T-Mobile’s Nokia Lumia 925 inbound for July 10th announcement

Lumia 925 keys

We’ve heard that T-Mobile is scheduled to finally launch the thin and light Nokia Lumia 925 on July 17th and now that seems to be the case. T-Mobile has just sent out press invites, including one for Windows Phone Central, for their “boldest moves yet” campaign, taking place in Manhattan on July 10th--one week prior to the launch.

Since that’s a plural “moves” in there, we imagine that Nokia will be one of a few featured devices and services for the day, meaning some Android phones could be on hand as well.

The Lumia 925, a sister device to the Lumia 920, features an aluminum body, 4.5” AMOLED display, 16 or 32 GB internal storage and a new improved camera featuring a sixth lens for increased sharpness. The device also ships with GDR2 OS update for Windows Phone 8 and Nokia’s Amber firmware. In addition, LTE and Wi-Fi calling (see demonstration) are expected to be on board, making us very excited for this device.

The Lumia 925 is expected to retail for $99 with T-Mobile’s non-contract contract and it looks to be available one week after the announcement. The timing also seems appropriate as just one day later, Nokia will be on hand again in New York City to talk about the presumed EOS device featuring a 41MP camera sensor.

Tune into Windows Phone Central that day as we cover this event live.


Reader comments

T-Mobile’s Nokia Lumia 925 inbound for July 10th announcement


Wooo, but if they announce EOS the following week...I guess I'll hold out on T-Mo til then.  I guess for the average consumer on T-Mo it won't matter though.

Not necessarily. There's 2 variants floating around. It's still unknown if the other variant has Tmo's frequencies. If it does I'll be all over it. With Tmo you've gotta pay full price so it doesn't matter if it's international version or Tmo.

Don't fool yourself... You pay full price for the phone no matter which carrier. But some (cough, Tmo) stop charging you for it after 24 months.

That's my point. On Tmo you pay full price. So it really doesn't matter where you buy it. As long as it has Tmo frequencies. I'm rocking a Rogers 920 flawlessly

If there is one thing Nokia can learn from Samsung...its how to market n promote. Who the Frack Announces a phone to the media and two months later its still not for sale. Now people are saying lets wait for the 41mp phone.

Sprint announced two Windows phones in January. Now they have names and specs but still no release date or official price.

The HTC 8XT will cost $99.99 after mail in rebate, while the Samsung ATIV S NEO will cost $149.99.   8XT is rumored to be offered this month, while the Ativ s Neo is rumored for some time in August.

I used to be excited but it took so long and its only 16GB. As bad as I want to upgrade my L810 I'm willing to wait another 3months for something better

I hope to get this, but would love to get 41mp that works on T-mobile. It looks like att will win this round.

And ATT will beat your wallet in the meantime.lol I don't care what people say about T-Mobile 1.In my area 4g service is great and 2. I save at least $50 a month rather than going to ATT where I'm guaranteed to pay $100 plus for service. No sir.

I 100% agree with you.  I switched from Att to save about $50 a month.  Now I am going to get a premium phone once more.  I had a 920 in Att, and now I'll get its sister, the 925.  Plus I won't have to pay extra for tethering as a wifi hotspot. 

Now they just need to fool everybody and launch the phone the day of the "announcement". Everybody has known this phone has been coming since May. You don't need an announcement for something that's already been announced! Come on, TMO. launch it early!

Exactly though.lol But if it has 32gb and only if it has 32gb, I'm in. Otherwise I'll be getting a red/yellow Lumia 920 until I'm eligible to pay $100 down for whatever new phone is available with T-Mobile by then.

Is this confirmed!? If so then woohoo! 32GB baby!
Or are those just the overall specs of all the versions and not necessarily TMO specific?

Did I read this article right that there will be an 8GB option? Find that hard to belive considering there is no sd card. Also, saying it will retail for $99 is misleading since that would just be a downpayment with monthly installments to follow. I want to know what the real price of the phone will be.

Thanks for the article. Regardless, it's still No-Contract for the service. The phone is being financed or is available for straight purchase. It's up to the consumer. Where as, with other providers, if you want post-paid, you need to enter into a service contract regarless of if you bring your device or not.
Am I missing something? You can finance a TV at bestbuy--but you're not required to purchase Dish/Cable service? same concept..
But I do agree, they should explicitly state that if you remove the service that you owe the lumpsum balance of the device.. Also, the reader comments for that article are more sensible than the article itself.

I'm afraid I have to call BS on this article and the Washington AG. If anyone thinks they're getting a $500 iPhone 5 for $99 then they are in fact idiots. The AG realized this is an easy way to score some points. Why doesn't he go after the the big carriers about their practices?

I agree 100%.  When T-Mobile made their "Un-carrier" announcment, I thought they were very clear with how subsidized phones work.  Sure you can still get your phone for $100, but you have to pay higher monthly bill until its paid off.  So of coarse when you leave early, your going to have to pay off the remainder of the phone's value.  Thats a lot better than with AT&T where if I left with only 1 month left in my contract, I would still end up paying over $100.  Thats obvious and I don't understand why people would be confused.  I'm not a conspiracy theory guy, but when I saw the news media attack this with headlines like "DECEPTIVE" and "THE TRUTH BEHIND T-MO's 'No Contract'!" it almost made me think that the articles were being directly funded by the other big 3 to spread FUD.  I applaud T-Mobiles move and have rewarded them by switching 5 lines over from AT&T.

Exciting! I'm trying my best to hold off on getting a 925, at least for several months because of my Rogers 920 that I only got in May, but this news is really awesome. Also, I'm intrigued by the "16 of 32GB" line. Could T-Mobile possibly be getting a 32GB version as well?

Source: Tmobile salesperson, and you can read Daniel's comment too. 16GB is standard memory size for Tmobile and if you ask me why does HTC One has 32 GB? The sales person told me HTC One doesn't have an SD card, and SG4 has 16GB but with SD Card, and I ask why does Nokia Lumia 925 has 16 but no SD, he can't answer me.

T-Mobile (US) or maybe you did not realise that T-Mobile was in many countries. It is also worth noting we are expecting T-Mobile (UK) to announce something similar in July.

Rumor is that their next big move as far as billing is concerned, is to remove the credit check that requires a $100 deposit for new customers. Idk just something I read a few weeks ago. Maybe they will give us more news on their LTE network as well as new phones.

If T-mobile gets the Lumia 925 32 GB version I'll forgive them for taking forever in getting a high end Lumia. I also find their choice of words insulting towards windows phone. "our boldest move yet" I'm not sure if they're happy about getting the 925 or plan to kill it like the 810...

Well, judging from the Nokia way with 920 and its variants, somehow I believe the EOS is not as perfect as we would expect. Maybe it would be without OIS system, or the lens won't be sharp enough. This is to leave some room to market when there are other variants coming to the other carriers later.

I really have no need for a 41MP camera but im starting to get frustrated with dropped calls on Tmobile. Coming from Rogers Canada, dropped calls and not being able to talk in elevators, basements were non existent for me.