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Beats Electronics

As expected Peter Chou, HTC's CEO held a teleconference to announce his companies partnership with Beats Electronics. The venture is hoped to bring studio quality sound to the HTC smartphones. Which smartphones will benefit from this venture is still a mystery.

HTC is investing $300 million into this venture with Beats, who in turns will work to make the audio quality of smartphones less like a portable television. Jimmy Lovine, Beats Electronics' Chairman, felt that audio components for computers and smartphones were at the manufacturing back end. Digital sound looses so much quality from the studio to the cd to the audio file. Beats Electronics hopes to bring that quality back.

Both Beats and HTC sounded up beat about this venture. While there were no specific details offered on how Beats Electronics will be integrated with HTC phones, the time frame of "later this fall" was referenced. The twenty plus minute teleconference didn't shed much light on this new partnership but both Beats Electronics and HTC definitely came across up beat about this new venture.

So, do you think the two new HTC Mango phones that received BT Certification will have Beats sound? Or will this be a separate line for HTC and will such a line include a Windows Phone?  Hopefully we'll know for certain sooner than later.

*Pictured above is Jimmy Lovine Chairman of Beats Electronics, Peter Chou CEO of HTC, and Beats Electronics' CEO, Dr. Dre.

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HTC has announced a new partnership with Beats Electronics to create a superior mobile audio experience.  We had heard rumblings earlier of a major announcement in the works for HTC and while speculation ranged from a new tablet to new phones to even a sponsorship for an Anthrax concert tour, it remained a bit of a mystery until just a little while ago.

Beats Electronics is the creation of music master Dr. Dre and the chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M Records Jimmy Lovine. We all know HTC from their quality Windows Phones. Together the two companies hope to deliver unbeatable sound to HTC Phones. The business venture will eventually result in a new line of HTC devices integrated with Beats sound innovations that should be available later this Fall.

There was no hint as to what type devices will be headed to market and we can only guess if they involve new Windows Phones. Maybe an updated version of the Surround with Beats audio? We'll keep tabs on the press event tomorrow and if more information becomes available, we'll be sure to pass it on.

You can catch HTC's full press release on the new partnership after the break.

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