Switzerland is getting the Lumia 630 in May and Lumia 930 in June

If you’re in the wonderful world of Switzerland, you should be excited to know that the Nokia’s next smartphones – the Lumia 630 and Lumia 930 – are headed your way in the coming weeks. That follows up on Norway’s Lumia 630 finding this morning.

Popular retailer Digitec.ch has both phones listed with dates and prices, giving users a heads up on when they can get their hands on these Windows Phone 8.1 Lumias.

First up is the entry level Lumia 630, which we recently unboxed. That device is slated for early May retailing for 199CHF (about $225 USD). The Lumia 630 will be available in White, Black, Green and Yellow.

Next up is the high-end Lumia 930 (aka Lumia Icon variant), which should arrive in early June for 599CHF (about $679 USD). That device features a 5” 1080P display, 32 GB of storage, 2 GB of RAM, a 2.2 GHz Quad-core processor and a massive 20 MP camera. Throw in Qi wireless charging, and you have it all. Digitech will have it White, Black, Orange and of course Green.

The good news here is we should see both devices launching internationally in the coming weeks on even more carriers, so stay tuned.

Source: Digitec.ch (via search); Thanks, Kristian W., for the tip!


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Switzerland is getting the Lumia 630 in May and Lumia 930 in June


I feel this to be the case too. Obviously, its a high end phone that isn't cheap to produce or market, but if Microsoft, who are lagging far behind, want real penetration with their OS, I reckon they will have to burden some of the cost themselves sell it at below or barely above cost.

If they can shift a decent number of high end 8.1 handsets, maybe Joe Soap will actually take heed of what a great operating system it is. Marketing campaigns can run into the billions but in a way I find word of mouth to be more valuable. Friends singing the praises of a piece of tech can really help sell it better than some obscure or confusing TV ad ever could.

They're going to need w way more midrange devices in the market to come. Cause me personally, I'm sick and tired of those low end 8gb devices.

NL 630 - easily the worst phone. Can't believe that Nokia can get it so wrong. Massive bezel, low resolution screen, chunky. Pure ugly staff. I really don't know who will go for this phone.

It's on hold due to some...complications. The good news is we won't be scooped on it, either by other sites. Hard to explain but it will come as soon as we get the greenlight.

Anyway you know we will wait for your review even if you be late.....;) And I have a huge doubt that you have got cyan update as well...... Is that what you meant by the complication ??? Don't say yes , your three dotted answer will do......;) (...)

I think the complication is about waiting for it to get released in USA before he puts up the review.

Will the Lumia 930 have Cortana in Europe? Or do i have to go the US to get one? (when it comes out)

Just change your location to US, and you will get Cortana talking. You can actually give her a new name and she will say "How do you want me to pronounce it". Its all true. But Microsoft needs to work on Cortana coverage worldwide.

I wonder how Siri and Google Now perform in rest of the world, and execpt Microsoft to do better job on regional coverage..

Look I have a Lumia 720 with Cortana, but since the 930 comes with windows phone 8.1, I will not be able to update it with the US region, so my question is; will the Lumia 930 have Cortana BUILT IN in Europe, if not, can I change my region to US then get it?

No, Cortana is installed into your OS whatever Region it's set to, but hidden untill you put USA as your region, so L930 does have Cortana even if you bought it in Europe.
it may also be shipped with Cyan, who knows

You'll have to diminish your experience by changing to the US to use her. So you'll have to choose: Use the Store or Cortana.

Why choose? I live in Canada, changed my region to US and I have both the store and Cortana. The only negative is that she won't speak to me in metric measurements.

When you got windows phone 8.1, did you have Cortana to start with? As all I worry about is that I will not be able to get Cortana even when I change the region to US as maybe you have to change the region to US BEFORE you update.... I'm just afraid that it doesn't come with Cortana to start with and then will have to wait for an update

My region was set to Canada before the update, so that doesn't matter.  After I installed the 8.1 update I did not have Cortana initially.  Then I changed my Region to US (and I believe I also had to change speech to US English) and then, Cortana!  Some people said that they lost access to the store when they did that but I checked and I still have access to the store.

You can't buy apps on another region, though. I've tried it to take advantage of the fact that the dollar is worth less than the Euro. Didn't work.


So, sure, as long as you don't buy apps, you can still use the store.

Cortana should be smart enough to speak in the units we want (without asking it to convert temps for us every time) regardless of the region we set the phone to. I know, it's coming...

You can as long as you stick to free apps. Not if you want to buy any. Also, if something is released in your region but not in the US, you can't get it.

Ditto.  It has been fun watching the platform grow/evolve over time.  The 1520 is a great device, but is simply too unwieldy for me.  I bought it near day one, so I think I've given it a fair shake!  The 930 will be more up my alley.  Yey!


living with a htc 8x with broken capasitive buttons and no US-english phone language in the ROM, so unable to get cortana... definitly getting the 930. 

This falls in line with the launch date for Germany too. So sounds about right. The 930 is expected in June in Germany too. 9 months late.

The battery life will suck as usual! I would love the Lumias but all "normal" sized Lumias have bad battery lives. 

True! But there is a big problem with the 720: The screen breaks too easy. Unfortunately I ignored the people who warned in the internet about that issue. There was also an article in a German Magazine. They tested 20 devices and only the 720 broke in the drop test. As I said I ignored it due to my good experience with the Lumia 800. Now we have two broken 720s in the family. 

Official version with Cyan update. Why should Nokia release a device with such half-assed work done inside?

Some where in net heard that wp8.1 update will reach may end to June start or before......

Going to wait until next year to get a new devise. My 920 is still kicking. Some how the announced phones don't tempt me enough. Anyone else feels this way or is it just me?

Don't get me wrong, but both phones are quite underwhelming at my point of view. The 630 only has 512MB of RAM and no dedicated camera button nor physical keys. I wouldn't consider this phone an "upgrade" (sans the screen size factor) if you're coming from a 521/520. The 930. Basically an Icon with pretty colours. That's it, no mayor differentiation between both devices, unlikely the 920/925/928, having different form factors and slightly better camera. I'm not diminishing the 930, certainly it's a great device, but, it would've been better a slightly different design (dunno, slimmer or made completely out of titanium)

The reason the 930 isn't slimmer is because there would be a bump for the camera and it also has wireless charging built in

Seems nothing is going to change and the usual slow, agonizing rollout of devices will still be the hallmark of WP. HTC has managed to release the M8 and added another version for sprint while Nokia/Microsoft struggle to release devices announced months ago. This is why the perception still is that WP is always late. Disappointing.

The one you (we) have now is not final version of 8.1. It's for developers. But I remember Dev version of GRD3 (aka Update 3) ended up being final version

Only thing I feel missing with the 930/Icon is USB 3.0 the Icon takes way too long to charge at times. Especially when you're using it while it charges. Since 8.1 battery had been terrible but I'm sure that's a firmware problem.