The T-Mobile Lumia 710 is "exceeding expectations" according to Elop


This morning at Mobile World Congress, CEO of Nokia Stephen Elop commented on their recent success of announcing four new Windows Phone within one year of their famous partnership with Microsoft. He noted that they were now in 31 different markets and on 50 unique operators with increasing demand in sales everyday.

In just under a year, they've won awards for the Lumia 900, including a "Best of Show" which was a first for them and garnered high praise for the Lumia 800.

So when it came to the Lumia 710, specifically on T-Mobile which Elop pointed out was their return-device to the U.S. market, he reported with great enthusiasm that sales are "exceeding expectations" and that they are "very pleased" with its performance in the market so far. While no specific numbers were given, it appears at least that Nokia has a small hit on their hands with the Lumia 710--a device we gave high praise for--and the increasing visibility of the device e.g. LIVE! with Kelly is certainly helping too.


Quickly checking T-Mobile's page for device information, we can in fact see this being reflected. As of today, the Lumia 710 is T-Mobile's third best selling device--a level we have never seen reached for any Windows Phone in the US. Likewise, the device is in the same spot for user satisfaction with a 4.7 stars (out of 5) from 115 reviews (interestingly, the HTC Radar is number two).

The conclusion seems to be that Nokia is doing quite well with the 710 which we think is a great sign for the impending Lumia 900 on AT&T and their accompanying media campaign.


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The T-Mobile Lumia 710 is "exceeding expectations" according to Elop


You got the number of reviews wrong...if you click on the phone it actualy shows 168 reviews.
I guess T-mobile got the number wrong as well?

Irs not a matter of giving Tmo the 800 or 900 its a matter of Tmo's willingness or lack thereof to buy them!

Trust me,, if the 710 is selling well on TMo they will ask for more devices. The only bias these companies have is with making$... And you can take that to the bank! Lol.

Was very pleased and surprised on Monday when I went into The Gallery(Philadelphia's Center City Mall) and found a Microsoft Rep in thier T-Mobile store.  She was very active speaking with all the customers and showing off the 710.  We had a very nice conversation and I even helped her download the new Skype app by pointing her to the QR Code on this very site.  Good for both Nokia and Microsoft for getting the word out there about Windows Phone.

No doubt the Lumia 800 would have been the better way to go. And the follow that up with the Lumia 900 and T mobile would have probably sold millions of them. With proper advertising of course.

on t-mo you have two devices the radar it the lumia 610 both are decent entry level devices so if they are selling so well..why do they not offer more of a choice

I've also noticed Tmo featuring Nokia Windows Phones mre prominently in their TV ads. Way to go TMo!

Yes, this will be another test for Nokia. They will be going head-to-head with iPhone on AT&T. It will be interesting to see how they fare. Regardless, the work they have done with T-Mobile and the Lumia 710 has been outstanding! I hope they make their way onto VZW and Sprint sooner rather than later.

doubt the Lumia 800 would have been the better way to go. And the follow that up with the Lumia 900 and T mobile would have probably sold millions of them. With proper advertising of course.

If At&T don't advertise the Lumia 900 I don't think it will sell as well as it should. Plus, it won't work on T Mobile's 3g network, so that'll keep the sales down as well.

well... galaxy s2 is selling like hot cakes as well and i only see 2 around me? that doesn't really prove anything you know...

Perhaps the device is doing well because Tmobile advertises it all the time. Watching Hulu content i see the Tmobile commercial based on this device at least 2-3 times an hour.

Nokia really needs to keep this up and i hope we can see pre-roll commercials and movies and other places that are typically androided to death.

Actually, with people going into T Mobil stores to check out the 710, this could possibly be increasing the HTC Radars sales as well. My friend went in to get the 710, and left with a Radar because the 710 had no tethering support and the Radar did. As long as he choose WP.... whatever!

I'm afraid Mr Elop's great expectations will never come true. I have a Lumia 800. It's a wonderful device, I really like it a lot. Except for one extremely disappointing thing. It's just incredible that Nokia can be so ignorant to make such a basic mistake. That is? Lumia's poor battery life! It really sucks. It's not because of that earlier software issue, the fix had already been installed when I bought the phone. The poor battery life is a standard feature. Makes the device practically useless as a smart phone. I'm really sorry to say.

And it's not user-replaceable. Oooops. Hopefully, the Tango update will help the battery on the 800. I understand there have been some OS efficiency improvements made in that new build.

I'm assuming you're a veteran user with WP? If not, I have two questions:
1. Do you have you battery saver setting enable?
2. If so, how long is the battery lasting? Common sense says, "If you're constantly using the device for talk, gaming, surfing, etc, the battery will not last as long as moderate use".
Last, if apple's great expectations came true, why would Elop's not come true? I say this because I also have the famed i-devices and battery life sucks, constant freezes, and poor call reception....Dont blame it on ATT, because the iphones are on the Famed Sprint Network the everyone seems to rave about.

