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ativ smartpc

Things are starting to shake out on how pricing will look for the coming onslaught of Windows 8 machines.

Samsung has now revealed the pricing for its coming ATIV line of Smart PCs as well as its more traditional offerings. The Smart PCs get the ATIV branding, these are the machines that we associate with being hybrid designs, detachable keyboards and such. These garner most of the interest in the coming Windows 8 hardware, but will Samsung be pitching them at the right price point to convert interest into sales?

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Ukrainian Microsoft evangelist Igor "Walker" Shastitko has published two videos on YouTube - one of the Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro and the other sporting the Acer Iconia Tab (W510). While the review is in a language many of us may not be able to interpret, it's good to see both Windows 8 tablets in action to see how smooth the experience will be should you decide to purchase one for yourself.

We were at AT&T's event last night that featured not only the Nokia Lumia 920 but the Samsung ATIV SmartPC Pro too, so be sure to check out our quick hands-on with the tablet. If our coverage isn't enough, there's always Shastitko with the above video that boasts a lengthy review of the device. As for the Acer Iconia Tab, the tablet also appears to run fairly well with Windows 8 looking superb.

Head on past the break to see the Acer Iconia Tab in action.

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