to arrive on the 26th. :(

I pre-ordered mine last Tuesday and was expecting to get my hands on 30th but received a email from MS that i'll b getting it on 2nd of Nov :(

Preordered mine early on the 16th (UK). Received an email this morning informing me delivery will now be 2nd Nov. Not impressed.

Normally I would not read to much into these types of stocking issues but as this is the online store for Microsoft this is heartening. Hopefully they managed to stock significant numbers in its UK and US portals.

I have 2 surfaces on order, I was told when I ordered that I would receive them on the 26th. Now I have had my delivery date pushed back to the 2nd November. Oh well I will just have to wait.

I've had emails from MS store during the night to say the release date is now 2nd November. What gives? Annoying as when ordering it said the product might ship early to be here for Oct 26! :-(

Sounds good, but for the 2 upper-end models could it just be 1-2 weeks because that's how long it takes them to ship it, now that the 26th is less than a week away?

Stop complaining lucky bastards.. most of the world hasnt even hada chance to preorder yet :P Sucks to wait for a currently undefined date when we might get Surfaces, which probably gets pushed back more every time with a news like this :D

Your post, puts things in perspective, but wouldn't you be a bit peeved if you expected something to arrive on one day, but then get it a week later? I know I would.

I wonder if the UK store will still ship any accessories on the 26th. On my updated order my cyan touch cover is still due for delivery/shipping on the 26th. Only the Surface itself seems to be tracking for November 2nd.

Is this possible they are pushing back the release date in Canada and in UK to satisfy the demand in the US?  Keyboards aren't exactly the same... but the tablet in itself yes, I suppose.

I dont think the Surface with touch cover is sold out, they are just adjusting the dates so that its between 26th Oct to Nov 2nd as many of them have received a mail regarding this.