Syncables v6.0 is now out; Allows syncing of content between PC, Windows phone


Confession: we've never heard of Syncables, so being they are now on version 6.0  is a big surprise to us. 

Evidently it is software that allows seamless syncing of media (and additionally contacts, email, bookmarks) between your PC, laptop and Windows phone.  In doing so,  it will auto-adjust the media for your phone to save space/optimize playback.  It also has (buzz word!) social-networking support.

The software looks nice enough though it is a bit pricey to do what is technically already possible with Windows Mobile Device Center/Windows Media Player, albeit much more streamlined with the former:

  • Syncables 360 - Standard Edition – single OS version for syncing media and files between Windows, Mac or Linux computers. License to syn c 2 computers. Price - $29.99
  • Syncables 360 - Premium Edition – multi-OS syncing of media, files, email, contacts and browser bookmarks with, and between, Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Includes syncing of media to and from Windows PCs and Blackberry or Windows Mobile phones. License to sync 3 computers. Price - $49.99; upgrade price - $39.99
  • Syncables 360 - Home Network Edition – Syncables 360 Premium functions w ith a license to sync up to 5 computers. Price - $69.99; upgrade price - $49.99

So anyone out there actually using this?  Should we give it a go and review here at WMExperts or are all of you too advanced for such a thing?  Hit us up in comments or Twitter.

[Syncables 6.0 Press Release]


Reader comments

Syncables v6.0 is now out; Allows syncing of content between PC, Windows phone


wow...same exact thing, if not less than what MS offers on standard PCs for 30 bucks. bake em away toys, nothing to see here

hang on - can this auto sync stuff to my phone over wifi?

i.e. the folder that i download podcasts to and put all my bought music, could i set this to overnight copy that content wirelessly over to my 16gb card in my xperia??? without input from me?

if so then that's awesome.

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