T-Mobile-Nokia Lumia 710 launch event in NYC [Video]

Howdy folks, we're still here, rocking away at the T-Mobile-Nokia Lumia 710 launch event in SoHo, New York. Anywho, above you'll find out hands on with the 710, which we're impressed with. The screen is gorgeous, the camera is great and it feels perfect in the hand.

The device features a powerful 1.4Ghz CPU, 3.7" "clear black" screen, 8GB of memory and low-aperture camera which should meet most people's needs who are entry or mid-level smartphone users. Heck, even we want one.


Nokia is planning on supporting this device through their "concierge service" which allows customers to basically interact with Nokia directly for support on their phone--not just problems, but on how to maximize the device's use to its fullest potential. That sounds a lot like an Apple-experience, but you didn't hear that from us. In addition, expect some Nokia-backed advertising for this device--not Deadmau5 kind of things, but strong, consistent support which is a win for the Windows Phone ecosystem as well as Nokia/T-Mobile.


Look for this phone for $49.95 come January. Finally, we're expecting a large Nokia presence at CES in Vegas, where we we'll be reunited for whatever they have to announce or show off. Stay tuned! A few more pics after the break...

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T-Mobile-Nokia Lumia 710 launch event in NYC [Video]


Ok, I want one. I was going to go get a Radar at some point this holiday season but never mind. I want to se reviews for this phone first.

I can definitively say, you won't be dissapointed with either. On T-Mo's "4G' network, both these phones are wins.

Both demonstrate the strengths of each company. But yeah, the 710 is pretty fantastic. 

I don't see AMOLED or LCD on that page, it just states ClearBlack/TFT - thin-film transistors are used in both display technologies. That said, searching their US & UK sites pulls up 4 devices with the search terms "ClearBlack AMOLED" (Lumia 800/700/E7/C6) and one with "ClearBlack LCD" (701). It seems they aren't very forthcoming in either case, but since it looks to be just a polarizer layered onto the screen, it would make sense to use LCD at this price point.

Ok so this is the last time I'm going to say this cause I really do love Windows Phone. This is freaking depressing.lol A second generation WP w/o a front facing camera is like a brand new car with airbags for the driver only. This is a step backwards as the Radar 4g and every other second gen. WP carried by ATT can do more than this phone and we're supposed to be happy about it? At least we could've got the better of the two that lack these new features and we have to wait around for news about what might launch at whatever time. This is poor marketing and really frustrating to the customers who want to see the platform rise and do well. Its so sad cause I keep checking every cellphone tech site looking to see something new and I don't. But ATT is really doing great job and I would switch but I'm not into paying almost the same for phone usage as I do for car insurance. Ahhh, patience... T-Mobile.

Your analogy is a tad off considering passenger airbags are a safety feature and integral to overall passenger safety and are in every modern day car. Whereas, nobody I know uses a FFC and likely not many people in general and it won't protect you in a head-on collision. ;}
Here's a better analogy. The Lumia 710 would be the equivalent of a Honda Accord LX V6. Which is a very nice mid-sized family sedan. Does it have a eight speed transmission, premium 12 speaker surround sound, Bose, or Harmon Kardon sound system, ostrich leather appointed seats which are also heated AND cooled, in dash Nav/Data center, the latest bluetooth, high dollar run-flat tires and alloy wheels, a full-sized spare, a 440hp V8 and so on? No.
Do you know why? Because not everyone wants or can afford a Mercedes Benz, Bentley, or Maybach. While this phone may not be for you, and I realize it's human nature to be somewhat self-centered, there are many, many others out there that this phone would be perfect for.
This is actually excellent marketing being an attempt to hit first time smartphone users or budget-conscious smartphone users. Not everybody is going after the $299 on contract smartphone that you seem to want. $49.00 on contract beats damn near everything in the store price-wise and that includes feature phones.

Though you are right. T-MO has really got to advertise the device as though all there Android devices. Now with the HTC HD7 being first gen and getting rather tired. The only things that T-MO has are middle to low-end devices for WP7. I am on T-MO using a HTC HD7 nothing to upgrade to sadly.

I realize I was off in my analogy because I was exaggerating. My comment is not meant to be taken that seriously. And I'm not looking for some $299 contract phone as T-Mobile doesn't even offer phones at the price on contract anyway. My point is simply this: new options should be AVAILABLE. That's it. That's the main point. Even if someone never ever uses their front facing camera(and trust people who love to take pictures do), it should be an option should the need or want ever arise. Microsoft has already not given its users the OPTIONS to upgrade storage. Don't you think it's a little strange that the Nokia line is the only new phones that lack this little feature?
As for the argument of hitting first time users, that's great and all but the Radar 4g is already a steal at $99 or free for new customers coming to T-Mobile(I believe for a while at least) and ATT sells the Samsung Focus Flash at the same $49 with the option of the front facing camera.
My frustration is not so much the phone as it is taking care of the loyal Windows Phone users who have tasted the first phones when they came out and are ready to be treated to a worthy upgrade. Don't just keep releasing budget friendly phones for new users and forget about the ones who are expecting greater things for Windows Phones. Once again, if I was with ATT I would not have this argument as they have covered all price points and have released the budget friendly and sexier phones that their customers are now enjoying.

I'm currently with Verizon but will more likely get this for my daughters thirteenth birthday. Looks way nicer than the Trophy. If Verizon doesn't come with a better WP7, I may have to jump ship to get my hands on a beefed up WP7 Nokia device.

I suggest you wait for the nokia lumia 800 or 900 to come to the US. CNET reported that nokia is making the Nokia Lumia 800 on AT&T and Verizon with 4G LTE. It will probably be announced at CES in January.

Waiting for the 800 I'd say is only worth it if you want more storage, other than that I can't see any significant reason not to go for this device :)

How about better design, better build quality, better camera, better flash, along with the obvious more storage? All that plus the same software benefits of the 710, definitely worth waiting for I'd say.

OMG what a beautiful phone....i want one please.....if this is the new 900 then Nokia are going places....hopefully it will come to the UK.

Thanks for finding something to whine about instead of focusing on the positives that this device has and will bring to the table in advancing the ecosytem.  What's more important big picture nitpicking and carping about ____ or trying to move forward with the positives?

Wasn't really trying to be negative, whiny or nitpicky and note it's a buzzkill on this particular article. It's difficult for some to communicate tone in type without being verbose. I appreciate the fact Nokia got a phone to market so quickly and anticipate an expanded user base with increased options for new users (myself to be included). It'd just be nice for each network to have a phone, without caveats, with which users could 'side-grade'. Here's to the day we get to that point.

Did anyone check out the exclusive espn app on this mokia phone? I was hoping to learn more about the app.

I can't help but be a little peaved about the fact that I had voice enabled turn by turn navigation with the FREE Bing app on WinPho 6.5. I'm over it because I dont need turn by turn as bad as I thought I did. I just stick my phone in a cradle on the dashboard, and I set a pushpoint and or speak an address and then pinch and zoom when I'm near my place of interest. Then I use my brain to determine where the next turn is. I will be happy to get it, when it arrives though.