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App Annie runs a fantastic iOS, Android, and Windows Phone app analytics system, and they've just acquired another major company in that sphere, Distimo. The acquisition puts App Annie at over 240 employees, and comes hot on the heels of a recent $17 million round of investment from IDG and other partners. The specific terms of the deal were undisclosed. Distimo's Netherlands office will join other international HQs in Amsterdam, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Moscow, New York, Seoul, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

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If you rely on Google Analytics to monitor your website activities, take a look at the Windows 8 app Googalytics.  The Windows app has been optimized for both touch and keyboard/mouse interaction and offers Live Tile support.

Along with Live Tile and full touch support, Googalytics also supports vertical and horizontal orientation as well as snapping (split screen view), and utilizes Metro or Modern style design.  Googalytics makes a nice first impression and comes across as a clean, easy way to monitor your website data.

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A couple days ago, we reported some encouraging news from Strategy Analytics that showed that Windows Phone had overtaken BlackBerry in Q4 2012 for the number three spot amongst mobile operating systems in the United States. Not to be outdone, marketing analytics firm comScore released a contradictory report yesterday that claims BlackBerry is still holding on to the coveted third place position.

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Latest figures published by market research group Kantar has revealed that Windows Phone is on the rise across the board, excluding a number of markets where sales remain low. The Nokia Lumia 920, HTC 8X and Samsung ATIV S are all high-end smartphones that will be pushing the platform forward in 2013 with potential marketshare gain in multiple locations, but how has the platform progressed through 2012?

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Although web browser IDs can be easily faked, these data strings from DSLReport's mobile site look fairly legit, if only because they don't push the boundaries too far. According to WMPU, a few instances of Windows Phone 8 OS (aka "Apollo") have been caught doing some download tests on both T-Mobile and Verizon, with the later using LTE.

The names "Nokia Fluid" and "Qualcomm Fluid" are used as device IDs with Internet Explorer 10 caught as the browser in question doing the test. No details are currently known about that device though it's safe to presume it'll be a killer "premier" phone to kick of the new OS, assuming the info is accurate. And that's a big "if".

Along the same lines, WMPU notes that their server logs have showed numerous device resolutions showing up that have WP8 as their ID. Those two resolutions include 768×768 and 480×480 which are ideal options for BlackBerry messenger phones.

On WPCentral, we too have had some Windows Phone 8 visits (56 unique to be exact) and like WMPU we see similar info, listed below:

  • 768x768 Resolution
  • 24-bit
  • Domains:,, unknown.unkown,
  • Browser 1 x IE9; 55 x IE10
  • Flash Version: Not set
  • Cities visited from: Redmond, Bellevue, Seattle, Woodinville

That should wet your appetites a tad although it still leaves a lot of questions including higher resolutions on the table. Also the fact we haven't seen a 480x800 browser test with Windows Phone 8 despite earlier reports is a bit telling and worrying. Though perhaps it's still too early..

Like our earlier report on a Windows Phone 8 OS sighting, these could all be from software emulators.

Source: Google Analytics, DSLReports; via WMPU

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It feels like it was just yesterday that we ran the story about Nokia stealing the top-spot with regards to Windows Phone market-share.

Analytic firms often throw around numbers, and for the most part we just believe them. This does of course make sense, as any reputable firm would much rather keep a good name, than make up random numbers. But it's always good to see actual data backing up what they tell us. Enter: app statistics!

So I thought now would be a good time to checkout the usage of my apps on a device level. My first app was published just 6 months ago, so obviously that is the furthest back I can see.

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Google Analytics is now effectively detecting (and reporting) Windows Phone as a separate operating system to Windows. A few months back (August to be exact) we looked into how Google Analytics was ignoring Windows Phone as an individual OS, which was subsequently naming the mobile platform with "(not set)" when displaying reports to the end-user.

Whether the search giant was taking its time with the implementation to fix this issue, or just playing an irritating game of "we wont support it yet", we have no idea. But fast forward to just over a year since the platform was launched and we now have Google's analytics software picking up our beloved Metro platform (as can be seen in the shot above).

While this doesn't really affect consumers, it's a real pain for webmasters who are interested with reading into which mobile OS is most abound with website traffic. 

Via: WPSauce@ailon

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Phonealytics updated for Mango with flipping tiles

Phonealytics has been updated for Mango goodness and is every bit more awesome than the NoDo version. What's new? Fast-app switching and flipping live tiles, which solves the issue in having data (visits, bounce rate, etc.) cramped into a small space. Other than that, we have some performance improvements to make the app more stable.

V1.7 change log:

  • Pin live tiles for multiple sites. The tiles updated with a background task every half hour and should be much more reliable than the previous system.
  • Quickly jump between accounts on the "all sites" list by tapping the account name.
  • Improved animation, performance and reliability.

You can download Phonealytics from the Marketplace for $1.99, be sure to check out our review. An ad-supported free version is available too.

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NetMarketshare, a web analytics company that collects data on web usage, has updated their marketshare report interface to include the breakdown of mobile operating systems as well as desktop. According to the data provided, Windows Phone is growing at a steady pace in terms of marketshare.

The report shows that the platform still has yet to overtake Windows Mobile and Blackberry is still a couple of percent ahead, but it will be interesting to see the chart again in a few months time once upcoming hardware have been released. As a bonus we can filter Windows Phone and view the platform growth on its own, as shown below.

Source: NetMarketshare, thanks Keith for the heads up!

