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Armed Strike

When it comes to gaming on mobile devices, there are two groups: the hardcore and the casual gamer. Our in house gamer Paul Acevedo falls into the former category, where I, your humble Editor, prefer the latter. Gaming for me is something I do for a few minutes here and there, with nary a thought on nailing those achievements.

That’s why Armed Strike, for Windows Phone 7.x and 8, has piqued my interest. It reminds me of the classic game ‘1942’ but updated for 2013. For one, it scrolls to the side (instead of up) and the graphics are quite tantalizing. It’s also that whole World War II plane thing, though it doesn’t look like you can do a flying loop.

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Armed Strike is an arcade styled, World War II combat game for your Windows Phone. You battle the Axis powers by air and sea, piloting a wide variety of aircraft and ships. Armed Strike has ten missions in a campaign mode, each with its own unique boss to defeat.  Each mission can be replayed so you can try to better your score. The game also has OpenXLive support where you can log in and view an online leaderboard or access your OpenXLive Game Center.

Graphics are nice, game play challenging and if you like arcade styled combat games, Armed Strike is worth a try.

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