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Earlier today, we compared and contrasted the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II on AT&T and each featuring 4G LTE.  Both phones have their strengths and weaknesses but if there is one thing we can absolutely agree on is the impressive rear camera on the Titan II (review).

Featuring a back-side illuminated (BSI) sensor for excellent low-light performance, 16MP for high resolution, f/2.6 lens with dual LED flash, the Titan II has arguably one of the best cameras on a phone today (well, definitely on a Windows Phone). In fact, HTC in general has been investing heavily in cameras as of late, including their new flag ship Android phone, the One X (review), which has an 8MP BSI sensor with a jaw-dropping f/2.0 22mm lens.

There's no debate about it: the Titan II's rear camera crushes the Lumia 900's (review) That doesn't make the Lumia 900 a bad phone at all, in fact we find that the camera performs quite well in well-lit conditions and we're throwing down $450 on April 22nd for a glossy-white one to back up our opinion. But if photos matter to you, then the Titan II deserves a serious look. And if you have 4G LTE in your area to send those massive pics, it will certainly helps for those uploads.

Besides the exceptional camera hardware, HTC have done some really great work with the Titan II's camera software too. For instance, it's the first Windows Phone that we know of that has smile detection in addition to face detection. There's also an impressive red-eye reduction built in, burst mode for rapid shots and the familiar anti-shake option (ramps up ISO for non-blurred shots).

Those are very impressive and useful features but there's more. There's also 18 "scenes" including more obscure things like "Backlight portrait", "Night portrait", "Text", "Beach", "Foliage' and even a special setting for "Food". Yup, there's a pre-set mode for taking pictures of your latest meal. If you don't want to bother choosing your scene, just use the "Intelligent Auto" mode to automatically choose one for you (and yes, it's smart too). You even have some built in effects like "Vintage warm", "Vignette" and "Blue Tint" which can also be used for video. That's on top of what's built into the optional Photo Enhancer app by HTC.

But enough talk, lets see some photos. We walked around the streets of Manhattan snapping a couple of pics as well as some macro and regular shots for you to peruse and yes, we're linking to the full resolution pics for your pixel peepers out there. These photos have not been altered in any way except to remove some EXIF info like GPS from our home pictures. The dual LED flash was not used for any pictures.

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So did you hear? The HTC TTTAN II features a massive 16MP camera--one of the highest we've heard of on a mobile phone. We're still pretty blown away by it. HTC doubled the "old" TITAN's 8MP camera in less than six months.

Now yes, megapixels aren't everything, in fact compared to the sensor and lens, megapixels are near the bottom. Still, for cropping and detail (resolution), we'll take a 16MP on our phone, thank you.

Our favorite thing about this feature on the TITAN II is that there's no difference in performance: they process just as fast and the camera just hums along like it was shooting at 8MP. No lag whatsoever, which we're very happy about.

How's the over all quality? Hard to say as we only had a few moments on a very, very bright day. Above are a couple of samples resized for our site. But we'll do you a solid and provide the untouched originals for you to download. That way you can tinker around. Cool? Only the best for you guys...!

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16MP HTC Bresson Windows Phone for T-Mobile?

Call it a merger of rumors, but Pocketnow.com is claiming that the HTC Bresson is the same device in that HTC commercial, the one that mentions a 16MP camera and shows clearly a Windows Phone-design. Combined with the leaked T-Mobile roadmap from ThisIsMyNext (the ex-Engadget team's new gig) which mentions the 'Bresson' for a post-September release (hello 'Mango') and you have yourselves a nice flagship phone.

Though the rest of the specs are unknown, as is the final design (though this is clearly influenced by the Nexus One + Desire S, which we really like), you can bet besides a 16MP camera (really?) the next gen Qualcomm chipset, 800x480 resolution and probably a boatload of memory.

Could Windows Phone 7.5 really be the big moment, the big push that we've all be waiting for? Big hardware, big new OS features and some street-cred? We sure think so.

Side note: People in photography know who is Bresson is, but for the rest.

Source: Pocketnow, ThisIsMyNext

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HTC ad suggests 16MP camera, a WP7 device? [Rumor]

This is filed under rumour (rumor for those who dislike the British usage of the English language), so take it with a pinch of salt. The above advert (published by PocketNow) shows what appears to be a HTC advert covering a device that will feature a 16 megapixel camera with 2 LED flashes. We're not sure what device will sport these features (if this rumour holds true) but let's hope it's another addition to the Windows Phone 7 family of products.

Although this could be all well and dandy, I -- like many others -- would prefer to see better lenses as opposed to doubling pixels, I prefer my Samsung Omnia's camera over a comparable HTC for example and I don't believe doubling the MP will make a whopping difference. What do you make of the video and rumour of 16 megapixels maybe coming to WP7?

Edit: Daniel Rubino says: "I just want HTC figure out getting 5MP to look decent,  then we can worry about 16" (zing!)

Update: If you squint, it almost looks like the rumored HTC Ignite, no? Almost.

Source: PocketNow

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