T-Mobile pleased with Windows Phone, sees a climb in sales and a bright future

T-Mobile happy with Windows Phone

File this under old news but good news but T-Mobile is pleased as punch with the companies selection of Windows Phone. Since adding the HTC Radar 4G and Nokia Lumia 710, T-Mobile has seen sales of Windows Phone double in the past eight months.

Brad Duea, Senior Vice President of Product Development at T-Mobile, comments,

"We continue to see strong sales and adoption of the platform with the Nokia Lumia 710 consistently being one of our top five selling smartphones since it launched in January 2012. Not only that but, as expected, we’ve seen a large number of first-time smartphone users select a Windows Phone as their device of choice with 55% of all upgrades to the Lumia 710 coming from a messaging or feature phone."

According to T-Mobile the Lumia 710 has some of the highest handset satisfaction scores and feedback from customers has been very positive on Windows Phone software. With regards to the future of Windows Phones at T-Mobile Duea notes,

"We’re bullish on the future of Windows Phone. In fact, IDC’s report out earlier this month predicts Windows Phone will surpass iOS by 2016 – and we expect Windows Phone to continue to play a prominent role in our product portfolio and marketing efforts."

T-Mobile is slated to be a launch partner for Windows Phone 8 later this fall. Maybe we'll see more of Carly carrying a Windows Phone in the future.

Source: T-Mobile Blog


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T-Mobile pleased with Windows Phone, sees a climb in sales and a bright future


I work at Radioshack and I asked my rep as to why Verizon wasn't coming out with any WP7 and he basically told me that he sees no reason until WP8. I,m hoping he's right.

I love t-mobile. Although they don't have the best coverage, I've been overwhelmingly satisfied with my HTC Radar on their service. I cannot wait for Windows Phone 8 to launch in the fall! Fingers crossed they'll get a higher-end Lumia device!

I think there are many TMo customers in the same boat!  I have my trusty HD2 and Radar, but looking to upgrade to a WP8 device like yesterday!  I can only hope for a Lumia 900 like device running WP8. 

I am holding my HTC HD7 the kids all have Lumia 710. If T-MO get's somehing better than my HTC HD7 i'll upgrade it. If not I will switch when WP8 comes along.

Glad to see that T-Mobile has been doing well with Windows Phone devices.  I've been quite hapyy with my HD7 but disapointed that T-Mobile didn't pick up the Titan, Focus S or Lumia 900.  Hopefully the will get a nice high end device for WP8.  Heck I'll even take a HD8. :)

Im happy that you're (t-mobile) happy with windows phone 7. How about some high end windows phone?

We all can agree windows phone would sell even better on tmobile with better phones.(I have the am a tmobile customers using a unlocked HTC titan

Gasp! If you advertise and promote a phone, educate your staff about its advantages, then sales double? Verizon and Sprint, take a lesson.

At my store my manager carries a Radar as his work phone but android as his personal. I carry a Lumia 710 as my primary. And another coworker has one for home use.

I try to push WP7 devices simply because of the ease of use and satisfaction.

I know without a doubt, if we carry a WP8 device this year, my other 40% off on a phone for this year will go toward it.

At my T-mobile store I am the only rep with windows phone.. My coworkers and managers think I'm crazy and they all have android phones.. Lol but I pleased with it.. Coming from a blackberry it was so worth it..

I'm glad T-mobile has decided to do this! With Nokia planning on making more affordable models and T-mobile being the most affordable of the Big Four, I see a great amount of success heading towards Windows Phone.

I think that's true. As far as T-Mobile, it could be just as instrumental for WP as AT&T if the phones are right.

Lumia 710 is an awesome phone, I gave one to my father and he's very pleased. He wanted a Omnia (European Focus, I think) but I got him the 710 and he uses it a lot, loves the gps.

I have HD7 and am anxious to see what's new too! OAN: Can one stream on windows phone? I haven't been able to.

I have an HD7 too and have no trouble streaming through wi-fi. My data allowance doesn't allow me to even dare over 3G though.

I'm hoping for a Nokia WP8 in December. Nothing wrong with HTC, but Nokia have done so much for their range it seems insane to choose anything else. :)

I stream over 3G on my HD7 all the time, I never reach my 2gb throttle limit. What specific type of streaming are you talking about? YouTube and such or random browser videos? Html5 should work fine and obviously flash videos won't play. Streaming from a computer can be accomplished by apps (can't remember what's good).

