Survey of Windows Phone devs shows high interest in Windows 8 opportunity


The big news for developers with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 is of course the coming together of the two platforms under the same core. While it is far from being a 1:1 overlap in terms of coding, it is clear that developing on one platform will naturally lend itself to developing on the other, often with devs being able to recycle much of their code and design.

The site Windows Phone Geek, one of the main places for WP devs to gather and discuss items of interest ran a survey recently. They had a nice response with 1,853 respondents, which from our experience is right at the point where data comes to be very reliable. The results reveal that 94% of current Windows Phone devs are interested and planning to co-develop for Windows 8 too. That’s certainly a large percentage and it seems like an obvious business decision—if you already have an app, why not extend it to Windows 8 for even more exposure and revenue?

The question remains of course for Windows 8 and specifically their RT apps if it will “catch on”. The Windows 8 store recently passed 2,000 apps, which is not terrible considering the OS has yet to even launch. Still, many in the tech world are a bit skeptical, as “real” development won’t take place until more mass adoption in early 2013.

And yes, Windows Phone Central is planning on having a Windows 8 app at some point too, no worries there.

Source: Windows Phone Geek


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Survey of Windows Phone devs shows high interest in Windows 8 opportunity


As a developer myself, and someone who is currently working on some Windows Phone apps (and some Android), I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS RELEASE! I can NOT wait to get my hands on some Windows (Phone) 8 hardware! I unfortunately missed the SDK preview sign-up, so I also have to wait on the software, but blarblalglarlglarlalblgalrlglaarb I can't wait! :D

Good to hear, but I'd like to know what percentage of app devs in general (not just WP7 devs) are interested in WP8. Has there been an increase? If so, how much? Is this increase bolstered by Windows 8?

i really dont see why not, from what i read once you caode for windows 8 oyur basically coding for windows phone 8 but what about RT? is it usig the same base coding, imnot a developer so excuse me if i dontn use the right terminology. developers should be happy, unlike like android you have to develope for every update ( correct me if im wrong), on Apple desktop , phone and ipad, windows 1 basic code just a few tweaks and you have covered all devices, once again correctme if i am wrong.

First off, Apple Desktop is COMPLETELY different from iOS (iPhone/iPad). They do not have common APIs, whereas Windows 8 should have common APIs across the board (especially with RT considering the phones and the tablets will have much more similar SOC - System On Chip). Android doesn't always require an update, it really depends on the APIs and libraries you access. I've written some Android apps that work all the way from 2.2 to 4.0 because I accessed simple maps APIs that didn't require changes.
Anyways, the big deal is the fact that even if you write for the Intel based Windows 8 (Pro), the API calls should still be the same, even if the hardware drivers are a bit different. Which means you have MUCH more portability with code. You may have to worry about screen sizes and resolutions, but that's fairly minor considering the changes required to go from Android 4.3" to Android 10", or iPhone to Mac OSX. This means that you can code some business logic, and leave it almost entirely alone, and only have to change GUI elements (and then with certain Design Patterns, this may be still even more minor).
These are only my personal impressions, and I could still be wrong. I, too, would like to be corrected if I am wrong, please.

I am not a dev but I am Microsoft fan

Hear is some for dev guys make awesome app I but it
For eg games, working hour track, office tool

Man, I wish I was a tech geek and knew how to make apps. I have a great app in mind. What kinda classes or books do I need to read/learn in order for me to make an app(s)?

There are some tutorials online that can get you started on Windows 8 app development, but you may need to look into some "Beginners" books (Beginning C# from Apress, or C# for Dummies (Dummies books are actually really good at teaching programming)). I'd say, start with the basics in a book like that, and then move on to actual Windows app development, and you'll be well on your way.

What about a poll asking how many will continue support and develop for Windows 7.8?  I think that is a more worthwhile poll since I think it seems obvious to me that developers should be excited for WP8 if for just the screenshot function and native code use and many shared API's between three window platforms.