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bear motion

We've covered Bear Motion cases for the Microsoft Surface before and now we turn our sights on the company's offerings for the smaller screen. Bear Motion offers a slim, shell case and a flip case with cover for the Nokia Lumia 1020.

Both cases are economically minded and comes in a wide selection of colors. The Bear Motion cases don't rise to the level of protection the Otterbox line of cases offer but will help defend your Lumia 1020 from minor scratches and scuffs.

While some may not see the need for a case with the Lumia 1020, those who do may want to consider the Bear Motion cases.

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The Microsoft Surface is a well-constructed tablet, no doubt. Combined with a closed Touch or Type Cover, the screen can be decently protected from bumps and scratches. But I wouldn’t want to drop either Surface, especially the costlier Pro – they’re bound to come away with some scrapes.

You could try to protect your Surface by using it as a desktop and never taking it anywhere, but that’s no fun to do with a tablet. So why not try a case for protection? Whichever Surface model you own, an online retailer called Bear Motion has you covered. Their Elsse Premium Folio Cases for both the Surface RT and Pro come in a wide variety of colors. Check out several of those colors in our full review with video!

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