Swarm for Windows Phone updated with stability improvements


Swarm for Windows Phone has just been updated. Today's update doesn't bring any new features, but does address some bugs that users have experienced. Swarm was launched on Windows Phone just over a week ago and so far has received two small updates, all addressing bugs and app stability. Today marks the third update for Swarm on Windows Phone.

Swarm is now at version in the Windows Phone Store. Here's has been fixed in today's latest version:

  • Crash when trying to check-in with a Facebook friend
  • Crash when opening the Add Friends page.
  • Small other improvements

We would have preferred is Swarm launched on Windows Phone without so many issues, but we're glad to see the company working fast to fix them. Have you warmed up to Swarm on Windows Phone?

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Reader comments

Swarm for Windows Phone updated with stability improvements


I'm doubt about it. Updated this morning, still not stable. It closes itself when main page checkins loads slow, or never. If your phone cant get your nearby friends in like 15-20 seconds, closes itself.

From now on, foursquare is just an app to find new places or learning about what's good around. 
We'll get that foursquare update in september I guess.

To ensure you can experience the app crashing without interruption, so your experience of being thrown back to the Start Screen is as quick and seamless as possible! ;)

Why didn't they implement the WordFlow keyboard? Honestly, that has to be one of the most unexplainable over sites a relatively competent developer could ever make. And to think they released a bug fix like they haven't even noticed the main input for the app sucks monkey balls.

Try using it on a Lumia 1520 or 1320 - you will cry after you see how 70% of your screen is an orange background and content is squeezed within the 10% of screen while 20% screen is just the title of app! Disgraceful to say the least.

I have a hard time trying to change my check-in place from the first place I checked into. I tap on the distances trying to see if the place in at is under those but they don't expand to show other places. Guess I'll go back to using the foursquare app to check-in while I still can until I'm forced to use Swarm.

It is significantly better than the day out came out when it was horrible. Still not the most stable and still some usability items is like to see fixed. Biggest beef is the fact the WordFlow keyboard isn't supported. Encouraged by the frequent updates.

I don't use this app, but swipe should work as long as the input scope isn't a password, or at least that's what I thought.

For me I think WP 8.1 isn't stable as WP 8.0
Yesterday I updated my Lumia 920, now I have to charge my phone two times a day + it becomes hot frequently :/

Too many apps in the background. Go to battery saver and disable their background agents. You can also turn off data when you don't need them.

I got out of the habit of checking in between the time the old app stopped working and this one was released.  I use it occasionally but when I opened it the other day my phone rebooted.  I haven't had an app do that in a long time.

Hahaha what an update! Foursquare will never learn how to make stable app on Windows phone. It still crashes on friends.

Do they know it doesn't work? Have you notified them? Just asking cause they likely aren't mind readers and using this platform we tend to have to be squeaky wheels to get any kind of attention from developers.

There is no point notifying them. They have automated response turned-on. They don't interact with the community and they don't respond to your comments/feedback.

Am I the only one with no stability problems? The app never crashed on me. Although I'm not able to check in when I tag someone else with me.

Attempted to add all FB contacts, it automatically closed. A few mins later, I tried to check a friend, it automatically closed again. I won't use the term "crash" unless it will automatically close again.

Checking in with friends finally works after this update, but they really need to get WordFlow added in asap. I really thought they were going to sneak it in with this update. But they are updating frequently. I'm sure it'll be added in soon.

Thanks foursquare for this bad app and,for,splitting it up in the first place, now I fully switched to facebook for checking in purposes. -> less apps on the phone

It didn't share to Facebook. Disconnected. Now does not even connect with FB - even after a reinstall. Resting with the Foursquare app for the moment. Swarm truly has potential, but not in this state.

What is the point of this app anymore? I used to get points and Badges on Foursquare for checking in :( It was so much fun competing with strangers for Mayorships. I remember getting in battles with some guy for mayor of the library down the street. LOL!!! Now they throw me a bone every once in a while and give me a useless sticker that has nothing to do with the check in. The app actually crashes my phone and it reboots itself. It's not fun anymore :( Thanks a lot Foursquare for killing my incredibly addicting game.

I just want a full-featured app that allows me to post to all my social media simultaneously, including differentiating between my various FB pages.  One Love did this beautifully, but suddenly stopped working and is no longer in the store.  I haven't found an app yet that comes close to that.