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bbc radio

BBC Radio access has been absent on the platform (officially, anyway - see Podcast Lounge), but finally UK Windows Phone owners are now able to enjoy their favorite radio stations while on the move with the official BBC iPlayer Radio app. Whether you're a hipster with BBC Radio 1 or prefer a more laid back experience with BBC Radio 3, this app will provide you the means to tune into live programs and enjoy some beats.

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Igneous Software, the developer behind the collection of BBC Radio apps and Podcast Lounge is going through some rough times with the BBC. We've previously touched on how complications have arisen with the British corporation surrounding business licensing. This has led the developer to rename and alter apps available for Windows Phone to prevent the requirement for said solutions to be pulled.

We've now received further information detailing changes Igneous Software is required to make to its BBC Radio apps.

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The folks at Igneous Software, the wizards behind some superbly crafted Windows Phone apps, have been busy working on updates for the popular (and highly rated) BBC Podcast Lounge. In an official blog post, Richard Castle goes into depth about what the team has been up to, namely adding auto-subscribing and downloading for favourite programmes in BBC Podcast Lounge 1.4, which is just about to go into testing.

There's more though. The team have also been looking at new project ideas, one that they've lightly touched on in the article. Many of us (who reside in the UK) deeply desire iPlayer streaming functionality on Windows Phone from the BBC, but we're still yet to see anything. Before you get overexcited and imagine Igneous Software developing an actual iPlayer on-demandTV app, unfortunately this is still not yet possible. 

Instead the team have been busy looking at a potential BBC iPlayer Radio app. A working prototype is currently being played with that enables the user to reliably stream the previous seven days worth of programming on any BBC national (and regional) radio station. Want to know something more amazing? This functionality is one step further than what's present on both the iPhone and Android, which offer only national stations. It's that much sweeter indeed.

So we've got the BBC Radio Player and BBC Podcast Lounge app maturing nicely with frequent updates and more functionality being introduced, and now we've got a potential BBC iPlayer Radio app on the horizon. Once they're content with how the BBC Podcast Lounge is heading, the team will look at turning this concept into a feasible app to launch on the Marketplace.

Keep posted for more updates and be sure to check out Igneous Software apps that are already available. We also interviewed Richard Castle, which is well worth the read.

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BBC Radio apps receive update

The BBC Radio apps for Windows Phone, by Igneous Software, have received an update that brings more functionality to the table. The apps themselves were recently updated to Mango two months ago so this is a welcomed refresh with taking advantage of more Mango-only features. Some of the included features are as follows:

  • Reminder function for programmes later in the schedule
  • Direct links to the selected BBC programme’s website
  • Better checks for playback over GSM if the option to block is set
  • Ability to pin the current station to the Start screen (BBC Radio Player only)
  • Addition of 16 new World Service channels including Arabic, Russian and French (BBC Radio Player only)

You can download BBC Radio from the Marketplace for £0.99 ($1.29). Remember that there are four individual apps for each radio station, these are all included in the main app should you wish to listen to more than one station.

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We're big fans of the app BBC Radio Player, mostly because it's an elegant design with a ton of stations to listen to. Plus the ability to see what's coming up next on live radio is pretty useful.

One minor complaint we had though, because we're spoiled Mango brats over here, is the inability to stream audio in the background with the app. See, once you get used to background audio streaming in Mango, you'll never want to go back to the current NoDo way of doing things. Luckily, the devs have addressed this by making a Mango version of the app, just in time for this week's big Mango push by Microsoft.

Features include background audio, Zune player controls and fast app switching. You can pick up BBC Radio Player here in the Marketplace for £0.99 ($1.29).

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