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Future Factory is a new Windows Phone action adventure game that has you dealing with a factory filled with crazy robots. The Windows Phone game is filled with enemies to fight, dangerous traps to avoid and plenty of weapons to upgrade and buy.

Future Factory is an AppCampus alumnus and in just tinkering with the game for a short time, it makes a very nice first impression and to celebrate the game's release the developers are offering it free for a limited time.

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Darklings is a new Windows Phone game that was first released over on iOS last Fall. The game has had a fair amount of success over on iOS and after receiving support from the AppCampus, the developers have successfully ported the action game to Windows Phone. As an added bonus, the Windows Phone version includes exclusive content.

Available for low memory Windows Phones, Darklings is a game where the stars have been stolen from the sky by mysterious creatures known as Darklings. You play the role of Lum, a ghostly being, who has to defeat the Darklings and rescue the stars. Graphics are outstanding and play challenging.

The game has received high praise and in playing Darklings over the past few days, we can see why.

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A few years ago, Microsoft partnered with Nokia and Aalto University to create the AppCampus. The initiative was created to help developers build new content for Windows Phone and has had tremendous success.

Some of the alumni of the AppCampus include Project Tripod, Dark Lands, Mash&Co. and Zombies got a Pogo. The collection of apps has grown so that the Windows Phone Store has an AppCampus Showcase Collection to highlight a few of the games that have darkened the campus hallways.

We have touched on this Collection before and felt it was time to revisit things and shine the spotlight on a few of these Windows Phone games for this week's Windows Central roundup.

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Mash&Co is one of the latest Windows Phone games that is the product of Microsoft's AppCampus. For those not familiar, the AppCampus is a collaborative effort between Microsoft and Aalto University to help build Windows Phone content. AppCampus alumni include such hits as Dark Lands, Mossad, Sheep Up and Zombies got a Pogo.

Mash&Co. hopes to continue the AppCampus string of successful Windows Phone titles by bringing an interactive children's game to the table. Mash&Co. is a multimedia, episodic learning app (plays out more as a game) for pre-school children. The game includes performance monitors for parents to review and see how their children's skills are improving.

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Pirates and Dragons is a relatively new Windows Phone game from MissinGames, an AppCampus alumnus. The game has an arcade, maybe even an endless runner feel where you pilot an airplane across thirty levels of game play, battling pirates, dragons and other creatures as you hunt down treasure.

While the game has a slight casual pace it doesn't lack in challenge. Graphics are well drawn up and in playing Pirates and Dragons over the past few days, it comes across as an addictive, entertaining Windows Phone game.

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Last week we took notice of a new offering on the Windows Phone Store called Gunhouse that takes elements from puzzle and tower defense games. This is the first time I've seen this style and Necrosoft, the developers of the game, mixed the elements perfectly. Surprisingly, this beautiful and unique title is not available on iOS or Android. The only other system you'll find it on is the PlayStation Vita, another underdog platform.

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A few weeks back we reviewed TouchFox, an app that allows Windows 8 gamers to play PC games using touch screen virtual controls. Control issues aside, being able to play computer games on a tablet is pretty impressive. But you know what's even more likely to knock someone's socks off? Playing PC games on a phone.

That's just what KinoConsole makes possible. Kinoni, makers of the Kinoni Remote app (no longer published), have just released a gaming-specific version of that app called KinoConsole. By installing both the Windows Phone and PC apps, players can stream and play big-screen games to their phones. KinoConsole provides (iffy) virtual controls and even supports MOGA controllers! The app is free and works with 512 MB phones.

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Another popular game from iOS, Android, and Blackberry has just made its way to the Windows Phone Store. Sheep Up! has been a big success with over a million downloads on other platforms, and now Windows Phone users get to play it, too. In collaboration with Nokia, Microsoft, and AppCampus (, the developers have included exclusive content with a new edition of the game to launch on Windows Phone. It's called Sheep Up! Black Light. Head past the break to watch some gameplay on the Nokia Lumia Icon.

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Microsoft and Nokia do a lot to inspire indie game development for Windows Phone and Windows 8. Most notably, Nokia's AppCampus program helps train indie developers and fund game development in exchange for timed exclusivity for Windows platforms. As for Microsoft, the big tech giant recently held a Unity Porting Lab in Switzerland that aimed to help Unity developers bring their games from iOS and Android over to brighter shores.

