Xbox Music a top contender for T-Mobile's Music Freedom

Xbox Music a top contender for T-Mobile's Music Freedom

T-Mobile CEO John Legere has given an update on the carrier's recent Un-carrier 5.0 and Un-carrier 6.0 announcements. Un-carrier 5.0 was the announcement of T-Mobile Test Drive, which lets people try T-Mobile's network for free. Un-carrier 6.0 was Music Freedom, which lets customers use several music services without that data usage counting against their high-speed data limit.

Legere announced that over 12,000 people have pre-registered for Test Drive. The program lets potential T-Mobile customers try the network using an iPhone 5S for a week for free without any obligation. You can pre-register for Test Drive now, or wait to register on Monday, June 23, when the service actually opens.

As we reported yesterday, T-Mobile is also letting customers vote on which music services to add next to Music Freedom. Some services, like Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes Radio are already included in Music Freedom, while others will be added over time. The top two contenders to be added to the program next are Google Play Music and Xbox Music. Over 75,000 votes have been cast so far on the Music Freedom website.

What do you think of T-Mobiles new Un-carrier programs, and what music service would you like to see added to the Music Freedom lineup? Tell us below in the comments.

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Xbox Music a top contender for T-Mobile's Music Freedom


Canadian carries are the devil.  Wind is trying to make a dent but their network service has gotten so poor that I just HAD to switch to the red devil Rogers.  Speeds were below dialup at my workplace.  Awful.  Not to mention, Wind doesn't carry great phones, just a couple of them.


I use Tmo whenever I'm in the states, and have always been happy with their network service. 

I may get Wind for a couple of months for U.S. roaming for work, keeping my Fido account for when I'm in Canada. Getting a Wind SIM for two months is drastically cheaper than Roaming on my Fido.

They're implying they're not like other carriers in the US, by doing things that are aggressively competitive.

The whole idea is paving new ground and breaking old carrier traditions in the United States. Here in the US (don't know how they're viewed elsewhere), carriers are seen as a necessary evil for cell service and getting a smartphone. Meanwhile, nice guy T-Mobile is trying to buck that trend, and be very aggressive to force the industry to be far more consumer-friendly.

The un-carrier just means T-Mobile doesn't have contracts when you sign up with them. But if you don't purchase a phone outright then you'll have to pay monthly payments until the phone is paid off.

Agreed! Rhapsody unradio doesn't even work for windows phone even though it has the Rhapsody app.

Un-Carrier means their network coverage is so sporadic and poor that you can't really count them as a true national carrier. :)

A lot of people tend to disagree. They have descent coverage with good prices. I'd rather have the coverage I do right now and pay half of what I would with any of the other three, than pay that, and never use that extra coverage. But, I do know that everyone's case is different

A lot of people also tend to agree.  T-Mobile isn't even the lowest cost.  You can pay less and still get better coverage.

Cricket is cheaper, you get all the coverage of ATT, and all of ATTs phones work with them (which allows for a GREAT selection of WP devices).

Where I live cricket is worse than you described tmo in Cali. T-Mobile, Att, andVerizon are great out here but cricket and sprint and us cellular and such suck. But my T-Mobile connection and speeds beat all other cellular services I've had. All really just depends on where you live. 


Cricket used to use Sprint's network, that is no longer the case.

Cricket had been under ATT's control for a few months.  They use ATTs network now.  If ATT is great, Cricket will be too.

I haven't had cricket for probably a year and a half now or more. I'm just hoping T-Mobile gets better. Like I said it's great where I live but while going to visit my uncle in Maryland I had horrible signal all the way down there. I hope they do what they say and improve to beat at and Verizon. 

^Ordeith. LMAO ! so true I carry both an ATT and TMo phone. This pink shirted long haired CEO guy needs to get his network in shape. There is no comparison. There is a reason why they are (supposedly) cheaper.

They have committed to turning LTE on every tower and eliminating 2g 3g all together by 2016 and they have already made great strides

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But... if you don't live deep in the woods their service is usually just as fast or faster than Att / Verizon

The deep woods like Anaheim, San Diego, Hollywood, Stockton, The I5 corridor, Paso Robles, and several other similarly "rural" California locations where T-Mobile coverage stinks.