Guys. Imagine a pureview on every carrier. You guys will be temped baldy for sat camera and t-mobile guys. You'll be crying with joy

They need to address a specific issue - lack of Wi-Fi calling. TMobile uses local WiFi systems instead of Microcell technology to route calls to the internet to improve reception issues where they have poor signals. WinPhone doesn't support this and there's no App for that.
I had the CEO of my Company jazzed to switch from his Cra kberry to WinPhone till he found this out at the Store and walked out with a new Droid :-(

Completely agree. I use the radar and work for T-mob. Love the phone, but my reception in my home isn't the best. it's the one feature that kills a wp sale (that and sometimes selection of apps), because a lot of our android customers rely on it. I believe wif-calling is actually an application created by a different company for tmobile using api's. my understanding is MS hasn't released those API's. I'm hoping they do with WP8, be it official through T-mobile or an app within the market.

+1 I love working here, and have had a windows phone since day 1!! It took work on the people I work with to see the light that is windows phone.. Can't wait to see what's in store for the future

Take note TMO. I am in the camp that is tired of nothing high end. My HD7 has served me well but you have to carry the phones users want. In addition, no matter which phones you carry, if you can't get a signal when you're visiting your mom in the sticks or wherever, what's the use. Contract is up in Oct, just in time for WP8 & it ain't looking to good for the home team.

Having been a T-Mobile customer for the last 4 years I'm glad to finally see some higher end windows phones coming in soon. Unfortunatley in my local tmo store not one of the employees know anything about windows phones or that there getting some you win8 phone soon. Infact I recently went to pay my bill in store and ask a few questions about what they knew about coming soon,none of them had any idea that they were getting new windows phones or the 7.8 update. Actually as soon as I asked to take a look at the 710 the "salesmen" asked me why I wanted a windows phone anyways. That I would be wasting my upgrade getting a windows phone because it was "boring" compared to android and before I even had a chance to reply he had the Galaxy S III out and telling me how much happier I would be with the galaxy and with android. I was a little taken back and just went along with what he was saying and let him try and sell me a phone I didn't even ask for or want. These reps need to be properly trained in windows phone and informed of what's in there future line up of phones and not just push android down peoples throat.

Fortunately this isn't nearly as common as it used to be. And I think it's getting better with incentives. I suspect the employee also had more to gain from selling the new S3 (higher commission).

No higher commission.. Just people that don't understand windows phone.. Dakken, to be honest though we haven't gotten any official word on new wp8 devices yet, but just that we will have one of the first to launch in America.. I just hope we get a high end windows phone that can compete with a high end android.

No need for apologies. I find most phone carrier employees to be hollow shells anyway...i had the same experience when I got the Lumia at an AT&T store.

So if you are so pleased with Windows Phone, why the heck should customers have to beg for timely updates? Example: Tango for HD7...

Verizon will advertise the hell out of the wp8, not to mentioned they have the fastest LTE.. And what a way to have a fast wp8 with a fast 4g.. This will be a win win situation for wp8 and Verizon.. I can see Verizon replacing all the Android phones they have in the store... Everytime I go to a vzw store I feel like its so scray to be there the stores are so full of black phones that's ur at the mercy of the associate.. Nokia wp8 will have different colored phone for vzw and will finally brighten up all the stores..sprint?? I suggest all sprint WP fans to switch to vzw or ATT 4g lte.. U can't go wrong..you get what you pay

Everyone is complaining about lack of “High end” windows on Tmobile. What is high end? An 8 MP camera when 5MP is good? Faster processor when, currently, that doesn’t matter? I feel like people aren’t complaining about high end (HTC Radar is a great looking phone) so much as screen size.  If that’s the case, fair enough, although I'm not a huge fan of giant phones.

This is how i feel about my experience at Tmo. Let's say I was thinking of painting my house so I go to HomeDepot or Lowes or even Walmart and ask the person behind the paint desk that I wanted to paint my house and if I could see some blue paint (blue is my favorite color) and he replies "why do you want blue? Blue is a boring color I think you'd be happier with yellow and we have more shades of yellow to choose from ans its my personal favorite color". Now I would have gone in there with something specific in mind and he tried to sell what HE liked not what I asked for. That's the feeling I get when I walk into different stores like att&t and verizon, the sales person tries to sell what they like not what you ask for,,,,hope this makes sense to everyone,,it did to me lol

It does, reps just sell what they understand.. I just never understand that if you come in knowing what you want, why wouldn't you improve on that want for the same device, its just bad salesmanship and it happens in probably 90% of wireless stores.. It was hard to break people where I work from it, but there are windows phone enthusiests in stores, just have to ask for them or walk out.

I actually did walk out and drove over to the local at&t and verizon stores. The verizon store didn't have any windows phones and tried to push the razor on me,so I walked out. The at&t store didn't have any windows phones either. No lumia 900,no titan not even the focus,and these two stores are in a popular area that share the parking lot with a movies theatre a starbucks in popular shopping center.