Both programs helped contribute to the lineup of indie games that arrived on Windows Phone and Windows 8 in June. For part two of our indie games roundup, we played Mind: Brain Training, Pigs Can't Fly (newly available on Windows 8!), Pop! Food Factory, and The Quest: Anniversary Edition. Some indie games are better than others, as you'll find out from our impressions and hands-on video!

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The Xbox One received a ton of new indie game releases this week, including a variety of genres like adventure, sports, and driving. But you know, Windows Phone and Windows 8 have quite an active indie scene as well. This weekend, we're taking a two part look at the indie games of June.

For part one of our indie games roundup, I played a word game called Alpha Pop, puzzle game Dino Tribes, memory skill game Ditto, endless running game Firefly Runner, and a 3D racing game known as Formula Force. Which games belong on your Windows Phone or tablet? Let our impressions and hands-on video help you decide!

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We first covered the Youmigo beta back in November when we first found out about it. The app was being backed by the AppCampus program from Nokia, Microsoft and Aalto University in Espoo, Finland. Youmigo aims to be an intercultural exchange on Windows Phone.  You can use it to find penpals around the world or ask a question to folks in a specific region. After months of hard work, Youmigo is out of beta and now available for download.

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It was last June that we first talked about Project Tripod, an upcoming photography app with a lot of potential. This is an app that is coming out of the AppCampus program. That means the Project Tripod team received funding and help from Microsoft, Nokia and Aalto University in Espoo, Finland. In exchange, apps from AppCampus are exclusive on Windows Phone for 90 days before they’re allowed to join competing platforms. Project Tripod is an app with so much potential we can’t wait to see it go multi-platform, but in the meantime we’ll very much enjoy this Windows Phone exclusive.

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1 Phoenix Force is one of the latest Windows Phone 8 titles funded through the AppCampus project. It is a fast-paced shooter where you control a variety of Phoenixes as they battle over seventy bosses to save the Earth.

We have seen some fantastic titles being generated through the AppCampus such as Dark Lands, SongArc and Foundbite. In the short time we’ve spend with 1 Phoenix Force, it has the potential of being another success story for the AppCampus project.

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Collectible card games are a fairly popular genre of video games as of late. You’ve got the likes of Hearthstone in closed beta from Blizard (the company behind World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo), but there are also small gems out there looking to tap into the market. This movement includes the likes of Permia Duels ( from Seepia Games. If you’re seeking a fantasy adventure, while being able to build an unbeatable deck of cards, pass the break for more details as this is the mobile game for you.

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Location-based games and mobile are a great fit since smartphones usually have a GPS built in and people take their phones around everywhere. Why not work that into a game, right?

Israel-based developer GreenShpits recently released its own location-based/augmented reality game for Windows Phone 8 called Mossad as part of the AppCampus program. The word “Mossad” means “Institute” in Hebrew and is used to refer to the Israeli equivalent of the CIA. Mossad allows players to travel around playing spy and acting out their own missions, but some major bugs cut into the fun.

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Imagine you’re packing for a trip to Paris, France and plan to visit The Louvre ( while you’re in the city. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could get more out of the experience with your Windows Phone? That’s exactly what ArtGuru – Louvre does. It’s a companion app, which serves as a guide of sorts for the museum. Tour on pass the break to see what it's all about.

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Nothing beats some Goblin, Orc and Ogre bashing on your Windows Phone, especially when you don't have to pay for it. Dark Lands is an interesting game from the AppCampus program, the venture backed by Microsoft, Nokia and Aalto University. If you've not heard of the title prior this article, think of Dark Lands as an infinite runner with some RPG elements to it

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If you're looking for an action packed, battle riddled, monster filled, see-how-long-you-can-survive type game for your Windows Phone, take a look at Dark Lands.

Dark Lands is one of the many products being generated from the Microsoft/Nokia sponsored AppCampus.  It is an infinite-runner styled game with RPG combat elements. We've been tinkering with the Beta version for some time now and are happy to report that the game has finally been unleashed to the Store.

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