Unfortunately, the battery saver doesn't make much difference. The battery lasts about 10 hours even if I only make and receive a couple calls, read a few articles of a daily paper on the net and , say, launch the wpcentral app a few times. So most of the day, the phone is idle. Well, I admit I'm venting my disappointment a bit, with slight exaggeration, but the truth is that the Lumia battery life is clearly below average. The iPhone brand can take any hits without a dent, people will buy them even if they'd explode the next day. But Nokia is different, they can't take any more disappointed customers, there have been too many in the previous years. I was really hoping they'd make it this time, all the good signs were there. But, as usual, Nokia fails to give its products the final touch. For reference, see GSM Arena's review Lumia 710 vs. Samsung Omnia. I've always been a Nokia fan, but they sure aren't making it easy.

your points arent making sense at all. goto the T-mobile site and see how many disappointed customers there actually are (or aren't).

Here are the sales rankings of WP on bestbuy.com as of yesterday, FYI:

AT&T (65 phones offered)
26. Samsung Focus Flash (21. a week ago, 26. a month ago)
34. HTC Titan (31. a week ago, 29. a month ago)
53. Samsung Focus S (49. a week ago, 48. a month ago)
61. HTC HD7S (57. a week ago, 54. a month ago)
64. HTC Surround (59. a week ago, 58. a month ago)

T-Mobile (33 phones offered)
4. Nokia Lumia 710 Black (5. a week ago, 2. a month ago)
5. Nokia Lumia 710 White (6. a week ago, 3. a month ago)
8. HTC Radar (8. a week ago, 6. a month ago)

Verizon (56 phones offered)
53. HTC Trophy (51. a week ago, 52. a month ago)

Sprint (45 phones offered)
39. HTC Arrive (36. a week ago, 38. a month ago)

The Atlanta Nokia rep. showed me the Lumina 900 at the Microsoft Store in Lenox Mall last week. He siad the T-Mobile was testing the waters with the 710 and sales were way beyond expected. He also said the Lumina 910 with 12MP is slated for 2nd half of this year and will be going to T-Mobile.

Visibility of the Nokia windows phones, and the Lumia 800 in particular, is very strong here in the UK. All of the carrier stores have the 800 on display and available for demo. Most have a dedicated Nokia windows phone display set up too. Nokia are obviously putting some serious marketing spend behind these phones.

I'm actually very surprised. While I am a recent 710 owner (as of last week), the hardware and build issues have driven me back to my Bold 9900.
1) The power button is in the most awkward position, placed on the top-far right instead of top center like most/all other smartphones (it's faster and easier to turn on from center location)
2) On top of the awkward power placement, the power button is also flush with the border, so not only is it more difficult to press but also to feel where it is.
While I could frustratingly live with those build issues, the major kicker for me was the lack of backup & restore feature for WindowsPhone in general and defective speakerphone hardware in the 710. After spending many hours customizing the OS and downloading/customizing apps, I find that the speakerphone is defective. I think "Ok, no huge deal I'll just back everything up and restore to a replacement phone." Then I learn that WindowsPhone has no backup option. WTF??? You can't save ANY customized settings for both the OS and apps, and you need to re-download and setup all apps (and for some apps that you've purchased, you have to re-purchase again). Instead of going through all of that hassle all over again, I am returning it and going back to Blackberry, again.
While Nokia has great hardware in general, the 710 was a cheap non user-tested device. And while WindowsPhone 7 is a great  OS CONCEPT, it is a far cry away from the features & functionality that were available in WindowsMobile 6.5 and earlier. Microsoft went 10 steps forward with WP7 as far as interface, but 15 steps back as far as usable options/features.
Very dissapointed to say the least.

I own this phone and let me tell you, I'm very pleased with it. I debated getting either this or the Samsung Galaxy II but using them side-by-side pretty much made my decision for me. Using an Android is like entering a damned maze you can't get out of, but the WP7 is tidy and efficient and streamlined. It has everything I would ever need out of an iPhone with a much more fun interface. (Strangely enough, using a WP7 phone is a lot like using a MacBook in ways that even the iPhone isn't).
A very huge advantage to the Windows Phone is that for someone who works at an office that uses lots of Microsoft products, it's SO easy to integrate. The Office app has already been a lifesaver when it comes to reading e-mails with work-related attachments on the go. I had similar software on my Blackberry and it was clunky and slow, but on the 710 it's so fast and clean. One of the things that is interesting about the interface is how much it resembles a Microsoft Surface. If you've ever used a Surface, it's exactly like that -- all dynamic graphics and smooth, responsive hand commands.
I don't think people will start waiting in line to buy the newest top-of-the-line WP7 phone the way people do for the iPhone, but I also don't think that'll have to happen for the Windows Phone to be a competitor. It just has to be better than Android, which it is.