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Millennial Media has released some statistics which puts Windows Phone in a healthy attack. According to the mobile advertising specialist Microsoft's platform has increased the volume of advertisement impressions month-on-month by 48%, matching Android. iOS and Symbian remain "relatively flat" while Blackberry grew by 10%.

With Mango just around the corner, we will look forward to comparing data from a number of analytical sources before and after the release of the update and launch of new hardware. We looked at Millennial data back in June and how Windows Phone has a higher CTR (click through rate) than iOS and Android.

The above table shows the top 10 app categories ranked by the number of impressions accumulated. It's interesting to see health and fitness jump into 8th place, while gaming is always a firm favourite to top the chart. Check out the full global report in a PDF below.

Source: Millennial Media (PDF), via: WMPU

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Windows Phone in Google Analytics

Does Google Analytics skew data for web owners with traffic using Windows Phone? Not quite. While there is no clear categorisation between iPhone/iPod, PC and WP7 the data is being collected and it's available for viewing. With the list of operating systems in the filter, one can select screen resolution as a secondary dimension to compare the OS and resolution numbers.

An article, posted back in June, over at Mobility Digest saw them go into some depth with their analytical data while calculating the percentage of visits between the mobile platforms. This article publishes detail for Android, Windows and iOS - note "Windows" and not "Windows Phone". Doug Simmons then took a further look into the numbers as he thought WP should be reporting higher values.

I too was interested so I took a quick look at my personal website (since it doesn't receive a whole lot of traffic it should be easier to break down the data) and filtered through the visits recorded in Google Analytics. The majority of my traffic comes from WPCentral with redirects from Twitter and other locations that involve Microsoft's platform, so I predicted that a healthy portion of the mobile traffic should be using WP handsets.

In the image above you can see the screen resolution and OS filters enabled. It's quite clear that Windows Phone is being picked up by the tracking code, but is merely being categorised as "not set" (one of the resolutions paired with Windows is also 480x800). I'm actually fairly surprised seeing how the platform has been out for almost a year, Google has had ample time to fix this issue of Windows Phone not being recognised as well as Windows Mobile.

MSIE 9 will count for both the mobile and desktop hits and the only way to accurately guess as to how much traffic is on Windows Phone lies with the screen resolution and browser/OS filtering. It's not much but at least we're not being ignored. It's just a massive negative for web owners who would never see Windows Phone while looking at mobile traffic data. We're not that small Google!

Oh, if you use Google Analytics and have just ventured onto WP7, check out Phonealytics.

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Phonealytics - Review

Analytics, the right-hand man for any web developer or e-consultant, is the base of all marketing campaigns, social expeditions and performance reports for any website. Google Analytics is the freely available and widely used software offered by the search giant for webmasters to take advantage of. The beauty of Google Analytics is the integration it has with Feedburner and Adsense as well as available APIs. It's freely available and offers webmasters with a fairly accurate picture of how a web property is performing (should visitors have JavaScript enabled). Although one must remember that nothing can compare to server-side software like AWStats etc. with accuracy.

The most useful data that's looked at includes visits/visitors, bounce rate, time-on-site and sources. As mentioned above, it's vital for marketing, reports and optimization of software or pages. Visits and visitors are counted and recorded to calculate the ratio for new visits against returning visitors. Bounce rate determines how relevant or effective your site is to captured audience. Time-on-site is pretty self-explanatory, while sources covers where visitors came from (be it search engines, direct or referring sites).

Unfortunately, since Google Analytics makes use of Flash for graph rendering, the service is less-than available on smartphone platforms that do not support Flash. How would a Windows Phone user keep up with site statistics while on the go? Allow me to introduce Phonealytics, by Luke Lowrey. 

Fantastic Metro UI design Google Analytics on the go Fast and simple
Could do with more reports (Adsense etc.)
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Free version of Phonealytics now available

Phonealytics, the highly rated Google Analytics client for Windows Phone 7, now has a free version. Normally setting one back by £1.49 ($1.99), the free version of the app boasts all the features you'd expect, minus live tile support. 

We recently interviewed the developer of Phonealytics, Luke Lowrey, to get his view on WP7 development and the platform itself. We also have a how to for the live tile support should you have trouble with setting it up. You can download Phonealytics for free (or the paid version) from the Marketplace. They're separate apps, the free version isn't a trial of the paid.

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Phonealytics Live Tile [How to]

Whether you're a web developer with multiple websites or an avid blogger who enjoys stalking your readers, Analytics by Google is a fantastic offering for statistical analysis. Phonealytics for Windows Phone 7 is a great tool to use while mobile and no computer is at hand (since WP7 doesn't support flash to render graphs etc.)

I've been using this app since late last year and I really enjoy the features and UI - it's really intuitive with the Metro usage. Not only this, but it features live tile support (yay!), which I use very heavily for quick glancing at any set website profile I wish to keep a close eye on. Sometimes the tile doesn't work or update properly and I had a hard time understanding why until I pinned the problem to my Google account not signing in. Should the live tile cease to work, have a look at the in-app settings to see if you're logged in to Google.

An easy 3 step guide to configuring the live tile:

  1. Open Phonealytics, press the cog icon (settings) in the menu bar. 
  2. Check "Login Status" to make sure your account is logged in.
  3. Swipe to the left to configure the live tile and turn it on.

Should you need to check your login status if the tile isn't updating or working, simply go to settings and press "Login" if your login status is reporting "not logged in".

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