I live in Tracy, CA. I regularly visit Modesto and Stockton..use 5 and 99 to get to Fresno, Bakersfield, and the LA area. I also work in the Bay Area. I have great coverage on T-Mobile nearly everywhere I go.

I am not sure why you feel the need to lie for them, but ok.

I have been up the 99 corridor twice this year with T-Mobile phones.  The last time was less than a month ago.  There were miles and miles of little to no coverage from T-Mobile.  Even in urbanized areas, but especially between cities.

I was also at a wedding in Modesto in April with my Lumia 1020 that was freshly on what was then AIO.  At the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner (technically in Salida) none of the guests using T-Mobile had coverage, but the ATT and Verizon users (and I) did.  T-Mobile also had no reception at the reception (in Modesto) while those on other carriers did.  Several T-Mobile users I talked to after that frustrating experience (for them) switched carriers within a week.

I was on T-Mobile myself for over 7 years before the coverage and poor support just got to be too much (ok, I was helped along by the creation of AIO, the better coverage of ATT, the plans that ended up being actually cheaper than T-Mobile, and the ability to choose from the combined WP inventories of ATT and AIO (Now Cricket), but still.).  I was ready to pay ATT prices to get away from T-Mobile, AIO just happened to come along at the right time. :)

That's really awesome for a few reasons. Maybe carriers will see this and think there is more of a demand for windows phone than they thought.

Yes its bad on android but a lot of us use all the OS's

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well, it currently is kind of crappy on WP now too. I guess i shouldn't be so hard on it, it's not bad, but the slow loading makes me angry.

Developers should take notice. WP users are small but we're a dedicated bunch. Look at our response to the streaming Xbox music overtook Google music. DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS, DEVELOPERS. LOL

Yup and its because Android users aren't loyal to anything platform specific except 2 default things that were out before Android was even on the scene; Gmail and Youtube. Android users will quickly use any other service for their other needs. WP and iPhone users tend to stick with platform specific software and the platforms also heavily promote their own stuff.

Not even close to true...sorry..I sell phones and people who know android stay with android (mostly galaxy) but they know they like android. If the loyalty problem existed then maybe the com score numbers would reflect but they hardly do.

He's trying to say that people who use Android are more likely to use apps and services from companies other than Google; as opposed to Windows Phone users who are loyal not only to the OS, but to the company's offerings as a whole. For instance, I use XBox Music even though both Spotify and Rhapsody are available on my Lumia, because it makes for a more complete user experience and I want to support WP. Android users, on the other hand, couldn't care less who made the app. I'm speaking in generalities, of course.

A lot of my friends and family do this with android devices. One of my friends thought it was pretty cool though when I signed on to his Xbox and started playing the same playlists that are on my Lumia via Smartglass. I feel like Spotify might be the toughest competitor to the experience you get with Xbox Music. But iTunes and Google ▶ still get all the advertising publicity.

No they say they have a galaxy most don't even know its android

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That's why whenever I see a new developer engaging the community about their app(s), like the KickBack Studios devs, I give them a twitter shout out.

And this is why I will never leave T-Mobile for AT&T or Verizon. Plus with the news of us getting an equal flagship to those competitors this fall, all my waiting and using unlocked WP from AT&T will not be in vain.

Same Mortalmoss. I've got a Lumia Icon currently, but I'm considering switching to T-Mobile when/if the new hero phone arrives on all the carriers like its rumored to. Looking at their map, supposedly my area gets the brightest pink for their service. Maybe ill try out the test iPhone to see if the reception and data signals are good before making the plunge. Most likely won't be until the end of the year though.

Sounds good. Hope they get a 1520 variant (like the RM-938 international version). I'll switch from At&t as soon as a device like that becomes available, and I don't have to pay $670+ up front. Lol

I think WP Central came out in force yesterday and pretty much pushed XBOX Music all the way to #1. Don't ever underestimate the Windows Phone community or WP Central.

It freezes up on slower devices that's for sure. My 521 freezes pretty often on xbm but my friend's 810 doesn't

I'm very happy with Nokia mixradio and I can download all mixes I want I'm on att with unlimited data so I really don't care how much I use every month ( 20 GB) but its for everyone on T-Mobile.

Microsoft's next flagship is said to come to AT&T, T-Mo, and Verizon. Unlike Nokia, Microsoft can market their products without creating partnerships with carriers to do so, this is the main reaon Nokia had to offer carrier exclusive devices; if iPhones and Galaxies are flying off the shelves, there isn't much incentive to put marketing dollars towards a device that their competitors have and isn't a strong demand (by comparison) for.

People here are happy because Xbox Music is doing well, but the truth is this Music Freedom is a terrible thing.

Its totally against net neutrality and offers a hand full of services a fast lane that will make it impossible for others to compete against.

They aren't denying any streaming services just giving customers ones that won't count against their data plans

Yes, it's essentially coming down to picking winners versus losers. I think what T-Mobile can implement is a way for services to apply for the exemption/whitelist by proving that they have an app in the official store and works on the devices t-mobile sells.

It does NOT offer a fast lane for a handful of services unlike ISPs that throttle data hogs such as Netflix this only allows certain services to not count against your data usage.

@tborjin: Which might as well be the same thing, for how completely underhanded and slippery-slopey it is. Open your eyes!

Also, will be interesting to see if some of T Mos uncarrier stuff will get rolled back when Sprint takes over...

We will find out.  And since Mr. Legere is supposedly the one to run the merged company so if they do roll back there's going to be a lot of egg on his face.

Just casted my vote. Not on T-Mobile, but they are looking more and more like a better option for when my AT&T contract is due, which is just a few months away.

If tmobile was good in my area, i'd jump ship from ATT. 


Also, they dont seem to get the high end windows phone though which sucks. 

I'm happy Microsoft Mobile finally is getting rid of the whole exclusivity deals. :) yay-- or at least I hope they do finally

No, it really is the basic concept of a radio, only with music genres to your liking. You can also play songs that are stored in your phone/SD card.

I prefer MixRadio. That's been my go-to music app since I got my 925. In fact, I've only listened to one album in my Xbox Music collection since late February, but that was only because it was brand new and I was listening to it for the first time.

I'm not sure about MixRadio but on Xbox Music you can stream whatever song you want with a Music Pass and not just a mix of songs you would just end up skipping, Plus on Windows 8.1 you get 10 free hours a month to stream whatever you like, it would be nice if WP 8.1 had that feature

You can download whatever you want... that Xbox Music has the rights to.  I wanted the "Inside Llewyn Davis" soundtrack and I couldn't listen to like half the songs without purchasing the individual tracks.

I just went and voted for Soundcloud and XBox Music as those are the only ones I use. Keep at it WPC.


How is this eroding net neutrality? there are no fast lanes for these services nor is there any throttling of alternative services

Umm... yeah, that's exactly what this is. When you reach your 4G/LTE limit, your music services not included in this offer will be throttled. Your music data that IS included in this service will not be.

I don't care whether this is the buzzword "net neutrality" or not. It is CLEARLY treating different bits different depending on where they are coming from.

I also am still unlcear what exactly "winning" this poll means.

I hope Xbox Music can somehow envelope, or absorb, most of Mix Radio's features. I know that's monumentally easier said than done but, that's what I want.
Being specifically on topic. I'm glad Xbox Music is looking good for the next addition of music services and find it a potty that Mix Radio isn't even on the list to vote...or did I look at it to hastily yesterday?

All T-Mobile had to do was change their throttled speed when you hit the cap.  Move it from the current 60kbps to 260kbs and music streams would still function - from any source.

I think WPC should do their part and educate readers on why this Music Freedom *potentially* isn't all that great for consumers in the long run. Judging from most of the comments here it sounds like readers might benefit from such an article.

This all about money and not the consumer. This is what you call native advertising...promoting and dropping names in like standards. Why just iPhone? Just saying what I see.

I have Xbox music and the only reason I have it because I have a WP device. My only problem with the Xbox Music service over LTE and my cable internet, Xbox music load takes a long time over any other service.

Any idea how Data Sense app will calculate data useage?? Exclude from certain apps or still use totals regardless of where used?

Very insidious. Without a shadow of doubt, this is a long term play to get the consumer to support ending net neutrality

I live in a heavily populated area (Central Texas) and when I had T-Mobile the service sucked. They may be cheaper but you know what they say, "You get what you pay for." I'd rather pay more for better service. That's just me though.

I have had t mobile for over eight years and have never had an issue. Outside of not having enough Windows phones they are great to me.